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Jesus Junk – Laughing Revival (Richard Roberts)

Ok, so finally I’ve gotten a response back from a televangelist. I’ve sent off like four or five requests from different televangelists to send me like, their trinkets or whatever. For like, either for free or for a small donation. And this is the only guy that has responded in about two months. So Richard Roberts sent me a letter. And let’s have a look at what we got here. “It’s a pleasure to hear from you, and I’m thankful for your seed gift of ten dollars.” Yeah, I had to pay for this one, you know, a bit of a donation. “But I need to also remind you that our enemy, the devil, would like nothing better than to distract you and cause you to doubt God’s Word.” Oh yes he does.. “Lindsay and I are praying for a new level of faith for you in 2013.” “I hope to hear from you soon and until then, I remain your partner for miracles, Richard Roberts” You know what the big problem is? I requested a prayer cloth from this guy, and also anointing oil, Holy Spirit anointing oil as well and all I got was an envelope. This is all I got, one envelope. And inside it was a envelope to send money back to this guy. I don’t get it, where’s my stuff? I paid ten bucks.. and they didn’t send me anything. Yeah, laugh it up. Well, I don’t know if there’s a separate package coming later, but let me tell you a little story. Back around 2001 or so, Richard Roberts came to Australia to conduct some meetings. He is the son of Oral Roberts, who was a very popular preacher in the US. For some reason I decided to go and check him out. I go and there’s about 2000 people there. Richard Roberts preaches a sermon on the Holy Spirit. At the end of his sermon, he starts talking about how the Holy Spirit made him laugh and how everyone should have a refilling of the Holy Spirit. “And I lay there and I laughed and I laughed and I laughed and I laughed and as I laughed, I hear the Holy Spirit speak to me, and say, “and as you laugh, I’m going to pay off your debt.” Now some of you know exactly where this is going. The laughing revival. Yep, for a number of years, God manifested himself in certain churches by making people laugh in the Spirit. It was part of two wacky movements that broke out around the same time called the Brownsville Revival and the Toronto Blessing. It was essentially a similar phenomenon in two major locations, and its proponents would preach around other churches trying to get them in on the game. Getting them to catch the fire, so to speak. These so-called revivals were characterized by all kinds of silly behaviour. It was basically an excuse for church members to go nuts and blame it on being moved by Holy Spirit. “They think Toronto’s something, wait ’till they come to Boston!” “And Lord, if it blows our little minds, let ’em be blown!” “Father, we want all of what you have, all of what you have.” “We thank you.” These revivals started taking off around 1995 and lasted for a solid 5 years, spreading to various charismatic and Pentecostal churches. Though many churches including the charismatic and Pentecostal crowd rejected these revivals, and a number denounced it as being demonic manifestions and not from God. I remember one of the most controversial scenes was a conversation between Kenneth Copeland and Rodney Howard-Browne. They were talking to each other in tongues and pretending they understood what each other was saying. My own church group and many others condemned it as blasphemy. The Richard Roberts meeting I went to was at the tail end of this revival. By this time, many churches were skeptical and had heard about all the weird things that had happened previously. Still, he did get about half the congregation to put their hand on their stomach and start laughing, essentially forcing themselves into an emotional high. Charismatic churches are always trying to find new ways to fake the presence of God. Once this started happening, a number of people walked out, and it wasn’t long before I left also. Well if the prayer cloth I ordered actually shows up, I’ll let you know! Thanks for watching. Who is a candidate tonight for drink of the new wine of the Holy Spirit? Stand up on your feet tonight. Pastor John and Carol [Arnott], I want to give my official disclaimer. I sincerely apologize for what is about to happen. I give you my word I will do nothing, but I promise you it will happen. It will start small, and it will grow, and it will spread. Well this is “catch the fire”. Many people are going to be set free tonight. And when it hits… When it hits… Oh my, when it hits! Glory, when it hits! Put your hand on your belly. Unfasten your seatbelt. Say this outloud after me: HA HA HA It’s joy Unspeakable and full of glory. It’s joy What are you laughing at? Nothing! Nothing? No, nothing. Did I say something funny? Well let me hear your testimony! Wasn’t that a wonderful testimony? It’s joy unspeakable and full of glory Hit you right there! Put your hand on your belly HA HA Not supposed to happen, only Canadians and Americans right? No, anybody, anybody. Anybody

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  1. sue the guy?

    I recently got an interesting letter from the reasonable faith (WLC "church"), asking for donations (they always do that), but promising that what ever I donate to them, they will "match", so I have a unique opportunity to give my money double the helping power.

    what I "don't get" is where is the other half coming from. say I give them 100$, they than give themselves another 100$ from their own pocket, but didn't that 100$ come from an earlier donation?

    sorry, not dumb enough.

