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JOKE’S ON YOU! | Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 5 (FINALE)

Top of the morning to you laddies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome finally to the last chapter in Telltale’s batman game This is episode 5 I’ve been putting it off for a while Cuz I wanted to sit down and actually have the time for it and actually go through it properly the last time we left off Joker or John he wasn’t in the best of states he was actually kind of all over the place And we were sort of affecting him a small bit and we made him turn into the Joker more Or less which is what I wanted to do I wanted to push him over the edge because I think you could have gotten Gone in a certain direction where he became a vigilante um, and he kind of worked in his own But he wasn’t inherently evil But I kind of pushed him over the edge because I wanted him to turn into the Joker And I thought that that’d be more fun for the final scenario of the two of them to fight so the looming threat on Gotham reaches its boiling point Forcing Bruce to decide how far he is willing to go to protect his city from a force that Threatens to bring it to bring it to its knees Interesting is that him or is it all the other gumdrops that are around the place This game series adapts that the choices you make the story is tailored by how you play as it usually always is Self-defense It really cleared something up for me because friends trust each other So I guess we know what you want Vegan Harley, and I have the virus and it weren’t anything what share of Jump two fun to keep to ourselves So picture how I hit you when you lost those few dozen people on the bridge all of Gotham You’ll know what it feels like what a friendship ties? What’s a porkchop? Don’t point a gun at me oh No did he get killed I like that guy oh hey Batman over here superhero that what happened I? You need to see it he’s down that way we’re trying to help him but Wait why is he gonna be one of those people that’s stuck in like a constant smile Boy flourish catch him What’s up top you puking is that your look? Nasty I hate the sound of people throwing up Joe grant was here No, Joe cracked he’s from overwatch so came Brooks. We played on your home You have a super computer right you should be able to run it no products familiar It says OMG on the barrel OMG odd oh You got screwed Mm-hmm pork we managed to save him from bleeding out Oh Clowns we think it’s some kind of booby trap Until we get someone here with an x-ray we can’t risk moving him. Let me see what I can fund it Uh-huh I got x-ray eyeballs We think it’s some sort of booby trap. He’s got a trap in his boobies What’s happening Gotham lately? I’m not taking any chances, okay? That is perfectly ooh There’s a sweet potato inside of him very good. It’s very good for your voice pacemaker Pacemaker of course not sweet potato dilated pupils signs of head trauma Or heroin can you tell me what happened? My stomach hurts like Apple I can’t cut him down until I’m sure this isn’t some kind of trap Okay Oh real sharp shrubland, it’s an old wound well fair enough Did John do this? What’s in his belly? Whoa? He’s got a companion, cube. Oh? Christ do these people back it could be a bomb Oh Maybe it’s just a microwave cooking some hot pockets oh God I’m sorry Bullock Yeah daddy’s going in Choo-choo here comes the airplane They’ve to cut him down it was a chest burster pouch the punchline Amazing with human bodies capable of what I can endure Guess this is the world we live in now Turns your stomach Oh look at Hawaii still chained inside of the police line and do they know you’re the type of guy who warns criminals about GCPD stings you’re lucky. I can’t do anything about it Waller can me Right in front of that lowlife Wayne. I’m just gonna sit out front and judge you anyway in for me So I had to try to do it myself She overstepped you shouldn’t have been fired Well, that’s one thing we can agree on you treat her like you treated me. She’ll come after you too. Just a friendly warning Jesus I’m off. It’s given me some time to think Back in the day it was only the gangsters. He had to worry about no Cops are cut open and filled with carnival toys Makes you wonder How’d we get here does the name on my tour around the streets are the same the only real difference, it’s Batman This is just one ex-cops opinion But these freaks came out of the woodwork because of you you gave them the target you set the bar I just look at the results Gotham’s in bad shape You feel it on a day like today. I do all I can to keep these scum off the streets But I can’t do it alone Help me