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34 thoughts on “IZ*ONE – Airplane | Line Distribution

  1. Nako is have a nice voice fitted to be a vocal line but why they don't give her more lines. Tsk.

    Actually, jline tbh. More lines for them jebal 😭

  2. Tho chaeyeon got more part than usual but still her parts are all chopped up into little pieces like my shredded cheese

  3. Nako and hitomi's voice would suit this song but idk why their parts are so short. They deserve more.

  4. ⚠️⚠️⚠️
    I just saw their performance at KCON Japan 2019 Day 1, and I just realized that there were so many mistakes in this video.

    So, I made a new corrected video for this line distribution. Check this out :

  5. 奈子ちゃん。
    曲によってパートの増減有りでも良いのに、咲良推しだけど奈子ちゃん (T_T)

  6. yea nako and hiichan be the last again. If you are talking their voice don't fit in violeta or such concept as much as others, how about this kind of cute concept? Still not suitable????

  7. I think Hittchan voice finally found the suitable song. This song fits her sooooo much. But it really hurting me with Nako, haizzzz

  8. Chaeyeon part is long in second but the line is actually so little…when she can get highlighted part or atleast chorus part?….if she can't do it then show us or tell us cuz I really believe that she also can do highnote…

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