  2. I live in Tulsa. Whenever Oral Roberts died people acted like he was the greatest man in the history of the world and showed tributes on the local news. It makes me want to move.

  3. It might just be me but the woman at 4:08 looks and sounds as if she's getting knobbed. And what's with the howling? Quite disturbing!

  4. Fair does. The Holy Spirit makes him laugh but beer does it form me.
    Another, far easier way of laughing is to watch Life of Brian.

  5. It seems to me like these people repress so many things in themselves that this kind of "moved by the Holy Spirit" has turned into one of the only outlets for them to get some of that repressed steam out in a socially acceptable way (well, at least socially acceptable in these circles). I'm only bothered by the people that first preach repression and then give them this outlet but only for money. That is disgusting.

  6. Oh hell, i posted my last comment before 5:24. These guys are doing nothing new. Over in the UK "Bill and Ben the Flower Pot Men" were doing this years ago commencing in the fifties.
    I wonder what an extra terrestrial version of Sir David Attenborough would make of that gathering at the end.

  7. The apple didn't fall too far from the tree. He's a con artist just like his dad. He kept the family business alive . Grifting gullible christians out of their money.

  8. I remember growing up as a young child wondering why I couldn't speak in tongues like the rest of the church. Eventually, I broke down and just started making noises like what I had heard the rest of them doing. I felt like a damn fool doing it, but what shocked me more than anything was that everyone was praising God for giving me the gift of the Holy Spirit! They couldn't tell the difference between a gift from God and a child's imitation.

    That was a huge eye-opener for me.

  9. I doubted the existence of God…
    But the mooing, howling, barking, hysteric laughter, and babbling (that would normally prompt people to call a stroke ambulance) has me convinced!
    I can't wait to send in my own $10 to show my faith in Jesus – Hallelujah!
    …although the guy on the leach at 4:27 had me confused… did you accidentally cut in some SM congress vid into the revival footage, Discern?

  10. Word of Faith theology is what I grew up with. Two members of my family went to Oral Robert University, and TBN ministers like Kenneith Copeland were a signifigant presence in our household.This is totally my family.

    One of the most infamous stunts Oral Roberts ministries has ever pulled is Oral Roberts senior basically saying that God would take him home/kill him if he didn't raise enough money for a hospital that as far as I know was constructed then disregarded a few years later.

  11. the sad thing is, some of these nutbags are going to go home and write about this in their journals and diaries. I wonder if that's what happened at Pentecost, 33 c.e.

  12. I'll bet everybody at your church was doing the same thing you did. The reason they could not recognize a gift from God, is because they themselves never received anything from him either.

  13. Funny thing, the opposing churches sill won't tell the truth about what is happening. Might that because they would then debunk themselves – oh goodness no,

  14. "Put your one hand on your belly and you other hand on your junk."

    lol, if you came up with some spiritual-sounding verses on fertility or sexual purity or something, you could probably get them to do it!

  15. You got an interesting video out of it though. Maybe two if they send me the goods. Actually they had options as to which area you donate to – I purposely chose their "Hunger Needs a Voice" outreach which provides food for 3rd world countries.

  16. If you watch the woman at 4:08 closely, she pulls her top over her belt line about 3 times. Guess she wasn't too distracted by the overwhelming presence of God to think about modesty.
    The howling woman said God asked her if she would howl for him. God said "if you won't howl for me, then how can I ask you to do more serious things for me"?
    So that's why she started howling. I cut the footage short for time reasons.

  17. That was my point. The only conclusion I could come to was that they either had been crazy enough to believe it was true when they did it, or they were lying fools. Either way, I wanted nothing to do with them after that.

    I didn't always notice it, but looking back on it, I can tell that I've always been different from everyone I've ever met. I have the ability to think critically about EVERY aspect of my life, and determine which parts are bullshit. Most people have barriers in their minds.

  18. I didn't notice it at first but I realized upon rewatching that you're right, she does indeed pull the top down and more than once, even. The howling reminded me of Excel Saga's ED in which the seiyuu barks the song.

    Those two guys talking in tongues to each other was hilariously creepy

  19. I wasn't serious, and I'm not unsubbing, LOL. But, it does have to leave a bad taste in your mouth that you just bought him a pint or two.

  20. I don't affiliate myself with any religion. I'm an atheist. While a lot of people think atheism says a lot about someone, it doesn't. I don't believe in the existence of a God. That is all atheism is.

    That being said, I am a man of science. I accept the theory of evolution. I know that the Big Bang theory is the prevailing scientific explanation for the beginning of the universe as of now, but I haven't done the research myself, so I cannot pass proper judgment.

  21. Our church got hit by this laugher phenomenon. I remember doing this laughing thing and blaming it on the holy spirit. Thinking about it now, how embarrassing. :(.
    I am an atheist now. I can tell you from my experience, there is nothing supernatural about it.