fight back You weren’t interested in keeping scum off the streets when I tried to bring in Catwoman But she’s super hot either before she got here, maybe I’ve been holding a grudge for nothing I Don’t know maybe I’m a dinosaur here all the good people were the ones going extinct This John Doe guy probably won’t stop until you’re dead try not to take the rest of us with you Jim’s got flaws it’s asking for you Hey, buddy Slugger I truck a stolen van full of clowns Easy board know I gotta tell you what I saw they picked up a drop Was John Doe with them They left a box goddamn fries, okay, we cut it out of her All right No sign of explosives should Be safe to open I want something like that Be like put it over like a piece of bread in the store and be like gluten-free ooh Toys Automatic weapons, they’re heavily armed she looks like something you’d find in fortnight Oh authorised by Wayne Enterprises inside for by Chairman Regina’s cellar block Britany can’t come to the phone right now this read Regina the vagina. This is Bruce Wayne oh Hello, tell Regina. I need to speak to her. I’ll be there shortly. I’ll let her know. Thank you Oh, that’s weird to see him. Talk normally as he’s in the Batman suit All right, okay? I’m limber. I’m ready to go. Let’s save this city. I’m gonna be a good Batman. I swear I Want my own Tower Jack Tower Wow it’d be full of nothing Prices have been holding steady despite the events in the last few days Regina who knows how long that will last once word gets out Our CEO Braun own terrorists into the building go in cool going high, huh? We both know to come I’m going in as both of those things Regina Speak of the devil leather purse face just talking about you and your fashion consultants Bruce Yeah, I gathered that him he’s here in the baby There’s an exponent would he come back here if he’s with them you had to know it might come to this Your connection to these felons whatever it is it could ruin the company I? Let her go that time Ah that picture It’s not what it looks like I’m sorry. I couldn’t tell you about it sooner, but I was helping the feds Ha do you have proof of this if the guard takes us to court of course But there is something we have to talk about I found this it appears to be signed by you Dragon What is this? automatic weapons grenades Loose truly. I never signed this so John Something funny The priest a rabbi at a CEO walk into a group pre says It’s a trap the rabbi says joker tripped up all securities CEO. Doesn’t say anything Yes, he’s dead By nobody called for backup No actually Throw chair oh yeah Please chair Why don’t you take a seat you care one iota for these suits? You’ll stand down I mean it get those hands where I can see them I’m going in Bruce I swear to freakin God My man, if I she was bluffing she caught me can’t you’re really moving up the career ladder This woman needs help What do you want? Thank you? Oh so very much for asking? Regina What do you think I want sweet cheeks this serum is gone Harley It’s over ain’t over til it’s over. I was inspired to think outside the box Here comes my inspiration now I bring you Bruce Willis sir oh Yes fully attired This is now called to order he looks strange Regina to see you again Regina good to see you, buddy Put her there No, I’m okay, no need to be rude Surely someone else will be hospitable if they know what’s good for them Yeah, I got it it’s been too long just Finishing up a grand tour of this delightful city Visited some of our old haunts along the way But this brutes this could be my favorite My holy said I make it to the top one day dreams really do come true I Got a thank you for the inspiration your delusion of my man, but also nice cautious ease when I do like it a lot It’s very very nice. I could run a place like this You’re delusional. You know funny thing about delusions Bruce. They’re only delusions until they become reality Besides these guys must be clamoring for a new CEO and now for my first executive order oh We’re good, hi pesky virus don’tcha Bruce. We found a way to make more of it a whole lot more Oh I’m late Get it get it no why suck Want to do the honest puddin. Oh, honey, you know me so oh God See that little but very powerful ball right there Gotham we have a hundred more where that came from Planted all around the city where you’ll never find them She’s your friendly neighborhood police force a list of demands first and foremost Batman’s head on a pike in Gotham You got 24 hours to make good so chop-chop She’s something else isn’t she all those demands I’ve only got one Stop me Bruce do go on my best enemy Be man, I need you to be I’ve destroy you Yes Little canary Guess you fell off