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Jason Nash Almost Dies Attempting a Marathon – Second Chances with Jason Nash

– A midlife crisis can’t
scare me, Jason Nash. After my mom’s terrible news I vowed to empty
my urn of regrets before I fill it back up. It’s clever and symbolic. These are my second chances. (phone buzzes) – Yeah? – I’m going to run
a marathon, mom. You know how it’s
always been my dream to run the Boston Marathon. – Uh, yeah, yeah. Whatever it was
that you just said. – (sigh) It’s
perfect timing too. The LA Marathon is in one week and I’m going to win it. – Yeah you’re not going
to win a marathon. (television turns on) Hey, there we go! Oh Jay, I got to call you back because I have a
big appointment. – I’m doing this for you, mom. Oh okay she hung up. – Hey!
– Hey, what’s up? – You must be Jason. – You must be Danny. – Yeah. When people come in here and they have a body like that my heart starts racing because I know I have
my work cut out for me. He looks, he looks sick. Here take a seat. Check this out. (Danny laughs) – Yeah that’s cool. – It was $7000. So you came to the
right guy, man. I’ve been training
people to run marathons for years and years. Various levels of experience. So this regimen right here lays out the next 12
months of training for you. – Oh no, no. You misunderstood
me on the phone. I’m running this
year’s marathon. So I’m going to do all
this in the next four days. – Jason I can’t in good
conscience try to train you to run a marathon in four days. That will literally do more harm for your body than good. Are you serious? Nobody should try
to train like that. – I’m not nobody. I’m Jason Nash. Don’t be a hater. Thanks. – Jason’s an interesting guy. He’s like stunted, you know. Can I say stunted? Do people say stunted? – Hey you’re big
into running right? – Um, yeah I just run with my jogging for
singles group on Sundays. But that’s about it. – You’re really trying
to meet somebody. – No it’s like less
about meeting someone and more about like
the social interaction. – No I get it, you
don’t have any friends. Hey, check this out. – Okay.
– Guess what this is? – What is it? – This is four 18 hour days of running, saunas, ice baths and carbo-loading.
– Cool. – [Jason] And I’m going to
need you to hold me to it. – I don’t think
that’s a good idea. I’m like not a
medical professional. – I’m sick of all
these haters, man. Telling me I can’t do things. – Yeah. – Oh, clean that off. I’m going to need a baseline
to figure out how long it takes me to run 26 miles. What’s my time? – It’s only been half a
mile so just keep going. – Just multiply that by 52 and that’s my time. John. I need something to eat. (alarm clock sounds) (upbeat music) (whistle blows) – Mr. Nash it’s time to start. Let’s do it, come on! Go, go, yeah. (whistle blows) – I can feel the toxins
coming out of me. – I can smell the toxins
coming out of you. – Is it supposed to
be this much steam? – Mm-hmm, that’s just
your natural body. – Hey, this training
ain’t so bad (laughs). Pasta could be better though. – The pasta was my
grandma’s recipe and she died last week so. This one’s for you nana. Mr. Nash it’s time to
put on your clothes. Big boy pants. Don’t fight me. (Jason yells) On day two, Jason definitely
began to regret doing this and started taking it out on me. So. Come on Jason, just
a little farther. Yeah, here you go, here you go. Nice, nice. – John don’t look at it. – Uh, day three Mr. Nash. Time to get up. Jesus! – Don’t make me do
this anymore, John. – I agree, we should stop. We should definitely stop this. You look very ill. – Your going to let me quit? What the (bleep)
is wrong with you? – I am so confused, what you want from me? – My body’s shutting down. – Stay down, just stay down. – Grab a yellow legal pad. I need to get things in order. – We wrote you a will
a couple days ago, we don’t need to do that again. – I feel like gazpacho. – Oh god. Oh my god, oh my god. Here we go, come on,
stay with me buddy. Come on, we got this. Uh, it might be too
much heat right now. Jason? Jason?! Jason! (John coughs) – John, today, when you cook the pasta make sure it’s al dente. It was pretty soft
the last few… – It’s always al dente. (bubbling) Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my, Jason! Jason! – Get him out of the water. – Get him, get him, get him. Come on, come on, come
on, go, go, go, come on. (knocking) – Oh, I’ll get it. Hey thanks for coming man. – Yeah, you know I’m not
like a doctor, though, right? – No yeah, I know it’s just
like he won’t listen to me and he won’t actually
listen to a real doctor so. – Okay yeah. – If you could just tell him – I’ll talk to him. Oh, Jesus. Hey, man! Listen I was thinking maybe let’s just give
this thing a rest. You know, let’s not even
worry about the marathon for now, okay? – Okay. – Okay?
– [Jason] You’re probably right. – Alight, great. – Thanks that was
much quicker than I thought it would be.
– Can I, can I go? – Uh, yeah, yeah, totally. Oh you know, hey man. You really did us a
solid today so thank you. – You’re just giving me $3? – Yeah it’s all I had. – Just don’t give me anything. – I can take it back.
– No I’ll keep it. – I’m sorry. It’s fine. It’s laundry See ya. – See? If we had hired a real trainer this wouldn’t have
happened, John. Because I took a few days off. I actually, I
missed the marathon. So, but hey I mean, who needs an officially
sanctioned race and cheering crowd to prove that they
can run 26 miles? Not this guy. And it’s Jason Nash leading the pack, right out the gate. (calm music) (phone ringing) (coughs) John! What are your lame jogger
friends doing tomorrow? They’re not busy,
they’re single right? (party goers chatting) Woo! Hey, I was going to
run the actual marathon but I ate too much pasta. – Uh yeah, I’ll just be right
back so, you guys have fun. Hey, Jason. Thank you so much
for throwing this. I’m like, actually
talking to this girl. – For sure. – I’m on my third mile. Think you can get your
friends to stand around and pass me little
cups of water? Like in the real
marathon, you know? – Yeah. – Okay, here we go.
– [John] Thanks guys. – This is great!
– [John] Thanks. – This is a win for all of us. – It was nice meeting you. – John, do something
with these cups! – Sorry. (Jason yells) Yeah, baby! Hey, ask your friends if they could stay
a few more hours. I want to document this with real people here. – Hey, guys! How we feeling? (Jason pants) – 26! – [John] Keep going! Keep going! 26.1, come on. – 26.1! – Keep pushing! (Jason screams) – 26.2! – Oh my god! – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! He did it! – I did it! – Hell yeah! – I did it! – Hey guess what? That girl I was talking
to, she gave me her number! – [Jason] Draw me an
ice bath, will you? – I don’t think
that’s a good idea you almost died earlier. – People don’t tell you training for a marathon
is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. And I learned that the hard way. And guess what? I’m still here. Thanks to my fortitude. And thanks to an
unpaid college intern who resuscitate me
after I almost drowned. – Aww. (phone buzzes) – Jason, if do not pick
up the first five times… – I did it, mom. – Good for you,
you ran a marathon. – No, not just the marathon. I emptied the urn. I did all three
things on my list. – You only had three
things on your list? – Yes. Now you can sleep well knowing that your son is self-actualized. Anyway I just want to
say night night, mommy. – Three (bleep)-ing things? – Oh you guys can go. I mean or you can stay. No actually stay. No no, stay stay stay.

