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Jinx Yeo – Comedy Up Late 2017 (S5, E5)

MC: Now, appearing as part of Comedy Zone Asia, it’s Singapore’s very own Jinx Yeo! Thank you, yeah. My name is Jinx Yeo, I am from Singapore. And as you all can see, I am a Chinese guy. With African lips. *crowd laughs* My friends always make fun of my lips, you know.
They say my lips make me look like Angelina Jolie *crowd laughs* had a secret lovechild with the Dalai Lama *crowd laughs and applauds* And it really sucks, you know, because if a Chinese guy can get one body part enlarged to African size *crowd laughs and applauds* why must it be the lips? *crowd laughs* I’m a nerd, I like superhero movies you know, like The Avengers, or Captain America but I wish there was a Chinese superhero Maybe like, Captain China Because you see, Captain America, he has a shield that he can throw, right? So I thought maybe Captain China can throw pirated DVDs *crowd laughs* And Captain China’s superpower will be lending money to Captain America *crowd laughs and applauds* Singapore and Australia, we have some common history We both used to be owned by the British. But that’s all history, okay I don’t hold a grudge against British people In fact, I think the British are a very important species *crowd laughs* They are part of the ecosystem See, if you imagined the world to be like a human body then the British are kind of like the large intestine also known as the colon and the colon is the part of the body that turns things into shit *crowd laughs* Which is was the British do to other people’s countries. That’s why when the British take over a country it’s called colonisation *crowd laughs and applauds* I’m glad you all liked that one. Because I once did that bit and then a British guy in the audience got offended. He got offended at a comedy show. So I just said to him ‘Dude, if your ancestors can take our land’ ‘Then why can’t you take a joke?’ *crowd laughs and applauds* ‘At least the joke was given willingly’ *crowd laughs* Hey, my name is Jinx Yeo, you guys have been fun. Thank you very much

55 thoughts on “Jinx Yeo – Comedy Up Late 2017 (S5, E5)

  1. I watched it 3 times.
    Have to say it has all the ingredients of a good joke. And a good joke have to be akwardly funny in a way.

  2. The funniest part of his act is how he says the british ruined singapore, the financial hub of Asia, a city the size of bendigo is a hub for all of asia and has one of the highest GDPs in the entire world. But yeah grrr white people….

  3. I was really laughing so hard each time I repeatedly watch it and keep going JinxYeo, wish I had a chance to watch your show in Hong Kong one day

  4. So this is where my Chinese best friend always say to me he always say how come a Chinese guy got a body part of a African to me

  5. Angelina Jolie have a secret love child with the Dalai Lama. That soooo funny!

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