Laughter is the Best Medicine

It’s Not All Beastly In The Animal Kingdom – Hilarious Images Show The Biggest Smiles In Animals

Hyenas are probably best known for their braying
laugh but it seems like the whole of the animal kingdom shares a sense of humour, if these
images are anything to go by. A hilarious collection of pictures captured
by photographers around the world suggests that everything from gorillas and raccoons
to sharks and parrotfish enjoys a good joke. Even the blobfish, which has been widely thought
of as the world’s most miserable looking creature, tries to crack a smile. What’s so funny? This raccoon looks like he
has just heard the punchline of a joke. Maybe he is a bit of a raccoonteur. If there is one animal you probably don’t
want to see smile it’s a shark. The grin of this lemon shark reveals two rows of terrifying
teeth. But there have only been a handful of attacks recorded on humans by lemon sharks. Is it just me or does this chap look familiar?
The creases on the face of this macaque, from the Huangshan Mountains in China, look distinctly
like laughter lines. Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs are not known
as the cleanest of animals so this porker is bound to be chuckling at a dirty joke. This seal at the Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey,
California appears to be cracking up about something deeply amusing. This fish looks like an extra from a Disney
movie as it swims near Key West in Florida. But then living off the coast of Florida doesn’t
sound such a bad life, as long there are no sharks about. What do you get a donkey with a fool? A big
ass! This is a burro, a breed of wild donkey found in Spain and also, like this one, in
the United States (pictured) and Latin America. This creature has got to be Mother Nature’s
best gag. It is the theridion grallator, better known as the Hawaiian Happy Face Spider. Scientists
can find no evolutionary reason for the bizarre patterns on the little critter’s abdomen. Never play cards with a cheetah because they
will always have the last laugh. This cheetah cub at the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania
appears to be having a good giggle at our expense. Otis the hippo is a good natured fellow. He
lives in a large pool at San Diego Zoo, one of the world’s best, and has fathered several
calves with his partner, Funani. So it’s no surprise that he is smiling. That tickles! Kituba the baby gorilla is in
fits of laughter as he plays with his mum, Lena, at Dublin Zoo. This is the closest the blobfish ever comes
to a smile. In 2013 the blobfish was voted the world’s ugliest animal. Thankfully blobfish,
which live in the sea off the coast of Australia, don’t have ears…or feelings. Always look on the bright side of life. That
is definitely the case with this Sulawesi crested black macaque. They are one of the
most endangered species in Indonesia . This caracal seems to be smiling at the camera.
Caracals are widespread in Africa and the Middle East and were revered by the Ancient
Egyptians. They have also been bred in captivity. This snowy owl is having a rare old time at
the Olympic National Park in Washington state in the US. Put those teeth away! This gurning horse is
in a very good mood, possibly because the sun has just come out. This baby zebra is game for a laugh. This
image was snapped at the Busch Gardens safari park in Tampa, Florida. This rabbit seems to be full of the joys of
life. This image was captured by a photographer in the Netherlands where, like Britain, rabbits
are a common sight.

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