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20 thoughts on “IZ*ONE – 라비앙로즈 (La Vie En Rose) | Line Distribution

  1. Its already fair for a 12 membered groups and a debut song.
    The lead vocals have 10+ Seconds of line and the jline mostly got repetitive lines ( sakura) and English ( Nako and hitomi)

  2. When Nako only has 10s i was like "Why can they give so little lines to an amazing vocal like Nako? Did they see how great she did in Produce48?"
    And Hitomi too, why don't they give her a "La Vie en Rose" sentence to make the overall line distribution better?
    Nako and Hiichan only have the similar lines to each other

  3. that's pretty good to be honest, and it's also reasonable for yuri to have the most lines since she's the main vocal.

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