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Jokes By Stephen Hawking That Still Make Us Laugh

facts first presents jokes by Stephen Hawking that still make us laugh the passing of Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking was one of the most intelligent men to ever live he is that a great deal with his life despite the fact that he was diagnosed with a degenerative motor neuron disease in 1963 sadly he passed away on March 14th 2018 according to Hawking part of the reason that he was able to survive is to his sense of humor there are plenty of ways that he was able to make us laugh through his life thanks to the jokes by Stephen Hawking that still make us laugh the time Stephen Hawking met John Oliver when Stephen Hawking met John Oliver he had a question for him he asked you’ve stated that you believe that there could be an infinite number of parallel universes does that mean that there’s a universe out there where I’m smarter than you Hawking responded yes there’s also a universe where you are funny his sense of humor was quick and amazing the time when Stephen Hawking met Jim Carrey Jim Carrey’s one of the funniest comedians of all time what he didn’t realize what he first met Hawking is that well Hawking’s pretty funny himself in this photo you can see that Hawking rolled over Carrie’s foot with his wheelchair rather than hurrying to get off he stayed in the same place and laughed Jim Carrey met his comedic match that day Sheldon meets Stephen Hawking on the Big Bang Theory Stephen Hawking appeared on an episode of The Big Bang Theory in the episode Sheldon gave Hawking a paper to look at after some funny back and forth between the two fucking pointed out that Sheldon had made an arithmetic mistake and called Sheldon a boner although Hawking was talking using his computer’s voice program it was still hilarious the time Stephen Hawking organized a Time Traveller’s party Stephen Hawking created a funny video about a party that he was going to be holding for Time Traveller’s he created an invitation with the exact date and time of the party along with the coordinates he had food and champagne ready when the time for the party came though nobody came through the door he said that he was disappointed and that he was hoping that the future Miss Universe would have shown up his ability to combine his sense of humor and his scientific beliefs was fantastic the incredible interview with John Oliver on last week tonight the interview started out with all of our congratulating Hawking for being the first guest on the show Oliver went on to mention that it was difficult to tell if Hawking was being sarcastic due to the computer voice that he uses Mac’s talking began talking about his theory on imaginary time he said that it is one of Hawking’s theories that science fiction writers haven’t used because they don’t understand it Oliver went on to call these writers idiots the two went on to debate whether or not artificial intelligence could take over the world and Hawking’s quick wit was hysterical Star Trek Stephen Hawking this video is a skit with Stephen Hawking Sir Isaac Newton Albert Einstein and a character from Star Trek all playing poker when Sir Isaac Newton claimed to have invented physics fucking called him out when Hawking raises the pot $50 everyone folds except for Albert Einstein Hawking wins the hand and laughs at the end of the skit all the men except for the man from Star Trek disappear Homer Simpson having a beer with Stephen Hawking like many famous people Stephen Hawking was on an episode of The Simpsons in the scene he was at a bar drinking with Homer and they discussed homers ideas of a doughnut-shaped universe when the bartender came over to collect the money for the tab Homer talked like a computer and said that he would pay he was hoping the bartender would think that Hawking offered instead fucking punched him in the face Stephen Hawking does stand-up comedy Stephen Hawking tried his hand at stand-up comedy and he was amazing he joked about the fact that he speaks through a computer one of his jokes was that he could get an erection because the doctors finally disabled his popup blockers you have to watch the video to see how truly funny this man was Jim Carrey and Stephen Hawking on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on an episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien Stephen Hawking called Jim Carrey who was a guest the two talked a bit and Hawking told Kerry that he had to go because he was watching Dumb and Dumber that she went back saying you’re better no you’re better no you’re better Kerry said that it was like doing a bit with Albert Einstein Stephen Hawking shared his thoughts on brexit when Stephen Hawking was on a British Awards Show he made a joke about brexit he said not to ask him for help because he couldn’t understand it either Stephen Hawking’s new voice comic relief originals for years Stephen Hawking has used the same voice in the video he says that he’s trying to find a new voice a variety of actors came on the screen offering to let him use their voices the video is absolutely hilarious all actors were making fun of each other in Simon Cowell Liam Neeson rebel Wilson among others tried out the best though was Miss Piggy you have to see it to truly get the humor Stephen Hawking being a jerk on The Simpsons there have been many scenes on The Simpsons where Stephen Hawking treats the characters horribly he even plays a DJ this is one of the best Stephen Hawking montages available online check out the video you’ll see how funny he really was Stephen Hawking doing a little Britain comic relief sketch in this sketch Stephen Hawking is being pushed around by a slow man who thinks that he’s a child Hawking thinks the man is a moron when the man tells him that if he’s good that he could watch the cartoon Peppa Pig Hawking tells him to piss off Stephen Hawking faces off with Paul Rudd in a chess match featuring Keanu Reeves in this skit Paul Rudd calls Hawking on the phone Hawking doesn’t even know who Rudd is first Paul claims that he’s gone to the quantum realm and the two argue back and forth with Hawking making fun of Rudd for playing ant-man in the movie when Rudd starts practicing he realizes that he is going to lose so he studies the game is closed but rod remembers a scene from ant-man and has an idea there are also Bill and Ted references you have to watch the video and see who wins Stephen Hawking on One Direction Hawking is asked by a student what Zayn leaving one direction means to the world he said that finally he was asked a question about something important he stated that in a parallel universe Zayn could still be in the group the video so various we lost a great scientist a great mind and a great comedian farewell Stephen Hawking we’ll see you on the other side or in a parallel universe subscribe for more you

