Laughter is the Best Medicine

JK! Studios and Jeff Foxworthy: Are Sketch Settings Important? – Bring The Funny (Showcase)

-During a lot of fun.
-Okay, guys, we are in the showcase round
of the competition. We’re so close to the final. We just have to have one mor
good sketch. -How about a beach?
We’re all marooned — [ Various no’s, nah’s etc. ] -We need something
more whimsical. -Mm.
-Grimy! -Country?
-Whoa! What are you guys doin’
in my yard? -Oh, hey, Jeff Foxworthy.
-Yeah, we’re just testing ou a bunch of settings
to see if one inspires us for the next sketch.
-Okay. Can I give you
a little bit of advice? [ All agree ]
-I mean, settings are important, but what really matters is
trust. If you don’t have trust,
it’s not gonna work. -Guys, we gotta do trust falls
-She’s right. -Wait! Whoa, whoa!
-Whoa, whoa! Okay. -Yeah, I mean like that.
-Jeff? Jeff? -Jeff.
[ Contestants chanting “Jeff” -Alright. Here we go.
Here we go. -Go for it.
-Here we go. -Aah!
[ Siren wails ] -Well, now we only have to
impress two judges. -Yeah, good point.
-The silver lining.

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