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Joke Funny  Four Minutes of  Funny Jokes humor 2018

You’re watching funny joke joke funny When the mosquito lands on your testicles you realize that problems are not solved by violence What’s the name of a bear who knows kungfu? Grizzli. Why does the blondie carry a mouse in a church? To click on the icon. You’re watching funny jokes joke funny. What is the drug dealer in the horoscope Libra? What is the drug dealer in the horoscope? Libra. Mom what did you say to dad when you two made me? Not in me, not in me? Do you really love me, are you just pulling my nose? Hospital, shocked room, all patients connected to breathing apparatus. The electrician enters the room and says boys take a deep breath. I’m changing the fuses What is the name of a Chinese woman who loses her virginity? Hymen Ciao. What do you call a man who doesn’t use a condom? Dad. Dear I’m pregnant. What would you like it to be? A joke. You’re watching funny joke joke funny Check out that dog with one eye. Where, where. You’re watching funny joke joke funny No fool no! What are you doing? What are you doing dear? What is it? What is it? I’m looking at our wedding video What’s that black thing on the tree? It’s a car don’t you hear her? jokes Jokes. What’s that black thing next to the tree? You deaf or something you can clearly heat it barking. So that’s a dog. Mate, I don’t think it’s a dog. Really what is it then? I think that that cat fell from the tree, and now she doesn’t know what wait what the fuck, she’s fuck, she’s talking Mate. What Jokes

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  1. Hahaha so those who don’t use condom are called dad. That is just killed me.👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿😂😂

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