  22. " I'm only bothered by the people that first preach repression and then give them this outlet but only for money."

    heh, nice analysis.

  23. You got lucky. I went home and starting speaking in tongues on my own and was absolutely convinced it was from God. That sent me down 10 years of nutty fundamentalism.

  24. I really wish we had more video of that weird leash guy…what on earth was he thinking? What deep psychological issues did all those people have that would cause them to crawl around on the floor, and why didn't Jesus heal them of it previously?

  25. I figured you'd be able to relate to this. Looking back, I wish I went to more crazy meetings like this. But to be honest, at that time I would've thought I was in the presence of demonic spirits. Did you have any experience with this revival when it was happening?

  26. truckcompany said:
    "Our church got hit by this laugher phenomenon. I remember doing this laughing thing and blaming it on the holy spirit. Thinking about it now, how embarrassing. :(.
    I am an atheist now. I can tell you from my experience, there is nothing supernatural about it."

    Interesting, I always like hearing the experiences of other ex-charismatics. Did they all agree it was the Spirit even outside of church? Did they give any reasons as to why the revival eventually stopped?

  27. I don't specifically remember the laughing nonsense but there were times when "the Holy Spirit" would take over the service and the enitre church would just be jumping around and acting wild. Lots of speaking in tounges and dancing in the pews. I was a bit skeptical about it even at that time honestly.

  28. My church didn't like people jumping around or dancing, but a few did get "slain in the Spirit", and of course there was lots of tongues. Oh, and plenty of tongues and interpretations, and prophecies.

  29. I was in a non-denom church when this was going on. I saw a lot of this type of thing. Strange manifestations of the spirit. Hank Hannegraaff kinda got me thinking with Counterfeit Revival. Anybody remember the "Lazarus Generation?"

  30. thanks for the tip, I was bit disappointed when I found out he wasn't palming off his miracle spring water anymore.

  31. You find the most disturbing videos! I remember how difficult it was for me when I was a Christian to try to integrate and accept things like this as being from God when it felt so, so wrong. Even though now I don't have to wrestle with what is completely absurd, I have to be careful not to dismiss the followers as crazy, because they're not, they are misinformed and caught up in a dishonest movement. Videos like this are a sobering reminder of the influence of a belief.

  32. This is basically hypnosis, which Christians call "demonic" in and of itself. It's also funny how they can't agree on whether this is really "of god" or not.

  33. Yeah I don't think those people are insane, there's usually some reasoning behind it. Like R Roberts saying it's the "joy of the holy spirit". Well if you're a christian wouldn't you want that joy too? So you join in laughing hoping to feel the presence of God.
    Those people acting like animals, I can only guess they preached some weird sermon on how doing that would bring you closer to God, or make you feel like you're willing to do anything God says.

  34. @[email protected] . . . . . F*beep*K!!

    But seriously, I have seen most of the clips shown here. For a while, when I was a christian playing the bass for my own city's version of Brownsville, I remember my body acting just like the others, and falling on the floor [though I knew it was going on and wanted TO be a part of it, after all, only if you WERE "good with god" did you jerk or fall over. It was yet another time when eventually I saw the sad emptiness about it. Foolish time, but informative.

  35. These guys are no different than the pagan worshipers of ancient times! Instead of self-control and sobriety, they intentionally lose control of themselves and acted hypocritically like they are in the presence of God. True Christianity is not about ceremonies or rituals, or any outward display of power, it is about inner change – the way we treat others, the way we face problems or hardships, the way we decide on critical issues, or even the way we conduct our daily business.

  36. Good that you got out from this group! Jesus himself was a religious rebel during his days! He defied a lot of religious practices – that is one of the reason those religious leaders have Him crucified! He put no value on outward display of holiness and focused on the inner change which should manifest in the daily life of a person.

  37. Portuguese is my mother tongue so I spotted the very fake Spanish speaking. It made me laugh. They did seem to be speaking different kinds of gibberish.
    From a linguistic point of view speaking in tongues is fascinating but it is indeed creepy. It would be amazing if these 'tongues' people could speak, write and understand all languages and idioms. That would be something else! Combining random phonomes is something anyone can do

  38. Yeah I noticed that…Rodney Howard-Browne showed that he was really poor at speaking in tongues. What I noticed in pentecostal churches I attended was that people from different ethnic backgrounds had noticeably different styles of tongues compared to the average white person in the congregation. The gibberish your brain comes up with (i.e. tongues) seems to depend on your linguistic upbringing.

