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JBL Eon One Line Array Portable Sound System | Disc Jockey News

gang we're at djx boy take a look at this this is a GL booth here we're listening to the e on one I wanted to show you this Aeon one is basically a ten inch self and you got six two inch drivers now we're gonna listen to it this gentleman is DJing with the evening and I just checked it's only using the e on one and my game is shitty got a change now we've been listening to a lot of music here in the last few minutes is that we try to get the things ready because you've been doing some mixes some all 90s rap and these things sound incredibly good and again it's only the e on one that we're listening to here SPL max SPL rating of 118 DB they've actually got quite a bit of I mean we get a lot of noise here and they're coming through let's just walk around take a look at the back of the JBL Aeon one we've got a two channels of input three four you can put it your let's see good RCA and quarter-inch in all it looks like the tops will go right back in there while it's pretty cool then it's one one device you grab it GBL young ones at DJ Expo 2016

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