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Jason Nash Learns How to Fight – Second Chances with Jason Nash

A mid-life crisis can’t
scare me, Jason Nash. After my mom’s terrible news, I vowed to empty
my urn of regrets before I fill it back up. It’s clever and symbolic. These are my second chances. (phone ringing) – [Mom] Yeah? – Mom, learn karate. If I can earn a karate belt, maybe dad will think
I can actually fight. – Uh-huh, yeah, sure. – And then I can kick his
ass for walking out on you. – Jason, we’ve been
over this before. I left him. – Let’s put it this way. The only time my
dad was there for me was when he was demeaning
me, or denying me affection. So, quite a bit actually. The point is, you love
me and dad doesn’t. – Sure, you know what? Can I call you later? I’m in the middle of something. Okay, where the fuck
is this cat’s nose? – Wah boosh, boosh,
ha, boosh, ha! You’re dead, in front
of your girlfriend. Yo, I always wanted
to take karate ever since I saw The Karate Kid. – Oh, my God, I
love The Karate Kid. Yeah, Ralph Macchio as
Danny Larusso is like, he’s so freaking good, like– – No, no, no, Ralph Macchio? Hilary Swank is The Karate Kid. – Honestly, Hilary
Swank’s not that good. I mean, she’s hot.
Sorry, handsome, but– That’s not the
original Karate Kid. – Okay, okay, John. You are a production intern
working for college credit. I am your elder. What are you, 14? – I’m 27. – Okay, I will find
the dojo by myself. – Going to college late, so. (energetic music) (Sensei yells) – What do you mean you
don’t have a class for me? Don’t you care that my
dad thinks I’m a pussy? – Sir, I just don’t have any
adult classes in session. All I have is a bunch of kids taking their yellow belt
test in a couple days. – That’s perfect, I’ll take it. – No, that wasn’t me offering. – Okay, well, this
is me offering. Nothing in there. If I were to run to an ATM,
would you consider a bribe? – Well, you can’t
karate chop your way out of credit card
debt, can you? (all yelling) – I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Can we stop for a second? This feels just
a little useless. If we were in an
actual fight, I mean, we’re not just going to
wave our arms around, right? – Karate is not about fighting. It’s the ancient
art of self defense. – Okay, you guys want
to wave your arms all day like a bunch of idiots, or do you want to actually
learn how to fight and show our dads that
we’re worth something? – [Boy] Yeah, I want
to learn how to fight. – [Girl] Yeah, please. – [Boy] Yeah. – See, there you go. – Okay, great, then you’ll
help me demonstrate. – Now?
– Now. Take control here, see? And then, the takedown. Now this is a very
effective hold that can do a lot of damage
to the wrist and entire arm. – I’m good. (Sensei growling) – [Sensei] How’s that? – It’s good. – [Sensei] Yeah? – Yeah, but why does
it hurt so much? – [Sensei] You feel your bone? – [Jason] Yeah. – Okay, your guys’ turn. Daniel, why don’t you start? Quick forward punch, ready? – I think sensei said it best. Karate is the ancient
art of self defense. And he put me in this position as a test to self defend myself. – [Sensei] Ready,
one, two, three. (boy coughs) – You’ve been Swank-ed, bro! (boy crying) You’ve been Swank-ed! Hey, what the hell? Does my money mean
nothing to you? – You chopped a nine
year old in his throat. I have to go talk to his
dad about his throat. – Okay, well–
– Get out. – Jesus. – Get out, leave! – Guys, you gotta go. Come on, let’s get out of here. What’s with that guy? I don’t know, John. I’m never going to prove
myself to my father. – This isn’t over, Jason. Think of The Karate Kid movies. They made an amazing first film, but then killed the
brand with two and three. But that didn’t stop
them from reviving the series with none
other than Hilary Swank. You could be Hilary Swank. If you just realize
this is for you and not about your father. The thing about fatherhood is– – Okay, if it’ll get you to
shut up, I’ll call my dad. – I just feel like you weren’t even listening to
what I just said. – Give me my phone.
– Yeah. – Yeah, and then sensei
George kicked me out. I mean, I just wanted
to take the test. Yeah. – I had to listen to a one
hour phone call with his dad. And he would not let
me leave the room. – I mean, I guess
if you have to. Okay, yeah, bye. Unbelievable. (energetic music) Wow, my dad took the
red-eye to LA last night to talk shit about
me with the sensei. That is so typical of him. Any opportunity to
make me look like crap. Shit, he’s coming, he’s coming. – I talked to your
sensei for you. He’s going to let you
take the test today, and I get to watch you take it. And don’t worry,
if you don’t pass, I’m still proud
of you for trying. – Okay, so you don’t
care if I pass. – That’s not what I said. – Jason. Just wanted to say
you’re a really lucky guy to have
a dad like that. – Oh, okay, well, you didn’t
have to grow up with him. – Uh, uh, uh. (Clair de Lune plays) – [Sensei] Focus, feel powerful. Very good. (all yelling) Turn it around, keep it close. Close that up. Dizzy sensei, very good. (all yelling)
Three, four, five, six, seven. (girl yells) (parents applauding) – [Jason] (yells) Okay. – Yeah, you got this. (Jason screams) Yeah, you got this. (Jason screaming) (Jason cries) You know what? The wood is optional. I think you get your yellow
belt, congratulations. – Oh, really?
– You did great. – Oh!
– Yes. You’re welcome, guys. I changed the rules around here. (energetic music) – I’m proud of you, son. You wanted something,
you put your mind to it, and you saw it through. – Wow, for the first time, I feel like you
actually love me. – Well, I’m glad you
finally feel that way. – Let’s do a handshake. – Oh, yeah, the
board, the board. All right, get in
gentle, get in gentle. You know what? Don’t put your hand
on the dash, it’s hot. – Can we get ice cream?
– Yeah. – Today, I graduated from
karate kid to karate son. Karate learned (yells). Oh shit, who put
that lamp there? – [Dad] Give me your hand, JJ. – Dad, stop. – [Dad] Honey! – I got it, get out! – [Dad] I was
trying to help him. – [Jason] Geez, you’re
so embarrassing. (gentle music)

