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Jiiva Latest Movie | Gorilla Movie Comedy | Jiiva decides to take chimpanzee with them | Rajendran

Hello Boss! Why so late? Sir, please help me If I manage to cut his hair, I could
earn my weekly income in a day Please sit down.
Kindly wait – Let me clean the place
– Make it fast Help yourselves with
the latest news… while I finish my
morning prayers – Make it fast
– You have big heart; just like your head! Dear Lord… I don’t mind the growth
of crops this season But please make sure the hair growth
of people does not fail at any cost Sir Please come Sir What do you prefer, a hair
cut or a clean shave? I am not here for either The liquor shop nearby opens only a noon.
I needed a place to rest until then Also a place where I
can entertain myself… in some air conditioned
place, reading a magazine or even watching TV – So, you are not here for a hair cut
– Of course You’re here to while away your time? Yes! I’ll rip you apart if I
see you around my salon! Get lost! Mr. Landlord, how come you
are calling me this early? I called to check upon your
special client Sunny Leone Kidding me, are you? It’s been six months
since you paid any rent I can’t wait anymore! Vacate the shop today There will be a soup
shop in the same place – They even paid the advance for the shop.
– Sir, please give me some more time He disconnected the call My dear daddy Oh my dear son! You seem to be in a good
mood, early in the morning Don’t get on my nerves dear. The
landlord called this morning He said there will be a soup
shop in this place tomorrow Is it? What shall we do,
I am not a good chef! You’re not a good stylist either The landlord has rented this place to the
soup shop guy as we have not paid the rent He also asked us to vacate
the place right away What a coincidence daddy The landlord of our house called too He asked us to vacate the place as
we have not paid the rent there too – It is an insult to us!
– What shall we do now, dad? I have a great plan to overcome
these financial hurdles Come here What if we rob the nearby bank? Superb idea! Awesome! I love you daddy Get the weapons ready my son – I saw it first
– I took it first. Leave it You touched with left but
I touched it with right – Stop fighting like kids
– He won’t let go of it Choose anyone Leave it. This is mine Guns are here. What about bullets? Bullets? These are shooting gun Of course guns are
used for shooting He wants to know
where are the bullets Where are the bullets? – By shooting I meant cinema shooting
– Cinema shooting? Who’s the hero? You retard! One of my friend is a stunt man in Cinema.
I got it from him So this is a dummy gun? Is this for what we paid Rs. 25,000 Told you. He is not here
to rob the bank but us Whoa! For the money you gave me, only
one original gun can be bought So, which is the original gun? The one that everyone didn’t like… This is the original gun How will we rob with dummy guns? That’s why I said don’t
believe this guy Only we’ll know that
these guns are dummy The onlookers won’t know No way.
Hand me the small gun Do you think we are the police
to shoot as per our wish Robbing the bank is our only motto – Fine
– Buddy… Why don’t we do a
rehearsal before robbing? – Awesome idea
– This is too much Remember that movie in which they abduct
the vehicle going to the bank and rob it? Similarly, let’s rob a van
that’s carrying money to the ATM Watch out for my performance Show me a sample Once more Listen to me, we don’t need him. – Sathish!
– Shut up We’ll get caught if
we try this in city Hence, we’ll abduct an ATM
van on the outskirts… and rob it! In order to finish
this successfully… what we need in the
first place is a mask This is a gorilla attack So… This is way too out in the outskirts. Lower the window
Sweated I have inquired all the details The van with the money will pass this
route to deposit the money in ATM Kong! Any sign of any ATM vehicle? Hey Kong has given us the signal Wear your mask, everyone! – Wear it! Wear it!
– Quick! Wear it! – Did you wear it? Oh my God!
– Aiyo! Gorilla! He has stopped it.
Come on, now! Quick! Step out! Out! Sir! Please! Don’t shoot me I’ll take care here, buddy.
You carry on – Open the door!
– Superb! – Go! Open the door
– Stop day dreaming and open it Make it fast! Quick! Get in! – Buddy! It’s me
– Whoa! Rascal! Guys, quick take all the money – Hey!
– What is it? Where’s the money? Sir, we are returning from
loading the ATM with money – What?
– Damn it! Why did you remove the mask? – Why did you?
– There is no money My nose was itching No money? Why are you spitting on me? At least give us 50
rupees if you have Are we here to beg for money? It was this way. Right? I wonder how will I manage
with you guys…Move! Uh-oh! – Police! Police!
– Wear the mask! Wear it! We’ll get caught if we speak in our own
voice. Try to mimic some celebrity – Aiy-aiyo!
– I’ll hurl things at you, doofus! Why is he running away from us? Thank God! My deity saved me It was not God but gun that saved you Didn’t you notice?
What were you doing? Sorry buddy I expected there would be money
but the idea flopped. Forget it Failure is the first step to success Wait and watch, you’ll be thrashed Do you want some? Did you guys notice? Since we had gun,
no one dared to near us – That too on a broad daylight
– There is nobody in there There are two primary
issues with our people One being bystanders when there is an issues
and another being ignorant towards it That is why people murder in
broad daylight and rob any place And people like us are able
to plan a bank robbery – You!
– What else are we doing? Even though the first planned flopped,
it has given me some courage So… the best thing is to
rob the bank next We must get in, rob the bank
within 20 -30 minutes and escape What? You talk as if we are going to
withdraw money from our account How will we get into the bank?
Tell us that Then bank we select must be three to
five kilometers away from police station Why? Only then when they get the information and
by the time they reach it’ll take 30 minutes Someone’s is going to press the alarm for
sure, before we enter the locker room Superb! Then we’ll
get caught and die! How do we hide and take
the guns inside the bank? You don’t miss your
focus, do you? – This time I’m thinking we’ll use Burqa
– Burqa? No, burqa will be in black colour
and will take in lot of heat Face will get tanned He speaks as though he’s been born in
Switzerland and brought up in New Zealand – Hey I am an actor dude!
– You are mad! We need to identify which bank is far
from the reach of a police station I know the details Yes, he knows everything. He
has already planned everything I have come across several
while trying to apply for loan I know a little about
how banks function You were planning to rob a bank all
along and not to apply for loan There is a bank which is five km far
from Vandalur police station Bank of Hindustan Fake guns are alright! What about
the fake bombs I asked for? They have called me today.
I will go Kong, please stay with me! This accused ain’t resting
until he gets us all killed More than this gun… It is Kong, that will
really scare everyone! So we are definitely
taking him along You too will soon be dead Brindavanam – Hey
– Sir? – Can’t you hear me?
– Sorry sir, I didn’t hear – Venkat will be coming
– Ok sir – There are three dummy bombs on the table
– Ok and another one will be on the right
side cupboard… – hand those over to him
– Ok, sir – Will you do it?
– Yes sir, I will It’s been a long time and you guys
are not even responding properly The boss has just left Talk to him once he is back – Don’t you delay further
– I’m here to meet Sait My name is Venkat, he
has asked me to come Boss has left the place. Please
wait here, I will bring it Okay Which one is the
right side cupboard This should be the one Take this What about the bill? – I will speak to your boss about that.
– Ok sir

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