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jokes before dinner

hey before you leave the thing I could tell you some jokes yeah sure go ahead a priest walks into a bar and says Jesus Christ that hurt yeah I'll give you that one what what is the what is it what is it though with the genie say to the rabbi Jewish do Jewish Jewish you had a magic lamp mm-hmm yeah that's going to be an empty for me um okay get off your high horse excuse me yeah you should stop giving it drugs it's not good for a horse to have drugs oh that's an interesting when you can't well you call it a what do you call an apple that is kind of an asshole a bad apple do you know that cause that's probably next thing it's raining cats and dogs I hope it starts to rain real water soon because it'll wash away all the blood and guts that's all over the ground from all the cats and dogs yeah that's moving that's gonna be a next day thank you what did the bartender say to the other bartender what do you want what do you want to drink what do you want to drink I don't know ask you first I don't know I can't I can't drink I'm working right now me too let me give you you XD thank you why'd the chicken cross the road – to get to give a high-five to the charity yeah here's another one thank you now a horse walks into the bar and the bartender says why the long face and the horse doesn't understand English so he just the dog this is kind of um he kicks himself kicked someone in the face and he gets kicked out of the bar because he's a horse and he shouldn't be there oh hey don't don't get too comfortable here's a few exits for you oh thank you huh oh thanks fast the next day I hope a club a maniac doesn't go to a comedy show because they'll steal all the jokes that's going to be a next day don't don't have it don't have your wedding in Antarctica because both of you will get cold feet okay heads up that's not the next day but all it takes is an apple a day to keep the doctor away then I'm not going to buy apples because I feel like I need to get myself checked out more often opposed to next see for that one thank you have you ever seen Helen Keller's house um if you haven't it's really nice you should check it out um she hasn't seen it but that's because she's dead oh thank you alley oop XD I went into a light bulb store the other day and I had like a million ideas don't get too comfortable because do the dad banana tells his son hey stop being such a fruit the son banana says I was born this way I asked to go eat is a cool sign go get I've dinner physical these internet guys tell you one more help you find one more so someone told me that pet stores sell fish tanks my question is is it run on gas or water how many gallons of water to take that to keep that thing running I'm just gonna have to give you an elbow over that one okay you

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  1. I feel like the guy with the backwards hat did a lot more in this video than the guy with the frontwards hat. But good job to both!

  2. Your sense of humour is something different man, i cant give you an xD but ill give you a HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH 😂😂

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