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James ‘2GD’ Harding’s jokes that were too rude for Gabe

2GD: Hello and welcome to the Shanghai Major presented by (un)Perfect World we’ve live and police monitored at an undisclosed location. I’m Sir 2GD, your host for this event but don’t worry. As always it’s not just me here to talk about the do’s and don’ts of Dota 2 and the CANs and CUNTS of the teams Of course we won’t go into EG today cos Sumail and Arteezy took an incredible amount of time to go through that. So last night, you know I was perusing the hotel entertainment and umm you know actually for the ritual to get ready for today, and it turned out, you know. Censorship, the Chinese hotel disa…had disabled pornography So it was very hard to get ready for the show I mean don’t get me wrong, I watched it Mr. Wangs amazing wheelchair antics we’re pretty amazing urmm a real thriller and I did manage to finish and you know I’m here for the show today, now. GODZ: Is this the rehersal btw like are we live or is this the … 2GD: It’s just you know, so I feel like I’m ready to host You know what I mean, like n0things going to hold me back and uhh I’m here, ready for some Dota 2 We got some great teams playing in the tournament. syndereN: GODZ you’re crying. GODZ is actually crying. 2GD: Just for the record, I prefer normal stuff. That’s what I’m saying as well but you know it was a good watch. Winter: So I think that is their biggest problem, they didn’t really adjust very well. 2GD: I wasn’t really listening What do you think of what they said Blitz? Casters: *laughter* Blitz: Yeah I mean like … [volume too low] 2GD: Pros and cons Of these teams we are going to see today. What do you think? This is like a meeting, imagine we are in a Dota boardroom and we are going to buy one of these teams. And we gonna like you know cos we’re mega rich cos we’ve hosted the Shanghai Major. Casters: *laughter* 2GD: Don’t laugh Blitz: Leadership I think they have the best captain in the world. or close to it. 2GD: Yeah? 2GD: So Puppey Casters: *laughter* Just Puppey is a pro. But I’ve also noticed on the cons. Are they still playing with EternalEnvy? Casters: *laughter* 2GD: Alt eleven? Winter: old eLeVeN. syndereN: They have old eLeVeN and old chicken. It has to be your favorite team. 2GD: Hey.. hey! No old jokes, alright. You know I got the hosting gig admittedly.. red eyes a bit wiser and I’m not as hands on as Richard Lewis… Winter: I think your name was wrong. It shouldn’t be Sir 2GD. It should be Old 2GD 2GD: Thank you, you can fuck off. ughh Winter. Umm so that off laner, you think? Cos that’s the thing they have less cons Winter. GODZ: If you count the pros it’s gonna be MVP whose gonna win the group though. 2GD: They have ice pants. GODZ: Ice pants is the ripping point right now. 2GD: But What’s more important? Ice pants? Or having a good off laner? 2GD: We lets do CDEC versus Secret first. Ok, so we’ll do ahh CDEC Ummmmmmmmm and they play versus Secret. Trying to do nice big writing. Ok so we got our pros and cons. Uhh Secret have Puppey and a big hero pool. CDEC have unity and their fast. We sound really stupid when we revisit this. This doesn’t sound like we know what we are talking about guys. so what’s gonna happen in the first match? syndereN: I think this is really unpredictable. Cos both of the teams haven’t been looking that stable. But my pick would be CDEC, I think. 2GD: I’m assuming that you guys are hoping to get the Secret versus CDEC game here? To analyse, as it seems … Well, gosh, not too convinced. Mhmmm I just love Dota! Casters: *laughing* 2GD: I think I’ve got a really good idea as a newcomer to Dota 2 still higher MMR than ODPixel. Which is uhh… I’ve just turned up. So uhh it’s going fine. We got w33, Puppey, pieliedie, MISERY and EternalEnvy. Forgot pieliedie was playing for them. I’m just gonna add that to the cons. Blitz: You can’t just list all their players as a con. And then choose them to win the series. What’s wrong with you? 2GD: I gave that guy so much shit on Dreamhack when he was playing Silencer that he just like didn’t like me for a little time but I think he’s fine with it now. Secret, pros have a big hero pool and a player called Puppey. CDEC pros unity and they’re fast. So uhh don’t blink during the draft guys. Cons for CDEC They’re stubborn and only have one D. Blitz: One dimensional. 2GD: 1, one, 1 dimensional So uhh I couldn’t put that in. 2GD: *laughs* cons for Secret, they’re fragmented…

100 thoughts on “James ‘2GD’ Harding’s jokes that were too rude for Gabe

  1. Despite the drama, 2GD just fucked off Dota 2 and is now raking in the cash in Overwatch just like he did with WoW or SC2 or even the old Quake days, the man knows what he's doing, Gaben needs to stay out of the esports and focus on making games, that's what he's for.

  2. Oh god, this is so funny. Fucking miss this at the Manilla Major. It's so FUCKING BORING. I want to shoot Purge and the other fuckers in the panel right in the face.

