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Jamie Foxx Funny Moments On The Graham Norton Show

Jamie Foxx your dating life has changed well yeah of course tough out there no I you know I had like I have I've I've my life is getting older but but people think I'm younger because I hang out with Calle and all these are the so I see younger girls and it's it's terrible and money and my daughter hates it because like you know I still try to go to the club I'm that guy I'm still as a club yeah it sounds horrible I'm like almost 50 so I was going to I went to I hate going to the club in LA because I was going to one oh and these girls pull up in outside the club I'm about to go into girls club oh my god Jamie Foxx Mike what's up we go to school with your daughter you go on in the club now it's a open house I'm gonna go see and then they don't know like you know I'm 49 and like I DJ and stuff like that so I was DJing just this club these girls is about the DJ booth and they were just so young like I said well how is it I'm 22 I'm 23 and oh my god she's ancient she's 27 I'm like wow the girl asked me how old I was when I told him how old I was you would have thought that I told him I had a terminal disease with him 149 oh my god that you died from forty nights let's pray he has 49 cuz actually there's not weird connection with you and I'd sure yeah sure and slept on my couch oh but six weeks before he was famous how does that it sure if I was doing a radio show in LA and it was it was a it was a satellite show and he knew that we do music so he comes to my radio show hello James just trying to get my music you know we'd love to hear let me hear it so he lets me hear his music comes to my crib I had now I got the bigger crib in the studio so she plays I'm like you're incredible so he started I said listen I know you don't have anywhere to go just chill here I was given a fool my daughter was like who do you have over here now because I would always have people you know I would always like champion the artist yes and so I said listen man I think you got the goods but I gotta check you out though so I took him down to this this show that I was doing a live night every Monday in LA downtown LA and it was like eight hundred black people all black like just the best musicians who plays you know the guitar for staying and I mean the the level of the music is here and there was a dude up there rapping and he was sweating and he was black and then another girl she came up and she sung and she was black man was thinking blackness incredible so all of a sudden I say ladies gentlemen edge here he pops out red hair and a ukulele incredible guitarist but he's just true to the music it came from us this is black black packet he black he said Joe fast come on man what's this man what says what you doing to the room right now maybe you don't respect the room and it was just like a movie I said well let's see what the kid has got a standing ovation in 12 minutes Wow and the rest was history was it Kenny West huh Kanye West you kind of failed his genius first first of all the way the way I even met and I did I blew it but I didn't blow it but it worked out because I haven't told you the story yet but what happened was is that I'm throwing a party for put I thought all these parties in my career so I'm throwing a party for puffy jay-z's there and Pharrell's the big party and this kid walks in with a with a backpack on and this jaw is busted and I said who's that and I said that's Kanye West I said what do you do and say he raps and you know he produces with jay-z I said where everybody comes to my house got to perform I got it I got I gotta see what this dude we had so I walked up to him and I said young man I say you do your thing you know you rat and he killed with this freestyle was amazing I said Wow but you're gonna be famous right and then he said to me said he said I have a song dad that I think that you will be great on if we could go I took the studio song I said man what I'm trying to get in the music business let's go cuz I wasn't in the music biz and happened to have a studio my crib so we go in the back we heard that yeah because I would throw parties for musical people so I could try to get on a record so and he says the song goes she says she want some Marvin Gaye some Luther Vandross our got I got a she says she wants some ma been good and somebody said you know what are you doing so well I'm you know you don't know you don't know R&B see I'm on B sing so I got to put the arm beat bang on I see I got to do that he said don't do that just seeing it simple because it's you know it's hip-hop and I was like hi so I sung it but grudgingly thinking this song is wack he's not gonna make it it's not gonna work right so I left and I went and did a bad movie and I came back I'll come back and I'm in Miami and my boy was like yo remember that song you said it was wack it's number one in the country why and so that's how that's how you get it wrong but right sometimes yeah that's them whoo both of the you actually went to audition for Jerry Maguire and the story with that Tom Cruise is doing you know Jerry Maguire so they had the guy sees me read and Elaine says Jack I want you to go to read 440c in New York who TC totaku so I go to read but as I'm reading I'm loud show me the money Tom Cruise reads his line but it was like this so I thought he lost his place here some rewrite he says I know I said the line and waiting on you I'm like oh line the whole night anyway I didn't get the part and you know of course you know Cuba Gooding got the part in in any one awesome but I had to learn how to bring it down and then later on I did collateral with Tom Cruise and then got nominated for I like the theory though I like the story of learning that like Tom Cruise was the star was here oh yeah well and that was the other thing too when I did get in collateral you know I was sort of like Michael Mann was like hey you better get keep your stuff together cuz I'm you know making sure this movie works with it for the big star and that's how I knew I wasn't a big star we're in the car and we're driving we're supposed to do this stunt where I crash into another car right but it's supposed to be a stunt but what happens is the car gets out of out of control and I actually do crash into the car like Jamie get out of the way Tom are you okay that's where you know where you are Jamie Foxx young yeah but now how what age are you here we got the same kind of hair brought us that's a jheri curl right there I was 18 right there that was this I was 18 years old is that a backdrop to make it look like there's brick back there no I think that's real picture great musician that you must have used your music at some times to woo a woman happy I'll hit what I'll use whatever I like listen listen today this is one of my favorite songs it's just storm listen to this listen now there's almost a spider-man link snart's office lights out like a power outage lights out like a power I could feel the mist every time we kiss just didn't know it down for like this desert there's a flash-forward warning will it will rain in the morning and there'll be puddles in the bed I want to the worthless there'll be puddles in the bed the weatherman say yep why would the puddles in the bed listen girl my brother's girl the weatherman said it's cloudy skies right there between your thighs I want it soaking wet all over the beds do you sing lyrics hey it sounds much better when you sing could our American stars you know do a cotton accent so these are cockney expressions Eastern expressions but written phonetically okay so you will get it as we go along so then if you want to read if you write the other way on the screen alright so if you read this phonetically it you should sound like a sender if you get them they're good okay this is very good to this you got there's any copies in the house yeah yeah you could so but the Panda call painted with fries okay quarter pounder four pound of it with rice kind of confused because my daughter she comes to all my sis but she had never been on a set that we're actually kids could go see the movie because she was on the set of Django and so she's four years old blown away to see the makeup the blood so our daddies great so when she was on Annie she didn't understand it was like she was like when does Annie get the gun and go that's a whole different movie right that would be a great update the Sun won't come out tomorrow

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  1. All in all, probably the most talented guy in Hollywood. Somehow he's never quite been A-list, but he really can do it all.

  2. Some of Jamie's early records are really good! and it has nothing to do with the level of success he's achieved later on in his career. That just tells you how hard people had to try in the music business. Even a genius like Jamie Foxx!

  3. Some of Jamie's early records are really good! and it has nothing to do with the level of success he's achieved later on in his career. That just tells you how hard people had to try in the music business. Even a genius like Jamie Foxx!

  4. At 5:49 What the woman said? And why it was funny for jammy but seems not for that woman? I'm french and I can hardly understand what she said

  5. Have to admit, this is why Graham Norton is the best. He allows the guest to talk without shouting all over them. Are you listening Mr Falon, Colbert, kimmel, etc …. well almost every top US talk show.

  6. “Splash”💦 That’s the look Emma had when she realized what the lyrics where saying. “Open” That’s the up and down look she gave him. Ohh the thoughts…🤔😌☺️🤗🥴 back to 😮

  7. 10:36 why is she acting shocked for? check her eyes at 9:27, well social pressure to be the innocent girl, nearly forgot.

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