that ladder poor kids keep the masks on No survivors so bad you’re done catching up mr.. J place Is that it starting to stink we’re done for now We are going to have so much fun till next time Brucie ‘we didn’t sound like a gunshot. Oh no I got shot with a hammer Bruce Bruce wake up oh hey Thank God, how’s it going Joker and Harley are gone cops are on their way? Let’s just get to the lab Tiffany don’t That’s a hell of a party, huh Oh Jesus Ruth Harley knocked me pretty good. Just got to get to the elevator oh My god James from accounting ah Sandra from marketing Meghan Thornton from the story by Telltale know Kent ah there was a Kent Bruce peekaboo No Gregson finance he was my favorite one Hughes always baked a pie every winter No, it’s just him he was kind of a dick if you know what I mean every. I like the guy anyway Oh God reminds me of the scene in Metal Gear Solid 1 with grey fox Which is like one of the best scenes in any video game ever freaked me out when I was kid Baek Let me help oh, I’ve got it computer on puter a Loud computer All those bodies I don’t I’ll never get that image out of my head Regina Shh she didn’t deserve that I’m sorry Tiffany Sorry you had to see that. I’ll be alright that was quick I have to be Bruce oh, thank god I saw the news Tiffani are you all right a Little shaken, but yeah, I’ll be okay a little shaken but not stirred Alfred Tao sitrep on the areas impacted by the bombs I’m on it Joker and Harley are using the attacks to cover their escape the authorities have no leads on where they’ve gone Harley said they planted bombs throughout the city. I got a piece of fabric off of John Could give us an idea where he’s been let’s see what we can learn from this though Oh, you don’t not want to know where a man’s rag has been Tiffany how’s it going? Analysis trace elements anything recent It’s chaos Bruce Bringing up drone coverage on the blast sites now The bombs have an explosive component in addition to the chemical payload disperses the virus across a larger area Well then oh I know my favorite bookshop they’ve closed off the docks it seems they had to No, one is sure how long the fallout will take to dissipate? Their cargo ship was it operational unfortunately yet Everyone aboard was dead within seconds One of the bombs detonated on Gotham bridge the primary route out of the city people they Succumbed to the virus as they were driving Authorities have shut down the East Side and Peninsula bridges for now. There is no way out of Gotham by car Gotham take back your city There were multiple explosions along Mercy Street stationed with Gotham General Hospital at the center They’re estimating the death toll it we have to see calm our focus At this rate, it seems as if nothing can stop them Maybe but Joker hasn’t old Harley my identity if he had she would have taken my head off back there Perhaps their partnership isn’t as stable as they’d like us to believe He’s keeping secrets from her at the time He just wants to mess around if I can split them apart. It could at least buy us some time And we can use that to our advantage. I suppose the question is This is insane we have to shut them down before they burn the city to the ground Oh Tiffany so young a number of foreign particles have been detected on the fabric Traces of pollen wax and wine that doesn’t give us much to work with you’d be surprised Joker said he visited some of our old haunts It appears that he blames you for what he has become If he hopes to defile the memories of your time together It will be with more of these chemical bonds And you think you can cross-reference those places with with the elements found on the fabric. Yes, huh that’s some hunch Sometimes a hunch is all a detective has It’s where I found him, surrounded by those agents Doo-doo-doo-doo doodly-doo what? In the tea In the candelabra no trace of wax the candles in the funhouse are all fake That how fun is that house really thing here? I’m looking for Okay wax wine and or pollen? Okay Church should have wine demon right Church John managed to track me here after he got out of Arkham dad’s funeral Communion wine could be a match Haha Those candles look recently burned Yep, and the pollen is on the wreath in the background Bing-bang-boom a detective and related smart boy Traces of pollen are coming from the flowers along the altar Bish bash Bosh Divinity that’s sick bastard People are afraid they’ll be looking for solace that you see before Harley and Joker knew this when they planted the bomb Now contact the agency tell them where I’m headed right away Yeah, Alfred’s like wait. Wait, but where are you headed Titan alert and it’ll get into the state