Laughter is the Best Medicine

John Murphy.  | HUMOR. [S1-6]

Thank you Mr.Murphy. Perhaps,you’d like to tell us the key to surviving on the ground. Not really, no. I have to take the chip. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. I’ll survive. John Murphy? Told you, I’d survive. This is what they call having faith John. Clarke is in trouble. Clarke’s always in trouble. Nah, I just have nothing better to do. I get that’s hard for you to grasp considering you pray to garbage. No offense obviously. Touch me again & I’ll end you. I will take Jaha’s staff & beat you to death with it. In a non criminal way. What is the meaning of this? You do not belong here. Really? Than why is my blood decorating your floor? These mines are just another test of our faith. Well, I was always crap with tests so uh please after you chancellor. Tell me, what level of crazy is too much for you? I’m just curious. Lets play what’s a bigger waste of time. Shall we? Trying to pick a lock with our bare ends or praying for a twelve year old psychopath to come to our rescue. She’s is not a psychopath. Get in the boat. Camp you is that way. She’s here. I’m sure Madi will be fine as soon as Houdini Miller breaks us out. I need you. Food for the sea monster, right ? I missed you. It’s no use Not without something to pick it. Wow, what a surprise? Another time, perhaps. So, do I get a gun now? Change your mind? Bite me. You really do seem like a nice guy. Back in her murder gear already. That’s a good sign. Good kisser too. That would be Madi Oh you know, your kid. Do I get a gun now? Something like that. Okay Murphy that’s enough. Don’t make me gag you too. Come on in, the water’s fine. All of you are welcome. Thank you. Don’t even think about asking me to go to that funeral. Which part of I hate dead people did you not understand. I’d say he’s heard one to many of your motivational speeches. Shut up Murphy. Be quiet Murphy. Shut up. As fun as it would be to shoot you, Bellamy will hear it. We’re not breaking like thieves. Bellamy’s right. If we want to do better here we can’t be just- Well. Look at that. This ones unlocked. Who’s the hobbit? I want you all to hear this. Great. Monty thought we deserved a second chance. Your lucky. Lucky? I’m sorry, Is that your professional diagnosis? Because if so, you suck at being a doctor. Please. I see your making friends. This is like your fifth chance. Yours too Murphy. I salvaged Monty’s steel from the dropship Now I guess if we could just salvage Monty huh? Jelous Miller? There’s enough of me to go around. What? I thought you’d be funnier. Guy knows how to make an exit.

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