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  2. he's a pedophile and comedy central needs to be also held accountable for influencing others that this is okay to just promote a psychopath inculding David 'Brickhead'… 🧱🚽

  3. Three fu*king things… haha
    I wish it was more bc I loved this show. It was soo very funny but I don’t know why I got emotional when he was running by himself and then called the intern. Why did this make me sad… but it was so funny someone give this man a show!

  4. 4 :32 the captions replaces the swear word with (bleep) but they didn't actually bleep him from saying fuck skskakkssk

  5. OMG Please turn this into a full length show! Jason is killing it! His relationship with his intern is hilarious and needs a whole seasonnnn

  6. Yea I can see why they’re not picking this show up for any more episodes. It’s really shitty and I even like Jason but this ain’t it

  7. This should be made into TV series on Comedy Central. Jason Nash's humor is right up my alley. I've been really sick lately and broke because I can't work so one of the things cheering me up is his content.

  8. Thanks to both Jason Nash and Comedy Central for this great mini series PS Jason looked like Oliver Tree in the track suit

  9. Worst "comedy" pilot I have seen in a long while. That said, this is probably a predictor of what Jason's life will really look like once the VS realizes his presence in their group and videos is a negative and his wife realizes Jason had been exposing their kids to convicts and pedophiles for so long and takes them away out of the country.

  10. Jason Nash and Comedy Central perfect combo love both plz do another season. I know if everyone knew about this they would watch.

  11. I love how jason used his real traumas for this show, since i heard the podcast I know jason was really good at making bad things funny just like in this show

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  13. Jason nash is funny in David's vlogs…most of the time. But he just doesnt have the chops for main stream media …. I'm a fan I really am, but this just isnt funny. He's not even the funniest person in the video. He should just stick too what took him 40 years to be relevant and what he is good at …..David's vlogs.

  14. MTV: Gives Tana a reality tv show where she can lie and manipulate more people
    Comedy Central: Gives Jason Nash a show to work through his midlife crisis

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