of panic Nice Oh time to get into my PJs and snuggle up with a movie You’re not allowed to see how he puts it on cuz that’s a piece of magic How can you go out there again After what just happened. I don’t know how you do it You saw those people get massacred and that’s just the start I’m doing this for the good of Gotham To stop things like this from happening again But they don’t stop they never do That doesn’t mean we quit yes Bruce Then let me help you Take my drone with you it can help you find the bomb Thanks GCPD and the agency are slammed with everything that’s happening you’ll be fighting on your own. I’m never alone up there I’ve always had someone watching over me I’m never alone out there my mommy and daddy are up here all the time. I think about him every day Yes Tiffany yes become my man in the chair become my woman in the chair And a man calling himself Joker after a string of biochemical attacks across Footage of the suspects was released from inside Wayne Enterprises just moments ago warning May be disturbing for some listeners friendly neighborly Waller Batman thank God, I wanted to talk to you about Harley’s demands portraits of her and Joker painted on City Hall The brain of Riddler’s killer my personal favorite all agency operatives must leave Gotham within the next 24 hours Except for Amanda Waller will be shot out of a cannon at the stroke of midnight hey. I’m okay with this one Better fight your chance We need to figure out a plan before this gets any worse stall for time Give in to some of their of lighter demands keep them busy. I Consider that possibility myself, not sure if it’ll work, but right now. We have to take what we can get We don’t another bomb they may have planted one in divinity Church I’ll do what I can, but I’m stretched thin those clowns hit one of my transports And there’s unrest forming across the city because of their demands asking for us by name It’s designed to turn the city against us Throw us to the wolves to save themselves I’m starting to wonder if there’s a damn thing. We could do about it. I’m still here Waller. You’re not alone in this Together we can save the city Nice to hear you saying We built this city my agents to the church now an EOD specialist. We’ll be close behind Seems to me like both of us can use someone we can trust right about now Good luck, Batman while we’re out Good luck Bruce, man. I mean bat Wayne. I mean shit oh Good luck under siege from all sides it is he Hello tis I My children I said out that includes you yep boy get out of here That’s one way to clear the place a bus stop, Batman Waller sent me to assist New toy Something like that I’ve calibrated my drone scan for traces of the virus you can take the controls while I analyze the data Tip tail is the best oh? He’s got a cool one make sure no one else tries to come inside. Let’s get started sinking now That’s awesome. Oh One of the oldest it’s just a pile of urine outside How about the Lord pubes? No Okay Traces are minimal probably not here. Okay. You do raise probably just at the altar right Here see Open says me Oh has highballs He’s inventive, that’s for sure, that’s a big boy this goes off. It’ll kill everyone in a five-block radius And you’ll find a way to disarm it If we could just see the internal components here goes here goes Stare intently I can see wires, let’s get a better look Time to become a dentist Oh God did you trap? We have to identify the wire print I’m cutting it to prevent the ball from going on activating electromagnetic imaging Why didn’t you do that to begin with a? Fail-safe if I cut this wire. It’ll activate the ball, okay, so let’s not do that one that’ll be plenty Okay, Oh Switch to scan mode to put the wires “Khaak bar sar”
(T/N: This is a Persian phrase, literally translates to ‘someone who has dirt on their head’. In English, the closest phrase that has the same meaning is ‘damn you’) What Hold on getting some strange readings off the bottom, I’ll do a more thorough analysis and let you know what I find My Christmas card from when I was eight Hope you having a blast I certainly had a gasp throwing this little joke together for you fingers crossed it doesn’t bomb That would really boom me out. Love your best enemy What’s this sweetheart? He cares Love your best enemy This is all just a game to him all of the suffering of death just for a lab Got something The paint on the bomb it’s made of a unique solvent mixture I cross-referenced it with the chemical manufacturers in Gotham got a few hints send a list of the agency dump GCPD officers are being sent to scout the locations nice work. I’ll keep looking see what else I can find We have a lead