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Jeff Ross Trashes Alec Baldwin’s Filmography – Roast of Alec Baldwin

Happy roast, everyone. Happy roast. What a crowd! Here I am again following
fucking De Niro. Great job, Aging Bull. I learned something tonight. Alec is the name you give
your son if you want him to grow up and be an asshole. Caitlyn, you were
fucking awesome tonight. I just wanna say that. You were really awesome
tonight. But I wouldn’t fuck you
with Bruce Jenner’s dick. Remember when your picture
was on Wheaties boxes back when people could still
look at you when they eat? How about a hand
for our guest of honor, Mr. Alec “Bobblehead” Baldwin? [cheers and applause] Alec is actually my neighbor
in Greenwich Village, which was a pretty safe
neighborhood until you fucking moved in. You’re a big star. I watched you get arrested
for punching a guy over a parking spot. Next time, valet your car and help your
brother’s business. Help a brother out, Alec! I’m speaking as a big fan.
I love all your movies, Alec. I loved you in “The Departed,” which is also what Caitlyn
calls her penis. And of course, Alec,
you got your Oscar nomination for “The Cooler,” which is where Caitlyn
keeps her penis. And of course,
your first big break was “The Hunt for Red October,” which is what Caitlyn
calls her vagina. Alec, I first saw you
in the movie “Pearl Harbor,” which was worse than
the actual Pearl Harbor. Halfway through, I was rooting
for the Japanese. Any fans of Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump impression
here tonight? [cheers and applause]
Okay. Okay. What a lot of people
don’t realize is that for the last three years, Donald Trump is actually doing
an Alec Baldwin impression. He calls people names,
he yells at the press, he married an immigrant
half his age. The only difference is that
Trump calls his daughter a fox, not a pig. Here’s to you, Ireland. Great job, Ireland.
You didn’t oink once. What a babe.
I love that movie. Bob, this is nothing for you.
You’ve seen it all. Robert De Niro’s
been around so long, he was God’s father.

100 thoughts on “Jeff Ross Trashes Alec Baldwin’s Filmography – Roast of Alec Baldwin

  1. Worst roast ever, fast forwarded to Jeff Ross and was just disappointed, tired political jabs, obvious teleprompter fed jokes, time to take this train wreck behind the barn thumbs down

  2. I never understand why 3/4 of the "roasters" are even up there. Back in the day, everyone knew each other and were friends. I find it hard to believe that Alec Baldwin is friends, or even acquaintances, with Kaitlyn Jenner or Ken Jeong.

  3. Jeff Ross to Caitlyn Jenner: “You’re an inspiration to Republican transgender Olympic decathlon winners everywhere." When Larry David is doubled-over laughing, you know you nailed it.


  4. I remember when celebrities were roasted without the vulgarity. I guess that today, in order to be part of the Hollywood in-crowd, one must drop the F-bomb a few times in most sentences. It's pathetic.

  5. Looks like Caitlyn took her cue from the previous trans-woman at one of these roasts and learned to laugh at herself and take the hits. Ann Coulter, take note.

  6. "Caitlyn….i wouldn't fuck you with Bruce Jenners dick….remember when your picture was on Wheaties boxes back when people could still look at your when they eat?" savage

  7. This roast is probably the least funniest of all of The Comedy Central roasts, most likely due to the fact that there weren't many comedians on the dais. Jeff Ross killed as usual and Ken Jeong was pretty funny as well but everybody else was meh. Jenner looked and sounded like a monster though, what an embarrassment for the human race. lol

  8. The Jenner jokes … for the low hanging fruits. "He is God's Father". Ehh. The ones about Baldwins daughter though, much better.

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