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It’s Technically a Meal

– Hi there. If you’re a busy working guy like me, you don’t always have time to cook. So rather than go grocery shopping, you rely solely on what’s
already in your kitchen. Let’s figure it out this week on Technically a Meal. (bright music) – As per usual, it’s 2 p.m.,
I haven’t done anything today, and I have no idea what’s in here. Let’s give her a spin. Okay, I thought there’d be… It was kinda slim pickings,
but I think we came up with something pretty good. First off, we have
ketchup, some hot sauce, a quarter container of parmesan cheese, some olives, some eggs, a second, older bottle of ketchup, an avocado, some soup, and leftover lo mein noodles that… that are bad. These went bad. That really sucks. That was gonna, that was gonna be, like, a big part of it. That was sort of a central, but– A couple of bites of what
seems to be spaghetti. So, the plan is, we’re just
gonna put it together… and we’re gonna heat it up. We’re gonna heat it up and
we’re gonna put it together. We’re gonna put it together
and we’re gonna heat it up. Yeah. So I just realized these
eggs are actually expired, but not by a lot, so there’s
an actual way to tell whether an egg is old. There’s an egg test. So let’s just get started on that. If an egg sinks in the water… If your egg sinks in water,
then it is good to go! Maybe easier with one hand… Sometimes it doesn’t wanna sink, and you have to make it sink. If your egg sinks in water,
then it’s good to go! Now, the trick with an avocado is– (metallic clanging) This is– (banging) a literal rock? So even if the egg is a little
old, it looks fine to me. And don’t forget to heat
up your spaghetti in a pan to make you feel like
you’re actually cooking. So I’m gonna give this a little minute and check in on my soup,
which is heating up in the microwave for a little appetizer. (laughs) (microwave beeps) Whoa! Here we go. Oh man, where are we, a fancy restaurant? That’s salsa. Ugh. Soup looks like salsa. Alright, let’s check
back in on these eggs. Oh, cool, this is done, great. And now it’s time to put it all together. (lively music) Aw, shit. I’ll mix up the ketchup and the hot sauce, and do a little bit of that. Oh, that’s nice. And there we have it. This is our dish. This is spaghetti, this is hot sauce… Hot ketchup egg spaghetti. Hot ketchup egg spaghetti. I’m gonna check real
quick that I don’t have a coupon on Postmates. And I don’t. There you go! And that’s Technically a Meal. (retches) Ugh, the eggs were bad. Hi, it’s Zack from CollegeHumor. Thanks for watching. You can click here to suscribe, or you can click over here
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you want to feed me clicks. I like ’em. (chomps) Mmm, clicks.

100 thoughts on “It’s Technically a Meal

  1. If an egg is bad you will know before you cook it. ^^
    And he had salsa? That's like half a meal on it's own but instead he goes with ketchup?

  2. Ok so what I would've done with those ingredients was make parmeasan chips to be dipped in the salsa as an appetizer and then to spice up the pasta and make it seem new again I would've added the cheese, sliced up the olives and maybe use the hot sauce to make a sorta hot salt to sprinkle on for an extra kick. Put that all on top of the pasta and you have enough to impress your 20 insta followers.

  3. look closely at the egg you will see a hole in it/where the removed the insides to make it sink…EXPOSED 1:53

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    YouTube recommendations in 2018: hold
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  5. Sweet n Sour fried noodles

    Rinse the noods so they're plain
    Finely chop up that pineapple over there
    Get that in a pan with some ketchup,a little hot sauce,and a squeeze of that lemon
    Scramble the egg with the noods
    Toss with sauce

  6. I was so broke I used to exclusively eat canned sweetcorn. Occasionally I'd throw that shit into milk and pretend I'm eating cornflakes

  7. I was really expecting the ‘soup’ to explode all of the microwave. Would’ve been a little funny.

  8. Pro tip: If you live with your parents, they will provide fresh ingredients and even a cooked meal all for the price of…well, you'll have to ask them.

  9. Couldve marinated the sauces into and mixed them up, then added some water to thicken the broth. Afterwards added the spaghetti and waited until it marinates, then maybe added the cheese?

  10. What I hate about these types of shows is that they try to relate to you by not having good pricey food, but at the same time expecting you to have the expensive appliances necessary to prepare the cheap sludge you have. So contradictory lol

    “We know you can’t afford fresh meat so just make sure to sear and roast your frozen steak with your hundred-dollar stove and oven! Easy peasy!”

  11. Does it bother anyone else that he says “soup looks like salsa” and not “salsa looks like soup”

    Because it was salsa and he thought it was soup, so within the context of the situation it should be “salsa looks like soup”

  12. When you’re in this situation but have kids

    “Uh, hmm. I’ll give my son spagghetti Parmesan and my daughter the egg with some ketchup, I guess I’ll just have to chug down this salsa…”

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  14. All you need for a meal in a rush is calories and protein — micronutrients can wait for when you have time. Eggs cooked in a lot of fat is a great meal. (cook them thoroughly if they're questionable) Half a pound of the fattiest hamburger meat your store caries is a great meal, and it's about the easiest store trip you could make.
    Don't waste your time on crappy tomato garbage and expired noodles. Just get fat and protein and you'll be happy. Plus reducing your carb intake is supposedly good for your health.

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