on potential locations no good I’m on Destroying Riddler’s blood it was a terrible mistake it escalated the situation on the bridge with Harley Everything spiraled out of control into this And now we have Joker I see how I helped to create this monster Now that I’ve seen the destruction firsthand You can’t feel guilty of on but it turned out well you did what you thought was right a Lot of people died today because of it a lot more might die Ma’am backup is here. We have a OD on standby. What are your orders? You’re fucking late I guess this is our opportunity to keep that from happening Get EOD prepped for disposal no one comes in here without my express consent Batman they say you should never meet your heroes, I’m pretty sure they’re wrong oh I’m here. I’m your hero here not Tiffani I’m holy whoa it’s done Waller, so I heard Good work, I’ve got Gordon on the other line says he has a lead, but he’ll only talk to you I trust you’ll handle and report back Patching you through Jim Batman I’ve got a lead on Joker a solid one I mean he chemicals Damn it Batman I can’t do it God Timothy I’ve never seen him move as fast in my life anything to save my husband Jim You better not beat the mustache off his face. That’s his best component Explosion hazard ha ha that’s ironic Gordon He’s just jerking off in here nope he’s dead never mind Not so bad I was expecting much worse Batman Yeah, I’m a just nap Lads Someone’s a bit more eager than the others to come on Steve you always do this you have to just one up a stanchion I Might dress funny or something there. We go nice take em all out This is what the Batman does best? Oh, Jim Bats and gyms together again take it on crime let go Sick No my dads are fighting On guys Wait I can’t give a gift to my new friend if you beat him to death Okay, don’t worry. I Don’t know my glasses The map I promised all the bomb sites are marked with a smile My gift for you new best friend isn’t that right Gordy? Jimmy let you write to me there was no way we could meet their demands Joker offered me the bomb locations in exchange for you. Oh, Jimmy. I couldn’t go through with it I’ve got people to do that for you besides perfect bait I’m sorry Batman. You’ve seen the devastation this virus can cause I understand Gemma you did what you had to Take the map and get out of here okay, Jimbo run along and save Gotham Take care now bye-bye then Other half flames that I gave away them man Feeny captain Dumb in his car I will break you apart ooh put on those bad. Daddy pants every bone in your body Not my bat face again Look Doctor even used to say anger is often the response to feeling powerless Maybe that’s why you’re so bad because Because the tables of time enjoy it while it lasts and sugar when it’s over it won’t be Any fruit There’s a bit of a crappy line. You can just read about that first It’s for all your friends Don’t all of them have to die whatever hurts that worst like authority you to spend the rest of your days What you have? poisoned Harley’s gonna be obsessed of course. She wanted the whole city to drink virus mimosas Someone would have survived like Riddler, and she’d have gotten her serum You think she’ll forgive me when she finds out about the map I need But nothing less would get chief of moustache to flip I just had a test on chief of muster She’ll kill you the minute she finds out I Know that deep down inside You always said I had a self-destructive streak dr. Lederman Yeah thing is Harley’s perfect the way she is And if she does get sick, I’ll be there to take care of fire John Come on well has it this just been Illuminating last week ride it change our lives. Just goes to show you can’t trust anyone I Know you’ll keep my secret Because if you tell Harley she’ll just set the bombs off early exploding Gordon’s dreams of being a hero Shawn joke at Him not on my nipples oh, that’s what I’m into hi dad How can I play dead with this giant erection right now That’s what Batman’s into so he’s always been into nipple hazing Where’s my suit Joke rad Invested Three whole second Selena Did Selena it’s what a dramatic turn of events whose lies your terrible off Just despicable the trail You kids play nice Unless you want to end up like the other losers Hahahaha so cartoony. I love it Don’t look at me like that I for an eye you left me in one of Riddler’s contraptions so effortlessly It made the decision I’m sorry I did that It was stupid I get that now Well it’s a start, but apologies aren’t getting us out of here anytime soon Just get out of the cart so we can get on with this mm-hmm Just give me a second to get free Your other suit wasn’t appropriate for dinner wanted to keep it our