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  1. Can't believe he's gone now. But he is never forgotten.😥😥

    Nobody knows 4 sure, where we go after we die. We can only believe what happens, whether nothing happens, we go into an everlasting sleep and have eternal dreams, heaven/hell, up in the sky/space, parallel/different universe. I believe we become part of the stars and one with the universe.

  2. It felt weird when I heard he died. I never followed him much but when he died it didnt even feel real it still felt like a big part of my life had vanished


  3. “A man from Star Trek”??!!!!
    You do a video about Hawking and not only do you refer to Data as “a man” but simply “a man from Star Trek”??! 😔🤨

  4. I never got to get to meent Stephen Hawkins I was studying about him since I was 7 now I'm 12 and I really want to see him but you know sometimes life isn't always too long I never got to meet him in person but at least I can still watch his videos R.I.P Stephen Hawkins I'll miss you

  5. WAIT MARCH 14 IS EMM 3 DAYS LEFT UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY WHATTTT is 17/3/2018 is my birthday whyyy did he die at my birthday corner

  6. You say we need to watch the videos or clips to get the humour properly but you put none of them in the description, I'm not typing out all the videos on my slow-ass laptop

  7. He's the reason no I wanted to be a doctor. He inspired me. Im never going to be able to afford it but I have taught myself alot about different diseases and whatnot, along with enjoying watching house md. Stephen Hawking has always been hilarious along with being a very nice and kind man. Rest in peace my angel. I'll see you later on in the universe.

  8. 5:30 “there have been many episodes of the Simpsons where Stephen Hawking treats the characters horribly”
    shows a picture of Stephen Hawking on Futurama

  9. 'facts verse'…. no facts here….. take the Jim Carrey bit….. Carrey is the one who asked Hawking to run over his foot and those pics were again Carrey's idea….

  10. Stephen Hawking wound up in front of God after he died. He asked "Who are you"? God said "I am God". Stephen says "But, you don't exist"! God responded "The joke's on you. You're in a different dimension.Now turn around and out you go"!

  11. What I didn't like about Stephen Hawking is he was a trump basher. Trump's the best president we've had in a long time we finally got somebody that will stand up against the Washington so-called Elite corrupt bunch of individuals. Why do you think those fools are dropping like flies. A lot of them are resigning because they don't want to face prosecution. Don't be surprised if Hillary goes to jail along with Obama.

  12. There was a rumor before about Stephen Hawking running over people's feet with his wheelchair. He shot back with "A malicious lie. I'll run over anyone who tells it".

    R.I.P Stephen. Hope you're enjoying partying with those time travelers now.

  13. 4 days after his death… T~T
    Btw I’m disappointed that nobody attended the party…
    Stephen Hawking is a miracle.

  14. Wait..He died on March 14 2018?!?!WUT THE FUC!!
    MAH BURTDAYYY!!! SERIOULY!I promise😶😶😶😮😮😮I was seriously shook! What!!?whaooooo!!


  15. I was confused at the beginning he said top jokes by stephen Hawkins that still make us laugh 1. Stephen Hawkins passing

  16. Rest In Peace Steven Hawking.

    I wonder, not trying to be rude or anything, I don't know if this is a stupid question, but do you think if Steven Hawking didn't have the deformity would he be as famous as he is?

  17. LITERALLY all they did was copy this list. This is why I do not respect this channel.

  18. Did anyone else notice that several times the subtitles said fucking instead of hawking. I’m not even laughing that’s kind of disrespectful

  19. Wow, this just ruined my entire fucking day. This is one of my idols, a man I respect deeply for his work and dedication, but how am I also just finding out he died? I guess cutting FB and TV out of my life allowed his passing to slip by me. I'm furious over this! Now I see that he died the day after my mamaw, so I was in another galaxy of my own at that time, and it was only 3 days after my birthday that she died, but still it is such an absolute loss!

  20. At 0:11 when he said " the passing of stephen hawking" , I thought it was a part of the video and was a number. Then I looked at the title,and was fucking pissed off because i thought they said that stephen hawking's death was a joke,until i realized it wasn't a number lmao.

  21. the crazy thing though is he passed away on pi day which he is a scientific person so he knows that pi is 3.14 really crazy.

  22. The stand up comedy one is fake. Hawking was giving a speech about the role of fundamental physics at the science museum for the the collider exhibit. The person who made the video dubbed in a robot like voice and a crowd.

  23. I am not happy for Stephen HAWKING is died but this video I wish STEPHEN HAWKING is not died respect STEPHEN HAWKING RIP

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