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Jokes About Tipping Baristas ☕🤑

– I’m not a big fan of these iPads that the coffee shops
have because I will order like, a single muffin and
hand them a credit card and they spin around the iPad and it’s like, do you want to leave a tip of 50%, 90%, 110%? And the barista’s just
looking at the iPad, just like, go ahead, yeah
I’m watching very carefully. Have any of you people ever tried to press the No Tip button? I love this, this is why it works so well. You’re so ashamed, you won’t even admit it if you pressed it. You’re like oh no, I
leave 150% every time. But to be clear, baristas, you
should be paid a living wage but include that in
the price of my muffin, like why am I giving you a
bonus for doing your job? This week I flew to Louisville, Kentucky and when I got off of the flight, the pilot was not at the door with an iPad like, do you want to give me a tip of $100, $200, $300 cause I would be like no, not really, well I did
land the plane safely. I kind of assumed that that was included in the price of the ticket, I assumed that was your actual job. The thing about the
muffin scenario is that I’m having to choose the tip and I haven’t even been
handed the muffin yet. What if the barista is
bad at handing muffins? I know, this is why I
fundamentally disagree with this sort of cultural
idea we have of like, let’s punish poor performance
by reducing the bonus by five to 10%, that makes no sense. Again, if a pilot crash
landed every flight, the airline wouldn’t be like, let’s lower his end of year bonus by 5%, that’ll motivate him to fulfill
his basic job description. No, if a pilot can’t land the plane, don’t give the pilot a bonus, give the passengers a refund. That’s what I think should, but knowing the airline industry, I assume they would be like hey listen, we can pull you out of that burning plane but there is gonna be a
$200 cancellation fee, you should have read the fine print. And the firefighter
rescues you and then he pulls out an iPad, do you
want to leave a tip of $500, $1,000, $2,000? Now before I start
getting trolled by all the burnings bras, I just want to clarify, I’m not saying these
people should be paid less, if anything, they probably
deserve to be paid more. I’m just complaining about this phenomenon that I like to call gratuity creep, which is the trend of employers
using technology platforms to add prompts to guilt
consumers into adding gratuity onto transactions that have not historically had gratuity
associated with them. Any kind of retail
transaction at a counter that uses an iPad, also delivery services, Rideshare, et. Cetera. Don’t be fooled, this is
not a way for the employees or the contractors to be paid more, this is simply a way to
pass the cost of wages along to the consumer and
obviously this is a topic on which earnest and smart
people might disagree and you’re welcome to disagree with me in the comments. I’m just saying me personally, I would rather pay more prices
and eliminate the awkward do you want to add a
tip moment on the iPad. Okay, transition, the rest of this video is for comedy nerds only. This is a stand up bit
I started developing in my show last fall. Originally, it was an observation
not about tipping per say but about the changing
attitude of coffee shops toward credit cards. Cause remember like five
years ago when coffee shops hated credit cards and they
put a little hand written sign by their cash register. It would say something
like, please pay in cash, the mean credit card companies will take two or 3%. In other words, when I
first started working out this stand up bit, what
I thought was funny here was the juxtaposition of
coffee shops previously complaining about a 3% surcharge added by credit card companies
with their now using iPads to request a 30% surcharge
in the form of gratuity from you, the consumer. But, I tried this bit on
audiences and nobody else really thought it was funny. And now, boy do they love
credit cards now, right? Right? No one appreciates observational
math humor, you know? I eventually cut out the first part and expanded the second part, which I originally
thought was just gonna be a tag on the core premise. But of course, that’s
where the laughs were because unlike my weird,
nerdy math based humor, this is the pain point, right? This awkward experience that we all have and is therefore relatable about having to choose a tip on an iPad. And I’m always afraid
to press No Tip because I think something is
gonna come up on the iPad, like are you a complete
asshole, yes or no? And the iPad’s gonna start
blinking and buzzing, mah mah, no tip, no tip, no tip. And all the baristas are
gonna be like, shame, shame. They’re gonna throw rotten vegetables. All right, thanks for watching,
we should hang out sometime.

34 thoughts on “Jokes About Tipping Baristas ☕🤑

  1. I'm a waitress/bartender.. but even I find it weird that coffee shops that aren't table service expect a tip…

  2. I am European and I don't like the tipping idea, either. I would probably get yelled at if I ever visited USA. We don't do tips, if we do tip, it's a few cents, maybe a few Euros, definitely not a calculated amount from the price I already paid. Tips are never mandatory around here and our servers get decent wages.

  3. I push 'no tip' everytime. I think if I buy a hot chocolate that's already $4 there's no need for me to pay a dollar more, especially if that's the price for a 'small' beverage. I can make my own hot chocolate for probably .05 cents(a cup) at home. Even if this is premium chocolate the cost for the business is usually about .10 cents per beverage. The employees get to have at least some of the beverages for free.

  4. I generally pay with cash in coffee shops and the like. It greatly confuses some youngsters that I have such a retro thing on my person. If there's a jar near the cash register I can choose to put some of the change in it. Or not. But I don't usually visit large chains with their "newfangled devices."

