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yo what's big boys ankle them too damn real a very dim you know it's a day we back with that y'all here's some it's a day I got a little bit of some little some dippy dippy for you I don't know what I'd be talking about I don't know what the game the backgrounds gonna be it might be our be world it might be minecraft I've really been playing Minecraft a lot and a good time yeah Sophie's Minecraft uh still watch it please please now for the first story of the day we have jokes made a discord um I just want to put this out there's I just made a discord and the point of the discord is to you know communicate with the server but point out hackers give him ideas well you know all the stuff that I said in my video I'm not saying he got the idea from me because um Chairman Gabe commented under the video he was like all a big server might be coming and I was like okay so I'm not saying you got the idea for me I'm just saying you know I said the video you know looking at but I don't know what I'm on today for the next story of the day there are mods talking shit about me well not talking shit the like just mentioning my name in in relation to other people now if you see this picture here it shows all these moderators saying remember we like you more than monta and they're talking to delete yourself um now I didn't really care and so I realized like I bro I don't even know anybody in this picture but all I see is a whole bunch of red names of people I don't know like like literally the only people I know there are chairman Gabe because he commented on my video that Bose Empire because he accidentally banned me and then Blair I don't even think Blair was even in the picture those the only mods that I know or give a fuck about everybody else is completely useless and could go ahead peace the fuck out so yeah um I just on the point is that like wow moderators really crazy and so y'all just yeah just yeah just under with me like I don't know any of you like I've never said a single word to any of you and you all do this but hey more power to you Mike I keep mention my name keep getting my views up my guy for the next story of the day our v-world has made an animations update and there's been a lot of videos about oh these are the best animations oh these are the best jump shots I don't give my opinion on this one I don't think jump shots do literally anything like okay some might have a different release point and that might make it a little harder to block but it's really not that big of a deal because the game is literally broke right now you get 30% contest from somebody jumping behind you like do they even need to block you like I swear so so look jokes breaks the layups right boom layups are broken so I try to I try to pull up you know I have a decent two pointer on my shot grade I try to pull up somebody jumps from behind me gets 30% attention and I missed a shot like come on Joe so what are we supposed to do that really brings me into the next story it's all put together jokes ruined his game bro I can't be lay up we can't lay up bro you're getting so much contest that you can't even shoot the fact that you can't lay up ruins the spacing it's like there's the dude there's just literally nothing you can do and this makes so many like Bill just completely useless at this point until you hit pro and I'm not about to hit pro because the game is trying I'm on planet trash game just to hit pro so they can be decent know and bro defenders are literally over power now literally they get so much contest they can dunk bro you're unstoppable because you don't have to even guard the layup like that anymore if you get blown by it's a high chance that they're gonna miss it anyway so you're guarding the shot and you're gonna get so much contesting that shot the game has been ruined I'm not playing that no more I would rather play minecraft all day hop on our doer three I promise you that that's simple Adri well three is not good right now and that needs to be fixed no cap like what is even the point of this update okay people have been complaining about layups boom boom bada boom pow alright layup layups are trash I can't guard layups it's because these players are not good though they're just not good I've been guarding layups since before part even came out honestly like you have to figure out how to actually play defense before you sit up here and cry about you can't you can't stop layups they are stoppable trust me have you ever played to okay have you ever played NBA Live have you ever played basketball in real life layups should be the shot that doesn't miss more than any other shot so you shouldn't be surprised that somebody made a layup okay if you're letting somebody get to the basket that close and just let the ball go into the basket you should expect the ball to go in don't let them get that close that's how defense works but no kids can sit up here and complain and you actually listen to them I don't get it and you do this on everything too because your game has been ruined again with these badges bro but these badges are insanely hard to get like check me out inside specialist that's the badge that I get I get it up to silver before inside specialist gold was 200 shots right now it's bronze for 200 shots that means it's 400 to get to silver 800 to get to gold 1600 to get to diamond that's 3,000 total shots you know how many games 3,000 total shots that go in our if you play every game without a teammate that's like at least 250 games and your teammate can't score ever and it's like 250 games and it's even harder for a shot for a sharpshooter because first of all the builds barely can even shoot threes like if you're a how PF stretch and you get diamond sharpshooter first of all you can't even really guard you can't even really grind the badge until pro it's okay boom you get to pro you grind in the badge now you need 200 shots 200 shots for one bronze badge it's not even really gonna do nothing you know that's crazy dawg and you really thought that was like a smart idea and then boom check me out you can't even grind the badge without having it on so say so say look say it's a to say this you you like okay you know I can't even get I can't even get sharpshooter up right now like like honey I want to grind up my quick handles boom now all those games you're playing without structure you're on you can't grind it while it seems well you don't have any quit that just makes it even harder to get these badges bro look jokes every single badge like not every single I know I know a lot of them don't but a lot of the badges have slight increase in the description so why are you making it so hard for people to get slight increases these boosts are the reasons that the bills are different the attributes are one and then the boosts are the other reason so if you're making it impossible for people to get boosts we're relying on attributes at this point right right so now is just the bill that has the best attributes and the best attribute right now is like what defense so now defenders are overpowered and it's not even hard for defenders to get their badges that are broken no look trust me you can ask any shooter bronze Sharpshooter does not do much you can ask any defender bronze Intimidator does a whole lot my guy so you're really like really really really really ruining the balance of your game because I'm not saying defender shouldn't be a good bill before this update defenders were a good build they were a top-tier bill literally if you look if you're like me you have a defender on you you're passing the ball because their contest was already broken but now they get in their badges quicker you don't even have to you don't you don't have to shoot or layup cuz you can dunk nobody wants to nobody wants to arm ball you because your contest is crazy you're breaking the game the game is broken at this program and I literally have been ranting for a long time bro but look the boosts are crazy please fix the boost this is not what this video supposed to be about please fix the boosts then it should not be this hard to get a bronze badge and then it's twice as hard every time you level a badge you have to do that again twice twice twice oh yeah oh you tweaking bro you are weakened busting believe that you do that again twice you have to have that badge it quick look peep this and one more thing I get Diamond adrenaline right is this having adrenaline make it harder to get adrenaline because look to get adrenaline you have to lose 10% from stamina on your jump shot so if general it makes you lose less percentage from your jump shot you it's harder to get adrenaline as you go that doesn't even make sense every other badge it's easier but adrenaline is harder and then you can't grind the badge without it on so you have to do it you have to do it like it doesn't make sense at all honestly but I'm sorry for ranting y'all that's not what this video was supposed to be about but please send this to moderators in this to those of you that that just really minded my gears fix the game now for next story of the day there's an avatar game coming out and look I dropped a video on it I know a lot of y'all didn't watch it and I know a lot of y'all didn't even care to watch it because it's not the content that you subscribed for and I understand that but I really enjoy avatar I really like this show it was like one of my favorite shows growing up I really like the game the game is looking amazing so I just want you guys to check that game out because it's starting to look really fired and I'm gonna be playing it I don't care if I get three views on every video I don't care about the views if y'all haven't realized yet I don't drop videos just to give you I drop videos that I enjoy making and think that the people who watch it would enjoy watching so yeah consider watching those videos consider checking out the game but I don't want to hold it all up way too long because I just rented really hard if you have any more news that you want to UM tell me leave it in the comment section below join my discord because I do a skill for any news that I miss let me just check my teams one more time make sure there's no news I missed all right well that's all um I really have for this video though if you did like this video like the rate subscribe we get sure to get in a mout do see