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  2. I love how jason used his real traumas for this show, since i heard the podcast I know jason was really good at making bad things funny just like in this show

  3. Who wrote this Jason or comedy central bc Jason is so much funnier than this turned out it's a lil cheesy and he could put more effort into acting!!

  4. It'll be so funny if David dobrik was the guest star on one episode MB Jason's long lost brother that just tortures him all the time that would be so funny for a storyline for the show

  5. I thought this show was going to be wack like he was just trying to capitalize off of the David thing but dudes actually pretty funny.

  6. Jason you need a series on Comedy Central!!! It could be following you on your stand up tour and show clips from it and behind the scenes of the tour… I know a lot of people would watch!!!! Congratulations!

  7. This is so good but Comedy Central uploads too many videos a day, this is getting flushed out! This needs to be on a different channel!

  8. I finally forced myself to watch this. I knew it was going to be a mess but this was even worse than I imagined. You dared to make fun of the girl you dumped for making her own Music and Videos and wouldn't even go on tour with her, when you "supposedly were in love with her? You dumped her but only after she rightfully came after David, your "meal ticked, second chance". You always acted like you were too good for her because she did adult themed content and yet, you were the one seen filming her for some of that content. You are a sad excuse for a man and I truly feel sorry for you. You know in your heart that what you did to her was not right but it was the only way for you to remain in your precious Vlog Squad You are a laughing stock and most people really are laughing at you and not with you. I feel sorry for you. Oh by the way, if you took Nicorette gum to stop smoking and you stopped smoking, why are you still chewing it years later? You are so worried about your weight but not your heart? Nicotine is very addictive and you still are addicted to it. You owe Trisha an apology but since you never really loved her in the first place, you probably will never do the right thing.

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