Laughter is the Best Medicine


a yield was good with John's warranty but cut to film each away bruh I just got back from recording inside tunnels I so we have these tunnels that we go through I've been in the tunnels for two hours and I just got back and then I actually I play basketball right guys he got back so yeah Here I am you feel me say hey since jokes is not wanting to fix the game we're destroying double stretches because like I don't know it lives our face yet but hey we'll see anyway so we run in the amazing double most known most over abused actually nine defending stretching pierced registers the most abused but hey we running a true stretch and a true stress centered both six one both Louis wait right now and you already know we got the drip be on you feeling got the desert trip you feel me so wait what are y'all thinking about this game right now what is y'all what y'all think it was better when it first released y'all think is better now alright cuz I don't know I have no like I don't feel have no ambition to grind brownies like Ronnie until the next reset if we have one cut he's not learning it's about anything so yeah anyway let's get into this video filming actually I lied let me plug myself real quick you film me so I go for my 2k town right there alrighty I'm Elena's town on our team will be which is gonna be right there in a couple of seconds and that's but not at least fall my sound comp I'll show y'all snippy real quick for again to the gameplay you feel me Brom about to start going off on his rapping shot swear to God I'm actually trying now you telling me imagine I become a famous rapper a sub different this like these two prettiest white kids I say all wrong was there no more and this privileged white kid that wears the bro she's an adidas adidas track pants and talks about bans on his song I got babies hey young like I just sit the ghost meats like bacon sword and broken they get down and you're back to with my shoulder missiles blowing rhymes be here like over – whistles look about Jim – hold your pistols I know that hard like a mac-11 riding rage on a bit like I was seven wanna look he killed niggas 11 vices like Marissa's been here you niggas grab my bow you baby she loves schools and Chapman time for a neighbor Lehane dog salute a desk Mei these niggas ain't stopping ain't no rest I don't know who the shoot started on Simon Says and between a nigga Clement swinging our the Fitzgerald rest but god damn it you thought I was gonna let you get away with this you're lucky that's a few thousand to get again will a little what what he doesn't get I can't speak she thought she was going to get away with this crispy clean my god said yeah by but we know you got some size small pennies under those tiny ass shorts but what is you doing why bro you should have ducked under the damn table flat last thought I'm throwing hands on my mic before you don't see it double hey I'm safe y'all cuz you're not going to see this video so anyway now I can say whatever the hell I want yeah so anyway yo let me tell y'all something hurt her air forces the the shoelaces they chewed my god say goodbye Leon do you be hitting this my god Cody you've it's my god that's tough mugged you feel me man her legs are here let her thighs are as big as my damn arm that's not a good thing either I mean I'm not I'm not like guys skinny be like you like should be kind of beating in my arm you feel me so yeah that's tough pre starter whole package right here alright y'all got that y'all got y'all got the rest in the comedy feelings get to the video Hey oh yeah y'all broke me so slow don't worry okay nice zero context 54% joke the layups oh yeah so you really can't you're doing I'm laughs no I mean I mean actually I might be able to wave yeah this is balanced let me get my diamond shard formatting for my superstardom brother see a 6000 yeah it was a 68 okay I can okay that's contested what that was based working this way he is the autumn here yeah he's on he's on oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah selling something it was good Nicole chooses one x-23 looks so dope money in my day I pressed equipment in work don't worry the Probie I got aboard Oh now swim off in here let me know probably pissed off and quick and then you spit little are you what the


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