  3. So who is Gabe? I don't recognize the name as someone doing anything relevant in gaming in the past 10 years or so.

  4. Am I the only one that thinks all his jokes are extremely cringey? When he told that pornography "joke" everyone else in the room looked really uncomfortable. In the end I think Gaben overreacted a bit, but he still acted very unprofessional considering he was at a Valve event and not at Beyond the Summit or something.

  5. these aren't "rude jokes" he's just a socially inept prick, anybody with social skills can see why he was sacked, i'm glad he was

  6. The jokes "were too rude" for the chinese society. They don't mention sexuality in official installments at all.
    So basically he was fired for not respecting the culture he was hosting a show in.

  7. Fuck gaben, biggest thief of electronic gaming. This bastard changed steam tos some time ago so we don't own games anymore, just a right to use them … Tell me how 2GD is worse than a pathethic thief Gabe ? I don't mind him making a good game before when i was 10 but it was in the 90's, and now we're close to 2020 but since hl1 gabe did not give us any innovative product made (edit-i forgot about Portal but that's it) by his company, most of populars brands he use is just taken from modders like cs or dota. If i met gaben i'd let him know what i think of him, i hate this obese bastard .

  8. I don't care if your the funniest mf on Earth you don't joke about masturbating live on broadcast in a country that clearly doesn't have that sense of humor. Hes a dumbass for thinking these jokes would fly with a global community like Dota. And in my opinion, i think it makes the game look like even more of a joke than it is, saying things like "i wasn't listening" and "we dont know what we're talking about" as the main host… seriousness is what gets people interested in the actual gameplay and will grow the fan-base, not ranting about jerking off to hotel porn to get yourself ready for your job…

  9. Asus Rog 2012 Sc2 Tournament was one of the funniest Starcraft-events i have ever watched, hosted by none other than 2GD. This man is a Legend and should not be stopped by conservatives who like Hosts to be mediocre and scripted.

  10. Anyone on James Harding's side is messed up. He was completely inappropriate. Imagine if a baseball commentator talked like that. Oh, but it's "gamer culture" to be vulgar, right? That's f'n stupid. Also, don't mike the damn players. That's how it should be. Keep it PG13 if you want to be taken seriously, scene.

  11. Deimos when u say that waga was the side bitch of sing and stuff like that and humiliating other ppl when millions are watching valve could get into court and lose a lot of money dont be kids he was out of line.

  12. gabe shouldnt have fired him, now dota 2 casters and hots are a bunch of polite, boring cucks and shit at the game.

  13. lull who gives a shit abt him haha we dotaplayers dont give a fk abt anything!!!! not even sheever's cancer shit lul

  14. on 2:47 , James demonstrates what i always want to say to those casters when they say something really stupid.

  15. This dude's messed up in the head. Seriously a decent human being wouldn't say that in front of a huge audience.

  16. man u don't make jokes about jerking on public casting, it's simply taking the event to the lowest intellectual lvl possible, it doesn't look good, it doesn't sound good, and IT IS NOT PROFFESSIONAL CASTING by any means.

    I like 2gd, he is a good caster, coming from old school area, but here he really crossed the line, I would have also fired him if he worked for me, and sense of humour has nothing to do with that. He is adult man, and he should know that u don't do such thing and talk about pornography and jerking on public cast, especially in video games subject, where a lot of kids are watching this aswell.

    Just be objective here – I''l repeat, he crossed the line.

  17. im fucking hundred percent sure that was that fucker called eternalenvy who ran to gabe to cry at his shoulder and tell him 'WWWWWAAAAAHHHHHHH DADDY JAMES BULLIED ME WAAAAAHHH FIRE HIM'

  18. i have never in my life expected myself to spend time watching a gaming event, but this host made me watch the whole TI, and now, it just suck, look at ti7 and the boring panels.

  19. My god, they just can't deal with someone having opinions can they, such vanilla little boys. I don't agree with some shit he says and I'd tell him so instead of diverting into "oh well james, give us another rant", just tell him he's wrong and he's an idiot. So many cucks.

    On the other hand he's right about many things, EE is one of the biggest turds of E-sports.

    PS: James is the kind of guy who should only give 2 minutes of antena anyway, it was valve decision to let him lead a panel no? Gotta blame someone for your inability to manage an event, right gabe? This ti7 was pure garbage from the groupstage till the end.

  20. i loved him hosting. Even though the jokes were not ''family-friendly'' and sometimes were a bit ''camera-friendly'' i still loved him and would love if he hosted some small major again

  21. Nothing overly dramatic – just an edgy rich kid with silver spoon stuck in his ass got kicked out for unprofessionalism.

  22. Valve needed to pay millions for lobbies and lawyers to be a publisher in China(technically companies must have a physical presence in China to be a publisher),
    China has historically a social intolerance of online culture and the video game community
    2GD's words may cost Valve millions of dollars

  23. Bring James back. It's not his fault they asked him to be himself …. and then they regretted , can't blame the guy for doing his job.

  24. Sad that these are actually fun to watch and remember James, now its just cringy moments and not much fun at all.

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