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It’s a Prank! 12 Funny DIY School Pranks and Back to School Food Pranks

Emily is working on her art project while her sugar craving is being fixed by a packet of skittles. Little does she know that small pieces of plasticine clay can look pretty identical to these little sugar sweets and can be easily confused for each other. Imagine if someone actually mixed them up… That would be pretty funny! You’ll just want some plasticine clay then mold them into multiple pieces
that look like small buttons. Find yourself a correction pen and draw a small letter S. Do a handful of them using other popular colors like orange, yellow, violator, green. Lastly, just slide them into your skittles packet
and go hunting! Simply pretend to be innocent until your prey approaches you. Be ready to take out your tasty skittles pack and offer your buddy some in a friendly way! If they’re as enthusiastic as Jacob you might want to inform them what exactly they’re eating Before they actually try to swallow it! *laughter* You should have seen your face, Jacob! As promised, Emily received a cup of decaf from Emma But the thing is, she doesn’t
know about our slightly customized surprise inside. We cut out the very bottom of the cup, stacked a plastic film just halfway deep and added a ribbon to
keep it intact. Then we just filled it with water and covered it with another layer of plastic. Put the lid back on and cut around the excess plastic to keep it hidden to the naked eye. And you’re done! Now watch how everything unfolds! By not getting a single sip out of the cup The prey will be tempted to open the lid. Once done, the water refreshment emerges! *chuckle* For the record, in terms of waking up,
this worked way better than a cup of coffee! *laughter* Jessica feels bored at art class and is looking for a reason to get her spirit back on track. Lucky for her, she
has a target just on her right that could definitely use a magic trick! Let’s just slide our President Lincoln under the bottle. Jacob, have you ever found a
penny inside a water bottle before? *laughter* You’re welcome, Jacob. I hope you feel refreshed now! Grab yourself a toy frog and use a two-foot long fishing line to tie her up by the neck. A simple double knot will do the job. Lastly, grab a clothespin and hook up the other end throughout the spring. Tighten it up and you’re done! Now just attach the pin to your victims trousers and let them know about the playful encounter they’re about to experience. Although I wouldn’t want to admit it, most of the girls will give you a priceless reaction! *giggle* Well, remember this, Jacob…
You’d better watch her back. Jess is about to surprise her besties with a pack of delicious looking doughnuts! Yes, the girls are stoked to try them out! But the best part lays within… *evil laughter* Although Jessica didn’t bake these
doughnuts herself, she sure did use a knife to make a couple of holes and fill one of the doughnuts with mayo! *chuckle* Well… You know… just to give it that extra
taste! Well? Don’t just sit there! Help yourself, ladies! I wonder which of
you is going to be the lucky one! *chuckle* Of course it’s Emily! She’s always the one
to go for the bullet! Although mayo isn’t that bad, it
definitely doesn’t go well with sweets… Dear, dear Love, that doughnut was totally
pukelicious! Is it just me, or does it look like
Emily is getting her flirt fever out? Her boy Jacob is definitely not a fan of her wrongdoings. And is about to teach her a lesson with a harmless but an effective prank. Just simply take off your shoe and use it to replace her spare one instead. Yes, it’s the old shoe switcheroo trick! Now just sit down relax and enjoy your
silent ninja sabotage. Emily is about to lose her footing… *chuckle* Literally! Her flirty session is about to be canceled by the shoeless confusion! Well, neither Jacob or Emily
is going to let their guard down. And Noah will be
left out as a third wheel. Although relationships are tough,
a bit of jealousy is a good feat for a man! Wouldn’t you say? It’s art class and Emma
feels quite thirsty . Emily, do you mind if we grab a sip of your water? Staying hydrated is really important and shouldn’t be overlooked during the day. You know what?
Now that I think of it, a couple of sips aren’t enough. Promise this is the last time! Emily has been in these situations before. And she knows there is no such thing as the last time. Seems like we have a perfect opportunity to make a prank. Let’s lay down your half-filled the water bottle and use a lighter to heat
up the tip of your scissors which is going to be used to cut out the hole not that far from the lid. Now just place the bottle in front of your prey’s peripheral vision and enjoy the show! The little hole is going to spray some water on your thirsty buddy. *chuckle* Which should teach them a lesson to buy
their own water bottles! Stay hydrated, kids! Emma is doodling her way through her
lunch break. And Emily would like to
join her in a drawing session as well. The thing is, she doesn’t know that Emma applied a permanent marker. You’ll want to grab your whiteboard marker. Use pliers to take out the shard and replace
it with a permanent sharpie one instead. Just clip the cap back on and begin your
evil prank! Go ahead, Emily, we have a spare one just
for you! *chuckle* It would be extra funny if you wrote something personal like your affection towards someone else. Oh, don’t worry! None of us are gonna tell,
but I can’t say that for you though. Especially at the time they’re about to
bounce back into class. *chuckle* Don’t blame us! We have nothing to do with this trickery! In any case, you’ll have to improvise! Jacob is back in class and he knows
something’s up. No need to be embarrassed, Emily! All of us love Jacob in some way
or another! Good luck to you two! Emma just got a short recess
to grab a quick snack. It would be a shame if someone popped in and asked to grab a piece… or two. Go ahead, Jacob,
it’s not like we have any other options… Seriously, dude?! This is such a bummer. We need to teach this guy a lesson! Grab any of your leftover snacks and temporarily remove half of the contents inside. Now drop a handful of gummy worms. Pull back the first half of the chips
inside in order to cover the top. Lay down the bag and use baking paper with a hair straightener to seal the snack pack back again. It’s not going to look perfect, but for a hungry guy I’m sure it’ll do trick! Now, just sit tight as bait and wait for your prey. There you go, Jacob! We bought a whole new pack just for you! Just don’t choke on the worms, okay? *laughter* Sweet dreams!
It’s about time you learned your lesson! Hey, Crafty Pandas! I hope you’re enjoying this video as much as Jacob is! Let us know just how much by smashing that like button! Subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already! And, most importantly, don’t forget to leave a comment down below! We read them all! Hey, Emily! How are you doing? Wait a second! Is that a marshmallow Oreo?! Where did you get it from?! We didn’t see that in the buffet! Hmm… Something smells fishy… Did you do something with it, Emily? Apparently, it’s not an actual Oreo. It’s just a tasty looking eraser! Wow! Madison, we should make one of our own! We’ll need a bowl of cornstarch and a
batch of silicon. Just give it a good squeeze onto the starch powder and use plastic gloves to form a ball shape Clean up the area and flatten it down by
pressing in a single Oreo on top of it. Be generous with a push and let it dry for a minute. Take out the cookie and fill the stamp with some eraser clay instead. Use your fingers to push the clay around
to form an Oreo shape. Now take it out and place another
circular frosting piece within the two Oreo pieces. And bake it at 120 degrees
for 30 minutes. Go back to school and surprise your friends with a pack of home baked Oreo cookies! *chuckle* Your classmates will have no clue what’s going on and will be happy to accept your tasty offer! All right! This is it! You’re one evil genius, Madison! *evil laughter* Hey, Panda Lovers! I hope you enjoyed these hacks! Let us know which of them you’re going to use next in the comments down below! You want to learn more,
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