  39. From what I understand 'speaking in tongues' is mixing up sounds of one's native language, or other idioms a person is familiar with, in odd combinations. So it makes perfect sense for different ethnic backgrounds to express different 'tongues'.
    What's amazing about these two guys is that the audience is laughing along with them! Even if they are indeed speaking some sacred language that they can understand the audience shouldn't be able to get it without a translation

  40. Holy crap! Laughing? Me and my best friend used to just laugh at random, fake laugh to start, then laughing at the fake laughing, then laughing at that, and continuing on, all by ourselves, no gods needed. Tricking our monkey-see-monkey-do instincts does NOT EQUAL RELIGION. What an obvious statement – as you laugh i will pay off your debt… wow. He KNOWS his audience is dumb, and insults them right to their faces about it…

  41. I used to speak in tongues, I thought it was a gift from God (I can still do it if I really need God's presence lol). It was just 20 syllables or so that you basically repeat over and over in various patterns. The syllables were perfectly compatible with english phonemes (nothing foreign sounding). I didn't put any thought behind it, though the syllables I started with basically stayed the same throughout the years.

    I think the audience was just enjoying the show and having a laugh.

  42. I can't laugh at this–it's too scary! I suspect many of the victims of this idiocy would also be shocked, if they watched this video. They'd see how ridiculously they were behaving, from outside the contagion zone. Wait, let me try it (hand on belly): Ha, ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha. (Waits…) Nope, there is no god–at least none that is impressed by such lunacy!

  43. This video should be used against these nuts in a court of law. They are dangerous to society and should be locked up.

  44. Twice last year I sent off for things, but not from any churches/ministries that were asking for money. I received a booklet against evolution from one, and a DVD full of sermons and tracts from Harold Camping. Neither asked for money, and so far both have respected my request not to send any further junk mail. They're all fraudulent, obviously, but the most I can say is that some aren't outright frauds. But *all* are willing to take as much as they can get their devotees to donate.

  45. haha I wish I had some of Camping's rapture literature. I agree that most are not intentional frauds. Though many televangelists take advantage and milk their influence for all its worth. I saw the other day that Benny Hinn is selling $50 'prayer' blankets, and snake oil "Silver Solution" which you'd expect from a naturopath, not a Christian.

  46. The Camping material was a hoot, no doubt about it. I posted some excerpts if you're interested: watch?v=awuX2S3JaFI
    Also, the following is the channel of a guy who managed to get access to him in the months before and after. He's in the preocess of putting together a documentary about Family Radio, Camping and all that jazz. There are excerpts of that posted on his channel, but I think he's planning to sell the finished product: user/EzekielThirtyThree3
    Can't believe Hinn's still at it!

  47. The sermon excerpts you posted were very interesting. And frighteningly similar to my old church: Bible school is not important, education is not important when you should be doing the will of God, the "which side are you on" approach, etc. The only difference was the May 21st stuff.
    Made me realize that if the leader of my old Fellowship decided the rapture would happen on May 21, I swear half of his churches would believe him.

  48. oral roberts was amazing.

    I used to love him on benny hinn…

    If you can ever find a clip for where oral talks of how he blackmailed god into supporting his ministery, please watch it, its CLASSIC!!!!!

  49. So God wants them to be furries? Reminds me of a Python sketch:

    Monty Python – Crackpot Religions Ltd.

  50. My mom nearly drove us down to the Brownsville Revival years ago, so that my sister could be "healed" of demons who were causing her seizures.  smh — Thanks, mom!  Your lunacy contributed to my atheism.  I saw religion for what it really was.  Fraudulent! 

  51. You know, this is actually in the Bible. It's called being demon possessed, and not having the discernment of spirits. These people are deceived.

  52. When you were at this non christian revival What did you do ? Laugh with them or do the electronic slide? I guess taking responsibility for your Pentecostal mistakes is above your paygrade oh that pride such lack of discernment

  53. @Discern4 …."For some reason I decided to go and check him out"….Praise God…it's obvious that God is drawing you to Him but Satan keeps getting in the way….Read Matthew 13: 3 to 23… I was just like you at one time…suspicious, distrusting and critical of anyone who claimed to be representing God….I was like the person described in Matthew 13: 18…but Praise be to God when I was diagnosed with colon cancer that is when God allowed me to start to become like the person described in Matthew 13: 23. Today I am cancer free and seeking God's Kingdom everyday. Praise God….He loves you more than any person is capable of and will always be there waiting for you to reach out to Him.

  54. Richard Roberts, has always been a sleazebag…following in the footsteps of his father, Oral…the godfather of the seed faith bull doctrine. I actually came in contact with Richard Roberts one time, back stage, at the TBN studios during break in taping. It was all a joke to me. I can assure you of one thing… he is completely different off camera than he is in front. He lives for that camera, it is definitely all an act. He is a miserable person off camera.

  55. HAH! You have cuts from the "Toronto Blessing"! A mega church was spawned in my home town, here in Northern CA, from that movement!

  56. does anyone know wtf this is when they wig out like that??? they look like they're really being fucked up i grew up in church seen people act stupid emotional but never seen those twitches

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