Laughter is the Best Medicine

JOKER – Teaser Trailer – in theaters Thursday

Arthur, does it help
to have someone to talk to? ♪♪ My mother always tells me… …to smile and
put on a happy face. She told me I had a purpose. To bring laughter
and joy to the world. Hey! Hey! Stop them! Is it just me… …or is it getting
crazier out there? ♪♪ What? [laughing] [laughing] What’s so funny? Freak! [laughing] ♪♪ Gotham’s lost its way. What kind of coward would do something
that cold-blooded? Someone who hides
behind a mask. I used to think that my life was a tragedy. But now I realize… …it’s a comedy. ♪♪

100 thoughts on “JOKER – Teaser Trailer – in theaters Thursday

  1. Phoenix may will be the Joker Heath Ledger’s son cause on da trailer,we can see only his MOTHER.Where is his FATHER???
    Once The Joker Heath Ledger said my wife SHE LEAVES and now I see the funny side.

  2. If somebody has nothing to loose then he is not supposed to be a person like joker at all.He can go with positive path…making choice is up to us.peace


  4. I sit here lonely in my room with no friends. I'm trying to fill the empty time with meaningless distractions. I come across this movie trailer. Somehow, the main character is reflecting a story I know all too well. Being nice, smiling, trying to bring joy to the world, for some of us this behavior is not only UNappreciated, but it is either demonized or taken advantage of. I think I've found a kindred spirit. I think I'll go to the movies today…

  5. It might be possibke that we will see the best non animated joker so far.

    Btw just hire Mark Hamil as the joker as a normal actor and you will have full theathers. Just sayin

  6. Few more days….few more days…just…. few ….more days…. But….I will not do it on 4th of October, with all fancy people, with popcorn and their mobile phone, typing, posting, and pictures in the middle of the movie!!… That's so Annoy, that I will buy my ticket for Monday 8th. Yes! All the cinema to my self, and really watch and enjoy this masterpiece that I have been waiting for so long…and I know the waiting has been worthy. Like a good meal that takes time to prepare….I am Ready to digest JOKER!!!

  7. Everyone, don't watch this satanic movie. Jesus is King and He is returning soon and only He can save you from hell. Read the book of revelation in the Bible to see how He is going to return.

  8. this is the only movie i'd watch for the first time on the days it release to the public. it's worth my time to get my ass to see it on the 4th of Oct

  9. In 1979 I skipped work to go see The Warriors on release day with my Son. In 2019 I am going to skip work to go see Joker on release day with my Grandson. Life is Good!!

  10. ANOTHER SICK TAIL OF VENGENCE. NO GOOD! Eye for an eye is the old law. Love is the only way. How many more "cinematic masterpieces" of tragic evil do you need to see before you u love yourself

  11. I think it's mind-blowing how this film will hopefully bring to light how society can so easily let mental anguish and instability be ignored, leading to tragedy.
    Which is what we let happen in the real world many times before.
    One of those times, leading to the tragic loss of…

    Heath Ledger.

  12. Media: Aren’t you worried this movie will inspire real life copycat killers and will cause a real life tragedy?
    Warner Bros. and Joaquin Phoenix: 1:14

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