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100 thoughts on “Jake Byrd at the Flat Earth Conference

  1. I think the police officer wanted to laugh his ass off as well because he's probably not a flat earther and understood the comedy

  2. Everyone should go check out Team Skeptic the flat earthers hate him so much they kicked him out of their conference in 5 mins

  3. I was at the conference. Serious people have researched flat earth. A year ago, I thought belief in flat earth was silly, and what I pictured in my mind made me wonder, "What are they thinking?!" Then I listened to the lectures, watched the tests, and read the books. Now, I am very angry. Not at Byrd or Kimmel mocking my new belief, but at those in power that have covered up the truth. It is an absolutely amazing discovery. It will blow your mind and cause you to lose sleep as you ponder what the real truth is if the earth is not a globe and it does not spin. After you quit laughing at the clip, do your own research. Maybe start with the Moon Landing. Watch the YouTube "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon." Then search out Mark Sargent's Flat Earth Clues. There is also a great app called The Flat Earth Sun, Moon and Zodiac Clock app created by David Weiss. It costs $3.18, but is worth the investment. You can see the sun location and moon phases for your time zone. You can toggle on and off the constellations and a compass. One of the best is the FAQ button with thumbnails of all your possible questions about the flat earth that immediately link to short video answers. I doubt that if you really look into the subject that you can remain a globe believer. However… your whole world may shatter because you will realize you have been lied to and that may be more than you want to know.

  4. I hate Mark Sargeant with a passion.. I've argued with him personally on numerous occasions and he is obviously a POE.. But damnit I hate how nice of a guy he is.

  5. If the Flat Earthers have these many beliefs of this nature the laws of survival of the sane will kick in when they get to California! They will tumble off the edge because the laws of astronomy are laughing! Flat Outta Hell guy has so many connections that they need him in Puerto to restore electricity! Copernicus is going around in his grave spinning on his axis crying! And yet we don’t want to spend more on education! Pray that they aren’t in the gene 🧬 pool! Or at least they will leave soon!

  6. Ever notice only white people are flat earthers at these places ? Like it's hard enough to find white people anywhere these days but you can always be sure to find them at a flat earth convention

  7. Bro. Galileo wasn’t the guy who founded the heliocentric theory, he is the one that proved it. Copernicus was the first to correctly theorize that the earth, along with other planets, revolves around the sun.

  8. Question for everyone: The earth is spinning around the sun every year at 67,000mph in an elliptical orbit . The thing about an ellipse is that there must be a speed change. It's not going around the sun in a circle, it's going around it in an ellipse. Even a 1% change of speed would be 670 mph. Shouldn't we feel it? Imagine riding in a car with a piping hot full cup of coffee and the driver gently taps the breaks. What happens?

  9. If the comment section of this video is any indication of where the Earth is headed, I want to die soon. The worst part about the whole thing is that these flat earthers have absolutely no idea how stupid they sound. It escapes them…

  10. The only joke here is the guy that Jimmy Kimmel sent over to the FE conference to make it look stupid. He was the only one acting like an idiot. If all of you sheeple that think FE is stupid would just take the time to actually look into ii instead of laughing at it you might be surprised at what you find out about where you actually live instead of not thinking for yourselves. Watch Mark Sargent's FE clues or Eric Dubay's 200 proofs earth's not a spinning ball and decide for yourself. Use your own discernment.

  11. yes the earth is not totally a round ball it looks a little somewhat like a pear and an egg kinda mixed form shape but it is round and it spins and rocks back and forth on its upper and lower axis' circling the sun. Here is my prove to you it is a round ball circling the sun ok first since there is internet all over the world not to mention live cam to cam and Facebook and all, befriend at least 14 ppl, 2 from North pole 2 from South pole devide your flat map into 4 equal lengths east to west length sections setting you in the middle line and make sure 10 friends are located lined up from east to west divided sections your in the middle now live call these friends at least 3 or 4 hours prior to sundown or sunrise ask these friends example from North and sound what side of the compass is the sun at as Well the east to west lined up friends and is the sun going down or up and the likes as I've sayed spend 3 to 4 hours until sundown or sunrise. Live chat or cam to all at once Facebook can chat can live cam holdings lot at once do this please and tell me if the if you you still think the earth is flat now how do I say the earth is like a pear egg mix shape its from the sun run diagram and using cs4 or better cc or any physics and geometry diagram measuring tool or software you then flatten the earth globe and restructure it using the sun route in correlating with all the clock time of the earth North, East, South and West and only then you can see the earth looks like what I say between an egg and a pear kinda shape the only reason they use cgi and Photoshop is to make things comprehendable fun to learn where and what place is at what location from wherever or name and make ppl learn the world easily and can be display nice looking cuts we don't want to be learning from a wierd funny looking awkward abnormal 🌎?