little secret ours Okay Did you no use it’s made of metal no way to pick the lock Dislocate thumb, oh wow gross oh do it here we go Why do I have to do it, oh god I hate having to do that oh Why are you guys so messed up? Well it’s Jean hurry up because Harvey and I have quite a dinner party planned for you It’s a very special guest The bars are electrified. I like what damage my inside There’s a cane right there There’s a kid lurking Let’s start the Selina how did you end up here? The agency nabbed me from Waller with love I Mean it wasn’t hard seeing as how you left me in a box for them They threw me in a transport, then the next thing. I know the trucks flipped on its side by an explosion They took all of us I’m the only one left I make sense okay get the killer Kane take Great now push the key to me. I’ll unlock the door between us it only unlocks from my side I Trust her I trust her I fucked her over once. I’m not gonna do it again alright coming your way There you go Really Selena Cuz she’s just unlocking it throw the key back damn it yes. It’s cuz I’m so handsome. I share me with this Like each other so much you can cry together The electrical books you cut the wire connected to the floor one of these agents tried that but One of those agents Watson Bruce, man, oh yeah, okay that hurts Shea’s ladies good. It took someone’s eye out Tagging along Hmm Bruce I appreciate the trust It was unexpected No problem Now let’s go make a baby in the tunnel of love oh That’s not love that didn’t hurt Just take it slow It’s my first time Bruce Manny, I’m just cosplaying Jesus Okay cosplays over let’s keep going was it good right literally ten, please Yeah, I’m feeling woozy next time you look down and see the nails please I Got nails in the tunnel along there. It is that’s the joke he made it? This isn’t fun Okay dirt pile. I’ve always wanted one get the truth Okay Riddler Lucius Fox Martha Wayne Thomas wait John Doe what is this? This is taking a lot of Influence from the other Batman games Like the the Batman Arkham games because there’s a lot of Joker over the intercoms in those days Oh God You’re so good at pulling people’s hearts out of their chests Bruce. What’s one more? Just something underneath There’s some good drawing Okay, but there’s two graves for one killer Lucius Fox Batman Joe Chill, ooh Batman as well Are you trying to tell me that? Bruce Wayne killed John Doe diagnosed rejected reborn cause of death What’s he trying to say John Doe? Is dead? There’s only Joker now But there’s four things in five people Betrayed by his very own best friend really only to have it ripped from his chest Very I guess that one’s right Martha Wayne Lucius I mean technically he was kind of killed by that Matt. No let’s just see this How did Riddler die again did I didn’t kill him tonight? See what’d I miss positive for Martha Wayne then? He’s claiming to know who killed Riddler probably him Okay, let’s say Batman kill Lucius You’re just pulling every string aren’t you Thomas are? There any left nope no we placed them all What the hell the Riddler’s not dead is he Because this is a riddle I Can’t get it open. I’ll find something else oh this convenient crowbar. Okay, I found it Oh Tiffany Or stickers in there I couldn’t breathe I’ve been in there for hours. How did you end up in there? Are you hurt? I’m okay? I’m okay now Alfred lost touch with you at the ACE chemical plant hmm. I tracked you I wanted to help I ended up here What is it the final sticker it looks like That’s you So what Joker thinks you killed Riddler I I’m not sure why It’s just please Tiffani Say, it’s not true what? Joker’s right I killed Riddler You killed Riddler ah I’m not proud of it, and who are you Riddler’s friend? This is exactly what Joker Selina’s bad his friend killed my father She’s Lucius Fox’s daughter Tiffany Whatever you do Bruce You’re gonna have to turn Tiffany in because if your precious code turn into your old friend, Gordon GCPD Wait you gotta fire Wait he’s not your friend anymore He betrayed you God what a mess? Yeah, so look at the best for me is it It’s not hurt is it Final cast away Bruce When this is over we’re gonna talk right I Hope so as long as he doesn’t pull out our vocal cords. You should be okay. Let’s just concentrate on surviving this Tiffany’s got that kill monger haircut going on and I love it It’s a good team we’re the new Charlie’s Angels Mortal kombat test your might welcome So play along meet hi Isn’t this nice people never take the time to eat a meal together these days And since you care about these folks well as much as you care about anyone You’ll be a good little guest I love dinner parties and starvin Sounds