    One other twist is that Pret A Manger defaults to credit cards so the staff has to reach across the counter to push a little button to indicate the idiot customer will be paying with cash. It's very weird. I'm not sure how to work that into a comedy routine – you're the funny one.

  5. As a barista, i have absolutely no issue if someone presses 'no tip', but in our situation, the tips go to funding for community charities so they're always very appreciated! We use the iPad tip system mostly just because many don't have cash on them but would like to leave a tip! For us it's never meant to be a pressured way to get more money from the customer, only for their convenience 🙂

  6. I never liked this whole tip culture in North America. It should all be included in the price, and if you want yuo can add an extra tip when paying the bill at restaurants. Same thing for taxes, why aren't the prices already accounting for that? "Oh look! This costs 5 dollars! Lucky me, I have a 5 dollar bill on me. Oh, actually nevermind, it costs 5,60

  7. We always press no tip on those types of transactions. Unless they are actually running back and forth getting drinks and food etc., no tip. Maybe I am a Scrooge LOL

  8. Bruh I was feeling like this today at this Bignet shop😂. I was like "Tip?! I haven't even received my food yet!"😂

  9. Josh, did you see the story about the delivery service that had drivers ask for a tip BUT the tip was deducted from the driver’s pay. So the driver didn’t get any extra money, the company just spent less!

  10. I'm so happy I live in a country where I can expect businesses to include their employees' wages in the price.

  11. I don't like how tipping works in the US.
    In France, the employee's salary is always included in the price. You can tip what ever you want as a bonus if you think the waiter deserves it and if you can afford to tip obviously.
    I've a friend who works as a waiter, half is salary is what his employer pays, and the other half is tips. I know some other people their tips only represents 10% of their salary.

  12. I feel like tipping, instead of being expected, should be more of a reward for outstanding service. I work in fast food and bust my butt so hard keeping up with the fast paced demand. I do far more than I used to do at the coffee shop, where I did get regular tips. I dont tip them anymore. Not in a mean spirited way, but just because i do so much more physically now than they do and I dont get tips, so no, pouring one cup of coffee, and maybe dare I say moving a muffin from a container to a bag, doesnt earn tips, sorry.

  13. Not a comedy nerd but I love Weird nerdy math humor even if I hate math XD
    Also so glad that I live in a country where tip isn't a thing, if I ever visited US I wouldn't want to eat out, out of fear of forgetting to tip or tip too little.

  14. the best argument I've seen to like, "well I'm an EMT and I make $15 an hour and you want some teenage drop out to earn $15 flipping burgers at mcdonalds??" is to ask if they've ever considered that they too are being underpaid, and if they feel like $15 is what their work is really worth, and if they too don't deserve a living wage/a wage that better represents how hard such a job is. it's amazing how many people never thought of that, and never realized just how far down the rabbit hole goes. almost all of us are being underpaid in some way. some are just more obvious and prevalent than others.

  15. I've been waiting tables my whole working life, living off tips.
    here's my general rule of tipping
    If I have bothered you for more then couple minutes then your getting a CASH tip
    if you took 10 seconds to get something out of a glass case, I'm sorry but no tip
    Tipping on credit cards seems weird to me, in my mind tipping should be a paper trail free transaction between you and me saying "hey thanks for taking care of me" not "Hey Apple, Visa, your employer, the IRS, anyone else looking at this? I wanna give this person an extra dollar so they can support their life stile"
    just me and the person taking care of me those are the only two people in this this transaction, it's nobody elses business and they should mind their own business

  16. I agree with you Josh 150%! It is silly to tip for counter service. And it is awkward to have your server glare at you while you decide if their handing you a muffin is going to be worth a tip. I would rather pay more for my muffin.

  17. In The Netherlands you don't have to tip. Like it was sayed in one of the other comments: If you want to, you are free to do so, if you don't, the employee will get his / her money anyway.
    I only tip at the end of the year, and only in stores (think wide) I go to often, so they know me (and sometimes do things for me, as I am in a wheelchair, and not everything is as easy as it looks).
    The only time I pay in advance is when I am on a terrace, and see it is so crowded that I might have to wait a while before I can pay áfter my consumption, not beiing able to go and do what I want to do…

  18. What kind of crutches are those? They look like the IndesMed Crutch with a different cuff. I have a pair of those but the cuffs cracked. Also the carbon fiber seems really thin unlike the carbon fiber on a pair of sidestix's. You should do crutch review video's. I'm always looking for the perfect forearm crutch.

  19. Aw you talking about math reminded me of your old "X for Math Nerds" videos. I miss those!

    p.s. I hit "no tip" all the time if it's something pre-made like a muffin or bottled drink

  20. I don't automatically leave gratuities. If I feel in a good mood, I will. If I get some spare change, I will, but if I feel pressured to do so, I don't. I'm a tutor. Even though most parents will give you a small gift at the end of the year, I don't expect them and, although it's a nice attention, I don't judge them if they decide to not do it. I certainly don't lower the quality of help I give them in that kind of scenario lol! If you think you're not getting paid enough for your job, talk to your employer or quit your job. I don't have to get blackmailed for your lack of confidence in getting a fair wage.

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