  12. People fear what they don't understand..I guess the government has always been above board.. No secrets.. "God bless America.. And no where else"

  13. Free ticket to space for flat earthers
    Flat earthers in space: well looks like we were wrong, but we still got this free ticket to space right?
    Flat earthers: OK mission control you can take us back now
    Flat earthers: …
    Flat earthers: Mission control?

  14. 3:37 It all comes back AROUND to Earth Wind and Fire…

    …"back a-ROUND"
    …that was CIRCULAR reasoning and everyone knows circles are simply precursors to spheres.

    Snaky Jake knows EXACTLY what he's doing…which is trying to manipulate these fine intellectuals into regressing back into their global indoctrination. Shame on Jake.

  15. What's funny and I'm astonished ABC aired it…was that they actually were right and clever enough to discover that Jake was controlled opposition. The actual lengths Kimmel and his show went to gives more credibility to their movement than anything. Just ignore them and they'll go away. I got 11 days into the 20's before hearing about this crap and of all places it comes from Kimmel.

  16. One thing I don't get is that he said that you don't have to look pass 8miles because it was proving by scientist that they can only go up to 8 miles or something close to that, am I right? Okay then so if that is the case how can you accept one thing from scientist and just not accept another I don't understand that. Why don't you just believe NOTHING scientist says like gravity is real, friction is real. Why do you even believe any of that that is if you do believe any of that and if you don't haven't done any experiment to proof your hypothesis because that is all you have right now what is the point. Because science is just an explanation for why things happen and how they happen so yes there is a lot of hypothesis but before it can become anything more than that experiments were done.

  17. To all flat earthers your man “Mad Mike Hughes” didn’t help your cause. He could have rented a Cessna and pilot at a local airport. But no. He wanted to build a rocket and launch himself. Which he did. All to prove the earth was flat. Well Mike reached the altitude of 1,875 feet. He survived. Barely. Look people, the earth is a rotating sphere. No one is lying to you.

  18. I don't believe the earth is flat, but I can sympathize with flat-earthers. When people are lied to enough, they start to doubt pretty much anything they have been taught.

  19. I don't really get the point of going there and acting dumber than them…it makes them by contrast seem a lot more intelligent than you are trying to make them appear…. Why not just say and do the exact things that they say and do, it's equally funny

  20. The man they look up to has never had a job and lives in his mom's basement so I think that says everything you need to know about the Flat Earth movement

  21. So if I interview 100 Jimmy Kimmel audience members who believe the earth is a globe, then edit it so only the stupid ones speak, that proves is not true, right?

  22. FlatEarther: “you’re trying to make the movement look stupid.”

    NormalPeople: “no dude, you guys make yourselves look stupid.”

  23. Over 2,000 years earlier in ancient Greece, a man already figured out the earth's circumference and that the earth was round using just a stick and his brain. That man was Eratosthenes. A Greek mathematician and the head of the library at Alexandria.
    Eratosthenes had heard that in Syene, a city south of Alexandria, no vertical shadows were cast at noon on the summer solstice. The sun was directly overhead. He wondered if this were also true in Alexandria.
    So, on June 21 he planted a stick directly in the ground and waited to see if a shadow would be cast at noon. It turns out there was one. And it measured about 7 degrees.
    Now, if the sun's rays are coming in at the same angle at the same time of day, and a stick in Alexandria is casting a shadow while a stick in Syene is not, it must mean that the Earth's surface is curved. Eratosthenes probably already knew that, because the idea of a spherical Earth was floated around by Pythagoras around 500 BC and validated by Aristotle a couple centuries later. If the Earth really was a sphere, Eratosthenes could use his observations to estimate the circumference of the entire planet.
    Since the difference in shadow length is 7 degrees in Alexandria and Syene, that means the two cities are 7 degrees apart on Earth's 360-degrees surface. Eratosthenes hired a man to pace the distance between the two cities and learned they were 5,000 stadia apart, which is about 800 kilometres.
    He could then use simple proportions to find the Earth's circumference: 7.2 degrees is 1/50 of 360 degrees, so 800 times 50 equals 40,000 kilometers. And just like that, a man 2200 years ago found the circumference of our entire planet with just a stick and his brain.

  24. This dude was my neighbor for four years. I am so glad I moved.

    Side note: whether or not this man believes the earth is flat is irrelevant, he is just an attention hog.

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