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Jeanne Robertson’s Southern Humor | Southern Living

I check with everybody before I tell or write a story about ’em. I actually had a speech in Auburn, and when it over, some family people all came over to aunt’s and somebody said, “I can’t believe you haven’t told that story “about us buryin’ Daddy three times in 50 years.” And the antenna it was just like boing. What story? What are y’all takin’ about? So, I decided that I needed to clear it with them ’cause I wanted to use the name. So, I drove, I had a speech in Montgomery, took my aunt from Auburn and we drove down to Gulfport. And we had supper and I said, well, the reason I’m here is, I’d love to tell that story about y’all buryin’ your daddy three times in three different locations. I mean, only southerners (laughing), only southerners can do this. And they said, “Well,” and I said, but I have some questions. Number one, may I tell it? Number two, if I tell it, may I use your name? And, number three, may I stretch it a little bit? He said, “Well, number one, you can certainly tell it “because it’s true and it happened. “Number two, we want you to use our name “’cause it is our story.” And I said, just checkin’. “And number three, how much you gonna stretch it?” And I said, well, why don’t it tell it? And I had stretched it a little more than they probably thought that I had. And when I finished I said, okay, that’s the way I’m gonna tell it. He looked at her, she looked at him. And they looked back and said, “That’s exactly the way it happened.” (laughing)
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11 thoughts on “Jeanne Robertson’s Southern Humor | Southern Living

  1. I am a southern story teller myself and you always add a bit, maybe the dog ran by or the mailman seen something, it's just to expound a bit and make it more entertaining. Love your stories and keep it up. Have to tell yall the one about my daddy and the cow stuck in the mud lol

  2. Jeanne, I found your videos funny and inspirational. I would love to known if you be coming to Maryland. I would love too see you live.

  3. Her stories are all funny & without being crude. I have binge watched her channel to the point of having to stop so I could breathe and give my laugh muscles a rest. My very favorite thing that she says is to try to find the humor in everything. Not bad advice.

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