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Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen Shoot the Sh*t on MeatEater with Steven Rinella

I think there’s sh*t on that stick right next to your arm. Is that sh*t?
– Yep. How’d that wind up on that stick? Probably a guy like me decided, “I’m gonna sh*t on that stick.” I’ve never actually seen sh*t on a stick before. It’s a common expression, but up ’til now, I thought it was a myth. It also might be something called “black knot”. If we could get Brian to break the branch off and crush it up – And put it in his mouth. Well, no, he just needs to smell it.
– I’ll do it for attention. I had a piece of sh*t in my backyard, so I took a picture of the sh*t and I sent it to Rinella, with my hand next to it for reference. I go, “what kind of sh*t is it?” And he goes, “it’s raccoon or skunk.” He was right. He knew by lookin’ at the sh*t. That’s when you know you’ve been hangin’ out with critters too much. – That’s right.
I should’ve taken a sh*t in my yard, and said, “what kind of animal is that?” He would’ve said “mountain lion.” I would’ve said, “no! no… talking monkey.” You know what’s funny about that? We’re both 46 and I’d be howling. I’d be holding my stomach. I took a sh*t in my backyard. I had to, I couldn’t make it to the toilet.
– Couldn’t make it! I had Korean food!
– But your yard is right next to your house! Couldn’t make it. And I came up to my wife and I said, “in the interest of our marriage, please don’t go in the backyard and look at the sh*t that I took.” And she goes, “you can’t tell me that.” I said, “why?” She goes, “I have to look.” I go, “don’t – for our marriage!” I just hear, “aaaaah!” Screaming. Her father comes running out, thinkin’ somebody had died. She goes, “get away, Dad, get away!” One time –
– Stop it! I took a sh*t out of my car. I had to sh*t so bad that I opened my door, I was in Washington, D.C. on Wisconsin Avenue, and I pulled my pants down and stuck just my ass out, and sh*t. I sh*t a 100 miles an hour. “Ga-da-da-da-dadada,” and a woman walked by with her dog, and I go, “I’m sorry.” And she just turned around and walked the other way. “I’m sorry,” that’s a good thing to say. I have so many sh*t stories.

100 thoughts on “Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen Shoot the Sh*t on MeatEater with Steven Rinella

  1. I totally understand why would someone wear camo when hunting… I also understand why someone would wear bright orange vest when hunting. But I dont understand why someone would wear them both at the same time.

  2. Just started watching MeatEater last week and I am hooked! I can't believe it's past 3am here in CT and am still up watching.

  3. McCallen reall be like "This one time, I took I was in low orbit and couldn't make it to the toilet back at the shuttle"

  4. lol funny as fuck… but man, no way were they successful in hunting.. no animals are going to approach two guys suppressing "hehehehehehehehehe's" constantly lmfao…..

  5. i'm not a hunter so i don't know shit about the subject, but what's the point of wearing all that camo if your just gonna wear a bright ass beanie and vest?

  6. This is exactly how me and my cousin act while hunting haha, it's probably why we never get to see any deer when we're hunting together lol.

  7. Oh Joe is 50 that's why he is not funny he was never funny and never will be.. I didn't think he was 50 that is sad..

  8. The way these two make me laugh is therapeutic. When I need a pick me up I always come back to watch this video and it does the trick every single time.

  9. Wtf my dad just fell over and had to call 911 cuz I thought he was hurt… couldn't talk and was doing something wierd so im figuring hey fkn heart attack or siezure…finally catches his breath and shows me this. Ambulance/firetruck pulls up outside and I have to explain and since I can't explain it without dying we got 2 paramedics and 4 firemen all fucking rolling watching this.

  10. Amazing. When he starts telling the story about shitting in his car in D.C. that poor camera man cant hold still. Lmao.

  11. I had a really long and bad day at work but I watch this video forgot about everything you guys had me laughing so hard I was crying thanks man

  12. It’s a requirement to wear what’s called “blaze orange” during gun season wherever you hunt. That’s why they’re decked out in it. It’s a safety thing, makes you stand out against natural colors, and deer can’t recognize that color orange so it doesn’t matter

  13. How this came up on YouTube's recommendation 5 years later I'll never know. But thank you! This made me hurt from laughing so hard.

  14. I don’t Think i ever laughed this much at someone explaining there shitting stories, the whispering definitely made it heaps funnier

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