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Jason Nash Confronts His Internet Bully – Second Chances with Jason Nash

– A mid-life crisis might scare
some, but not me Jason Nash. The only plus side to
my mom’s terrible news is the new cause
it gave me in life. – Here’s the thing. I told Jason that I found a lump on my back and it turned out
it was actually this big knot and my
masseuse got it out like in two minutes. I didn’t tell him
that second part. (Jason crying) That kid needs to get
his shit together. – So I put everything
I regret not doing into an urn and
vowed to empty it before I fill it back up. It’s now my goal to not only be the well respected
YouTuber you know, but to become the middle-aged
inspiration you deserve. Because even a guy
like me, Jason Nash, could use a second chance. (harp music) (phone ringing) Come on pick up. – [Lorraine] Yeah. – Mom, mom you know what, I’m going to finally
confront a bully. There’s like a ton of them
leaving nasty comments on my YouTube videos,
figure I’d start there. – Ah, you know
what, good for you, ’cause I can’t begin to
count the number of times that you came home from
school crying to me. – I never cried. – Okay, whatever you say. Listen I got to
go, I got a thing. (phone thuds) – I never cried, so that’s…
it’s probably some sort of dementia or… I don’t
know why she said that, that was weird. – (laughing) He cried. He
was a weirdo, honestly. I don’t blame those
bullies at all. – Ah, Jason, sorry, Mr.
Nash, you asked me to find some more mild YouTube
commenters for you to confront. – Okay, I never said mild. – You made it pretty clear
that you didn’t want anybody way too mean or bigger than you. – Just read the comments. – Okay, yeah sure. – I’m excited to prove
myself to Mr. Nash and just really be a sponge
during this production. I know I only get
three college credits, but the satisfaction of doing
a good job, that’s priceless. This first one is, “You
look like Ellen DeGeneres “with a meth addiction problem.” – Okay, that one’s
a little mean. – Yeah, also weirdly worded. “46, more like 406.”
– Okay. – “You old mother(bleep)er”
– Alright, okay. – “Die, die, die” sorry.
– Okay, that’s good. Just give me that thing,
I shall find it myself. There was a lot of mentions
of skull-(bleep)ing him, which I didn’t even
know was a thing and then I looked it up. Do not image search that.
Unless you’re into that, I don’t want to kink shame. – No. Oh my god, okay this is it. PoonBlastur421, six hours ago. – Do you think there’s
like 420 other ones? – [Jason] “Who taught them
how to use the internet at the old folks home!” (laughs) What a piece of dirt.
Okay here’s what we do. Get this guy out here to this house and
have a confrontation. (chimes ringing) – Come on in. So it’s
great that you’ve set a day for your confrontation,
but there’s no shame in getting some confrontation
confidence counseling first. – Okay well full disclosure, I’m already a very
confident guy, so I’ll be treating this as
more of a refresher course. – Sure, did you bring
in the rough draft of the confrontational
monologue I asked you to write? – I don’t need the monologue. See? Confidence. – I’ve helped a lot of people
with my monologue methods so if he feels like
he doesn’t need one, then it’s my job to
show him that he does. Let’s do some role playing. I’ll pretend to be your bully and then you confront
me without a monologue. – Okay. Alright let’s do this. Listen, I don’t
appreciate the comments that you left on my page. – You look like you have a
plastic bag under your skin. Like somebody put a
plastic bag on your face and then wrapped
your skin around it. – Hey, if you could role play
someone who doesn’t make fun of my looks right off the bat. – No, no I’m not
going to do that because that’s what they
would usually go for first, especially with a person
that looks like you. My methods are a
little unconventional. Sometimes when I’m
a little booched up, I can get carried
away, (laughs) yeah. Take a seat let’s dive in. (psychedelic music) You disgust me, (whispering
insults), you have no power! You have no power,
you are not funny! – Please no, no more rocks.
– You’re so stupid. You are so stupid,
you are so small. You look like a little hobbit. That’s right, a little hobbit. (timer beeping) Oh, okay bummer,