  1. Lmfao, this man playing minecraft (respect) and this really needs to happen fr, Monte you speaking facts.

  2. Thank God for addressing these shitty ass lay ups🙃 I’m a true playmaker and when I beat someone off the dribble I just miss a full bar lay up

  3. Agreed. All the true defenders need a nerf, and all the bigman contest. All bigs give atleast 50%+ contest on guards as a 58 ovr when max should be like in the 30's and can just dunk out of any tight situation. Even stretches out here dunking and you can't stop it because they have long ass dunk range

  4. My man playing Minecraft 😂😂😂😂 good vid tho also Jokes finna quit basketball games on Roblox and what’s that texture pack??

  5. in my opinion jokes needs to make layups easier to contest and jumper shots easier to hit cause its literally impossible to hit jumpers while isoing anybuild contest is so messed up anybody bigger then u will have contest and someone whose small is fast enough to keep a 5'3 shooting shot creator i take alot of inside/close 2 pointers its so hard to set yourself up for an shot and the fact you cant layup doesnt help at all scoring should be alot easier the only thing that jokes needs to do is nerf the RANGE of contest, Revert badges, give guards better and more contest because as a guard its so hard to get good contest, make it where layups are good again but harder to hit on someone infront/on the side of u, make screens not contest

  6. Iso ball is literally irrelevant as a rookie. With every animation being so slow you legit can't get past people unless they are trash. And if you do you will make a layup you SHOULD miss.

  7. I honestly think jokes should buff scoring cuz it’s hard to score especially when layups are broken. Especially if your facing lockdown

  8. Monte.. i dont usually agree with you, but you just spit the most facts shit ever about defenders and shot creators. Anything with defending in it now just op, and shot creators cant do shit anymore.

  9. Nerf bigs lays nerf slashers floaters make it harder for defenders to get badges buff shooters buff buff shooter badges and make them easier to get fix inbound make it a fair game if it’s a 2v3 give more contest to shooters lower contest for defenders and balance the game out!

  10. Dont worry monte them niggas cant even hoop irl they bums they wouldn't say that shit to your face lmfao

  11. Bruh that's what I'm saying about layups, kids complain that they go in but thats because they can't play defense for shit smfh.

  12. Honeslty rbw2 is better, jokes doesnt even fix it and the contest is balance due to les lay spamming cuz EVEN THE GAME IT SELF said "naw imma nerf lays" and now everThing is balanced. ( besides the ib ball glitch where u can abuse and if jokes if that. Everyone coming back to rbw2 i swear)

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