good always love dinner parties You might not love this one when we’re done But Bruce you gotta try this oh who is that? Come on let’s eat it it might be good that meat might be how we get truthy because he’s a good cook You’re not gonna tell me it was my mother, right? You’re so Gross stop, Oh No oh god I can hear it. Can I have the razor blade in my mouth again? Oh God? Well hey fellas can you shoot one of them over you Know I said that people would get hurt if you didn’t come not the same Brought scones you Stay clear of that one came out a bit charred Luckily master Bruce has never been picky. They look good. Don’t they? Take the part Wow sure thanks, but that one’s burnt Wow That’s a great idea Oh I’ll have my pick of all of Gotham soon someone kinds of Hope in the survivor ain’t one of you Good no hungry anymore family recipe Hope you’re all hungry so Joker How does it feel to lie right to her face? That’s not polite dinner conversation Bruce. Do you really want hardly killing the whole town before we Left so just play along I taught you good good Don’t make them like they used to Oh The seeds of doubt we have been planted I think it’s time For I don’t want to die No I Mean not yet we wanted to play with them a little longer, right Right a game three rounds one for each of Bruce’s friends Let’s get to know just how awful each of you truly is Think of it as your last confession Raise a hand or lose it that’s right fingers up Alfred’s going to get this party started Oh Read it Never have I ever Lied to a friend Now the way that this works is if you have Lied to a friend finger goes down Everyone’s lied to a friend your dad’s a crime lord is really tough to tell it tween Your turn Pretty simple rule, I’m about to finger down And now if you’ve lowered a fingers I Get to do something terrible to you Would you of course? Ice Never have I ever Used a friend All of it Manipulated them just to get what I want Made them think they meant more to me than I think I’m clear on that one. We are you stand on that one? Bruce Lisa Laura finger, but Not you puddin you do you hum I got the cats uh-uh thanks, babe It’s Tiffany clear in all of this Have you ever manipulated a friend Tiffany I Forgot what the question was to begin with no Never have I ever You know what I’m not doing this oh sure test us lab rats test you If I didn’t have a gun to my head I’d kill you just like I killed riddler Tiffany And it’d be a whole lot easier because I’m like you too Riddler was smart. What did you say I? Think the gal who fell into our trap called us dumb Maybe we hit her too hard on the head For maybe not hard enough If there wasn’t a point zero zero one percent chance that you might survive the virus. I tell you right now Breed or not never have I ever Killed a person in cold blood Didn’t know the girls thought had it in our did you? Finger down Brucie you murdered John Doe My I’m putting up two fingers. You can get John’s not dead I know he’s in there Ha you could twists around with all your words And he believed you, but not me Hun he don’t matter not anymore You see what he does oh? Shit man, I really dodged a bullet didn’t I hey miss a freaking mess These people you surround yourself with liars thieves Sir likes me ghosts are too. Good for me. Oh glad. We’re not friends Puddin I’m done waiting oh gee But the betta butta butta pom-pom You got what you wanted, right? Yeah, I did let him die a little sooner than the rest of the city Gotham is safe Joker gave Gordon a map of the bombs the GCPD will defuse them by now You think I went up all the bone Joker cared about was revenge so he made a deal The map in exchange for yeah, I totally crippled the guy your way. They’ll get to all the bombs time probable probably You really can’t have another chance is my life. We’re talking about you chose him over me How could you hey? Nice Now eat scone This party sucks good job Alfie Nice oh yeah, you got that thing Sorry stickin Erin, this is just killing me stop killing Nice nice go bats. Go anyone want to help Captain should have gone for tea party. That’s more Oh he’s relishing relishing Yes, I wanna teddy Yeah, you probably should Then let’s give it to him Did you get a nice strong Nice That’s a sharp one oh my knees I’m gonna swing from the chandelier I’ll make sure Hollister’s Over until I say oh oh oh gee oh it hurts. Oh It was amazing I love that Final showdown J. Boy you can’t beat me You need me I’m the villain of your dream The shadow within your shadow the tumour lurking in your soul I Need to put you away Somewhere you’ll never breathe free air again in there done that Didn’t like the view Bite me what’s unfair? Father no he