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100 thoughts on “Ivanka Laughing In The Face Of Poor People

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  2. The financially poor people will have the last laugh when her husband and father along with brothers get locked up. She's a IDIOT.👺👺👺she looks like the momo picture.

  3. All that plastic surgery she had cut off the oxygen to her brain. She's like Megan McCain spoiled rich and entitled.

  4. I would love to get in a ring with Ivanka Trump and the many other elite, snobby, selfish, greedy, heartless, republican & fake ass democrats. It would be amazing to put them all in their place! She is a disgusting POS! I hope they all get what is coming to them because they show us everyday that are all evil with black souls. Eventually the 90% will get wise and come for you all

  5. What a blithering inbred retarded idiot! She WILL find out what is what when she is in jail for the rest of her life.

  6. we all know these days. how trump got his money. how his kids grew up through corruption money. not by hard earn money through honest business dealings. but, that Ivanka & her silbings lived a Luxurious life style thur their criminal father dark empire.

  7. I mean I could see why ppl think that’s hypocritical but she’s not really wrong. Ppl need purpose, earning your way is one of the best ways to get that. And coming from someone who is getting a forced 15$ an hour wage I don’t agree with that. I think 11 $ is enough. You’re not supposed to live your life on a minimum wage job, your supposed to better yourself and either find a better job, rise up the latter, or make more money another way

  8. What she just said is like yeah people don’t want to be given a free lunch so we’re going to take away their lunch hour…what. How does a livable minimum wage discourage workers and how is that a handout… what.

  9. Melania Trump is the one i kinda like some how…the rest of'em can get thrown off the back of a patato truck onto a pile of elephant dinga-lings

  10. I wonder if Ivanka will keep her fake breathless singysongy voice when she has to defend herself in court. I bet not.

  11. Give your money to the poor and follow me. But seeing he was very rich said Jesus he turned away and left. How about it Ivanka? You up to the challenge, it would be the perfect way for you to put your money where your mouth is.

  12. what the hell does she know about minimum anything? she has had a life of excess and could never survive on $15 much less $11 or less in some states. that tax scam her father came up with did nothing but take more of the hard working Americans who bust their asses daily

  13. The Green New Deal, as it is now, is nothing but political ideology, and I don't think that poll is going to be anywhere near as high were you to do it today. I definitely think the government needs to do something to address climate change, but I think the phrase "Green New Deal" has been irreparably tarnished by all the partisan bullshit AOC slipped into the bill.

  14. All lies again she didn't tell anyone they shouldn't get any money she just saying she thinks most people want jobs. I bet if these two people had a lot of money they would give their kids all they could to help them out. This is supposed to be news it's just character assignation nothing more.

  15. This ignorant hag is barking absurdities again.Just like her father, she takes you way off track hoping you'll get so befuddled you'll miss her point. Did this dippy overgrown debutante actually claim that folks would rather NOT get paid for the work they do? Tell you what, Princess Apple-of-Daddy's- Eye, let's trade: I'll get tons of money for doing didley and you can work your ass off and not even make enough dough to powder your artificial nose.

  16. You are nothing but an arrogant Bimbo Bitch, Ivanka Trump! You are right, Cenk, IVANKA Trump disgusts me too, because she is totally DISGUSTING!!

  17. 5:15 "food on their families" , she pulled a George Bush. Why is there no talk about raising the minimum wage causing inflation to skyrocket?

  18. A job is not a hand out. It's an opportunity to earn a living, it is an opportunity to make something and add value as opposed to being a trust baby, Ivanka

  19. We who work, expect the folliwing :
    Decent work, environment
    Fair pay for fair work
    Benefits – healthcare, stock options, education scholarships , retirement.
    If we are working to help you succeed and profit, then you have the mandate to treat us with respect.

  20. Ivanka is just as dumb as her father hell throw the whole Trump family away they are a big ass disgrace to this country.

  21. She was not laughing at anyone she was saying that generally people love to work for their things because of that sense of achievment.

  22. I wonder how many hours of sleep this guy loses over Trump and his family, yikes. Can't wait for Trump to get re-elected in 2020.

  23. Well, she's half right, but it's better stated that we want something for our work. We work out asses of and don't get anything for it, don't get anywhere. Why? Because people like the Trump family can get away with it. That's why we need a higher minimum wage, Medicare for All, and so on. We're not asking to be given these things for free, we already earned them!

  24. The Most High is going to have the last laugh. A lot is being taken away from the people who work to further enrich so many rich non-workers. Wage fraud. Gouging landlords. Gouging pharmaceuticals….

    James 5:1-6

  25. She is saying she's looked into the hearts of the American people and saw that they want to be sodomized–economically sodomized.

  26. Eight years ago everyone was against health care. People want to go bankrupt and die! Only the super rich know what is right for America.

  27. This stupid b** just like her father they have no heart for No One the have no blood in their veins and nothing but a f**** bunch of f**** crooked people

  28. People working for what they got they are not crooked like you your father and your brothers the biggest racist family in America and where do you think your father made you this money from poor people that he stopped all over them

  29. It's a shame that she really has no clue. "Wanting something for free" is not an equivalent to a "guaranteed minimum" .
    People want a chance at a decent life, which is gonna take educating those people, which is gonna mean killing the for-profit trend in education, and a focus on vocational training.
    That being said, I don't see the campaign platform for " Democratic socialism " as being anything more than a way to garner votes.
    Some of AOCs professed beliefs sound great in theory, until you realize who's money is supporting industry, arts programs, charity organizations, etc..

  30. If you can't support your family on your minimum wage job maybe you should've made better decisions in your life

  31. Ivanka Trump = the modern day Marie Antoinette. Off with her head. Get rid of this family. They shouldn't be running the country.

  32. Trump and his people think its great that business ownerz make record profits pay NO taxes and give employees such low wages that the have to rely on food stamps and welfare to feed their children. Even if these bussinesses paid a living wage they still would have millions or billio s in profits but no matter how much they have its never enough. They would rather have all of the poor as slaves and have us work for free. Thats what happens now when anyone cant find a job welfare will make them work to get assistance the hours they work compared to welfare benifits are about 2 or 3 dallars an hour well below minimum wages. But this president has no clue how poor suffer and doesnt care they see the poor as just taking from their profits.

  33. America's HIGHEST minimum wage is AT BEST the middle of Canada's minimum wages. ALL Provinces are $11/hr PLUS

  34. I realize that this opinion may be very unpopular, but I am wondering if maybe Ivanka's words are being twisted..just by a hair. I am a working American and a homeowner. In my heart of hearts I really would not be OK with being handed my livelihood. Being OK with other people paying for you means that you are OK with other people making decisions about your life. If I did not earn it then I want to know where it came from. Unless I am wrong about her meaning, I can understand where she is coming from.

  35. 1:47 TYT you are misconstruing again what Ivanka was saying. She was saying Americans don't want handouts or true socialism or communism. They want to work hard and earn what they've worked for. What both you and Ivanka are missing they want to ensure that their hard work is equally rewarded and based on what they have put in, which is increasingly not often the case. The green new deal tries to address that but not well enough that is leaves itself open to attack from the right and the middle.

  36. She's a rich girl, and shes gone too far, but she knows it don't matter anyway…she can rely on her old mans money, she can rely on her old mans money.

  37. Ivanka Trump must be taking happy pills to get thru the day, With the SDNY cloud hanging over you it's tough to smile !!

  38. Green New Deal wants to give people jobs so they can work and earn a living.

    Ivanka: But people don't want to be handed jobs without working for them to earn them.

    Humanity: Heads Asplode!

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