Laughter is the Best Medicine

Jack Dee talks to Romesh about his spectacular comedy death

Welcome to O’Donoghue’s
Afternoon Comedy,
where laughters never stop. Cos your sides
are going to split up.
Did you have any catastrophic gigs,
like early doors?
I thought for a while it would be
great if I’d be a compere. And so I took over a club in Ealing. And they all paid and came in
and sat down and none of the acts turned up, so I said, “Just get
your money back on the way out,” and then Jane was kind of
cashing the float up and she says, “I’ve ended up with less money
than I started with,” and we had to think what had
happened and what it was was that she realised she’d done
concessions on the way in, and suddenly, everyone had decided
they HAD got a job on the way out. So, having got…
“Yeah, I haven’t got a job,” so they got in for two quid, and
then got four quid on the way out. We went back on the bus, thinking, there’s got to be
a better way of doing this. Can you think of
a most spectacular death?
I did a gig in a prison and we were
being walked across this yard to the chapel where the gig was
going to be and I asked the warden, “What are most
of the people in here for?” He says,
“Most of them are re-murderers.” As he said in his Scottish accent. I said, “I think I can guess
what a re-murderer is, “but can you just…for
clarification?” He said… SCOTTISH ACCENT: “They’ve murdered,
they’ve done time, “and they’ve got out
and they’ve murdered again.” “Right. And they’re in
the audience.” “Oh, yeah, yeah.” So they were… It was a bunch
of re-murderers in the audience. And again, you think, “Well, what am
I going to say to these people?” Yeah.What I want to say is,
“Ah, you psychos!” And run away.

24 thoughts on “Jack Dee talks to Romesh about his spectacular comedy death

  1. Re-murderers: "They have murdered, they have done time, they have gone out and murdered again" (read in scottish accent) 😀

  2. What is the name of the guy right at the beginning, on the stage with the really deadpan delivery? Seen him in a few things….

  3. Can’t we have this as a proper series on BBC1 on Friday nights like what kind of garbage do they even show on there on Fridays anymore

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