that’s our hour. – Oh, are you sure? – Yep, that’s how timers work. Alight, best of luck
with that bully Jason. – Okay, yeah thanks. Hey, how long should
that monologue be? – Do I think he’s going
to do well with his bully? No, no, no, no, that bully’s
going to tear him apart. (dog crying) – Okay, shut up! Sorry, it’s my dog,
he’s a Maltipoo and he has just been shitting
all over the floor all day. – Okay, should we rehearse the
monologue one more time or? – I’m not using the monologue. It’s only there
for a last resort. – Okay. (knocking on the front door) – Oh my God it’s him. – Here we go, come on,
come on, you got this. – Yeah. – PoonBlastur421,
we finally meet. – It’s really you. (laughs) Hi, hi, I’m Marcus. – Hi, what’s with the tuxedo? – Uh, for the award show. – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,
come on in, come on in. – Okay.
– Come in for a second. Alright, so check this out.
I invited PoonBlastur421 to Los Angeles under
the false pretense that he won a contest
to be my plus one at a fake award show. Now I can’t let him pretending to be nice to me
(bleep) with me, so I’m going to confront
the shit out of that kid. – Hey, I don’t mean to be sappy, but you having me out here
means the world to me. I don’t have a
ton of friends and Dad walked out 10 years ago
to buy a pack of cigarettes and eventually died
of lung cancer. And you know I do watch
your videos all the time and sometimes it feels like
you’re the closest thing I have to like, a real friend. – Oh, well hey. – Sorry about your dad. – That’s okay.
– Smoking so much. – He was a real piece of shit. – Mine too, hey… – A liar, he was a liar. – Yeah, we’ll get to all that. – Yeah. – I got to go drop a
deuce real quick so. (watering running in sink) (breathing loudly) (knocking on door) – Jason, buddy, hi, you
almost done in there? Marcus has got a little
surprise for you, so okay bye. (door closes) – He’s definitely
(bleep)ing with me. (door opens) (Marcus singing) “And the pepper
and the salt were friends.” – Do you like it? I thought I’d just
clean up a little. – Okay, you think
you’re cute huh? Well you can suck
my ass. Have a seat. – Jason. – Got something to show you here Does this look like familiar? You are a bully and today
I am here to confront you. – Did you read all of it? – Yeah, I read all of it
of course I read all of it. Read more, what’s ‘read more’? – It’s to read more,
it’s more of a comment. – “Just Kidding! “Big fan! “Love your videos!” – It’s a joke, a josh, a prank. It’s a Jason Nash style goof. – Okay, well here’s the deal. There is no award show. I made it up so I
could confront you on my internet show. So you’re free to go if you want or you can stay. – I spent all my savings on
this tuxedo and a plane ticket, and you just want me to go? – I think that probably would
be best, I mean we got it. – I just got here and
cleaned your house. – No one asked you to do that. – And you want me to go? – [John] Oh, monologue!
Yes, monologue. Perfect! – Listen here bully,
I am here to today to! – I am not the bully. – To confront you!
– I’m a bully!? You brought a 16
year old fan here so you can disappoint them! – Let me just continue
my monologue here. (paper slaps out of hand) (heavy breathing) I do need this. As a bully, you really
hurt my feelings and I won’t stand for it,
stay off my comments page! – You’re (bleep)ing old. – Oh, how dare you? Hi Bob. We did it! Did you see me confront him? – Uh, yeah, yeah, great job. – Was that sick!
– Great job. – Bro we did it! I thought he was a
bully when he arrived and he was definitely
a bully when he left and that’s what counts. Bully confronted. – Nice. – Good job, a little too
clean in here though. – Yeah, definitely, definitely,
definitely, definitely. – Not the same vibe at all.
(harp music)

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  2. This show is fantastic!! One episode in, and I’m hooked. I really upped you guys make this a legitimate series soon!! 10/10

  3. “I thought 90,000 views was bad”
    Me: That video was uploaded 30 minutes ago and we are at 183k like wtf lmao

  4. This wasn’t cringey at all (I expected some cringe) and I genuinely laughed throughout the whole show. Felt like I’d kinda force myself to like it because I’m a big Jason fan but the shows actually really good.

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