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42 thoughts on “Jeremy SLAMS Audience For Laughing At Domestic Abuse Victim Jeremy Kyle

  1. Imagine being a man and having to go on a public show and emasculate yourself because you’re scared of your girlfriend. Unbelievable. Dude deserves it.

  2. It is not satisfying. He should have been like: hold on a second, excuse me (stands up and goes to the crowd, especially the obvious ladies that were laughing). Sorry, what are you laughing at? Please tell me the joke, so we all can laugh as well. Maybe you were laughing at an abused person because he is a man? Is that funny? Go on, talk, explain it…". And keep waiting there for those fucking retards to speak.

  3. That's horrific 😡😡 That poor guy. . . Hang in there buddy it'll be okay 🤝

    And that whale looks proud of herself. What absolute trash 🖕

  4. Yeah, the average woman kinda sucks, shout out to the wise/loving ones, you make dealing with the rest worth it.

  5. Remember when Jezza said "people like you shouldn't be allowed kids" because the person he was talking to is bisexual ? And everyone clapped.

  6. The fact that many people laughed makes it funny. Not to me or all people but it's still funny to those that found it funny.

  7. I feel for this guy, it sucks when u love someone so much and the woman u love gets drunk beats on you, my now ex just went to jail for beatin on me and my mom enough was enough, sucks I love her and still wish her nothing but good health

  8. If anything shitty happens to a guy its basically funny but if its a woman its not funny society is sexist towards man what people dont know is that woman nowadays has more power over man woman can make a false accusations on a man cause all they want is to destroy your life, want you dead, or living in streets even though you prove your innocents most of the time the girl gets away with it as a man we understand we had ben shitty in the past theres more support towards women than man cause no one really cares

  9. Hit me, you ugly toad. I would grab her by her giant, goofy ears and there would be a dumpster with her name on it exactly twelve seconds later.

  10. I am a religious person and I am quite sure that satan has taken control of white women. Stay away from them, stay away from satan

  11. I despise Jeremy Kyle, but on this occasion he’s right. I can already hear the collective gasps in the audience if a woman was telling exactly the same story, using the exact same wording but somehow it’s hilarious when a man is being held captive in his own home and his only means of escape was jumping 3 storeys to freedom?? Shameful. There’s no hope for men in 2019 and I fear the worst is yet to come over the years.

  12. I think they were reacting the way they did because of Jeremy's reaction in the first place. That way, he could do his bit of saying the right thing. The twat.

  13. When the women are the abusers it's not taken serious. The man is either considered physically weak or not man enough or worst man enough. The reason doesn't matter. Abuse is abuse and it must be addressed.

  14. She’s the type of bitch that’ll shoot you in your sleep. Glad this dude was able to out her on public tv

  15. This needs to be a case study video, this is important, feminism stands for equality, and I'm sure it will stand for this woman seeing a fair trial, not a biased one based on gender.

    Having said that.
    I do think Jeremy Kyle is Scum.
    I think he derives pleasure from the serious issues of the working class.
    I had a friend who's job it was to rile people up before they went on, and they are only given a few counciling sessions before they're back to life.
    It doesn't help them, they're lives are still ruined, it's just Jeremy gets to feel better, as well as all the viewers, this is literally a new form of watching gladiatorial combat, but with people emotional states, which is far more scarring for life, but hey, as long as I can laugh at the clinally mentally ill for a while, right?

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