is beaten John Shawn Its erratic Oh God Come on come On, please No Why No one would have blamed you I’m not like you I’m not a killer Hey, I wasn’t the killer either breath Until I met you they’re home Remember that night Drinking frappe is under the stars You dishing out advice about the ladies me Finding out you were the bat It was perfect you Know some part of me always knew Someone like you We proof it wasn’t all bad oh Yeah sure some of it was fun Bitch I hope you look at that Scott Coker will never forget that Oh Hey guys You can sure take some punishment Wayne now give you that ditch it out, too I’m pulling my people out of Gotham effective immediately. I want you to know we’re square your secret is safe with me After everything you’ve done, it’s only right Thank you If the wrong people found out who I am That’s not going to happen at least not because of me Anything else we need to discuss Or is this goodbye? What about gem Joker hurt him pretty bad They’re saying he might not walk again at least not without a cane. He saved thousands of lives with that map Trading you like that. He’s clearly been taking lessons from the agency. I’m inclined to give him a medal Maybe his old title too if he wants it Tough old dog like him. He’s good for a junkyard like Gotham Jim deserves the highest honor like always He put his duty first It can’t have been easy for him Anyone else you’re concerned about Yeah, I want to go through all the lists Catwoman. I thought she’d be pretty high on your list you two certainly have been close I’ve got a collar on her for now But seeing how she put herself on the line against Joker maybe I’d be willing to take it off as a token of my goodwill Calleman has a sordid past past I’d say present with decent odds on future yeah, I’ll keep a little gnat, but give her a fresh start Clear her record What record? Yeah, so what else we did saved the day and a Vesta is she going with you Poor Iman you really got inside her head didn’t you I know it was her that destroyed Riddler’s blood she’s gonna have to answer for that I Need to be able to trust the people who work for me You get that right? She loves what she does and she’s good at it. Give her a second chance She compromised our mission destroying the blood samples was the right thing to do and you know it. I’m asking you to make it work Fine I’ll extend an olive branch, but the rest is up to her We’ll see you around It’s always possible Bruce. Yeah, but I’ll tell you one thing I’ll be over the moon if I never have to come back to this wasteland all Airlift is enroute Thank You agent. I’ll be right there We were able to pick up miss Fox’s trail. She’s taken to the rooftops Let me see her stay with her until I tell you otherwise Word is Tiffany Foxx copped to Riddler’s murder personally. I don’t give a damn about what happened today but I know how you feel about lethal force I Can bring her in if you want lay a charge on know she can work with me. She’s good. You’d rather take care of yourself Tiffany and I go way back. I’d rather deal with her myself My people will let you know where to find her She’s up there take care of yourself Bruce Wayne Bye-bye That went fairly easy, I think we wrapped up everybody’s records pretty well what Alfred? Oh, where is he? I made a tiny bomb TIFF TIFF Tiffany we need to talk yeah, I figured I Made it Thinking someday I’d be fighting by your side not running from you. I was working up the courage to tell you Joker he just Guessed it somehow Said he knows another psychopath when he sees one it was almost a relief to admit it I’m sorry you found out that way. You know I don’t condone killing not even scum like Riddler I’ve been dreading this moment Especially since I learned who you are under that mask I was afraid of what might happen if he found out I Guess I was hoping you never would Why didn’t you talk to me sooner I I wanted to work with you to be part of your mission, but you kept this from me a murder I know I’m sorry I Knew this would ruin everything you were right Riddler tore my family apart Bruce My mother hasn’t left the house since the funeral and Luke he just lashes out My father’s death Brooklyn It broke all of us I won’t ask for forgiveness But I hope you can understand why I had to do it. I just felt so powerless Like my normally I’d be like nothing justifies morally, but I want Tiffany to work with fat man cuz she’s cool And she smiley you get that Revenge is an impulse want to be checked. I can’t condone it But I do understand it Thank you That means a lot I couldn’t bear it if you despise me So where do we go from here I? Suppose this puts me on your most-wanted list You need a mentor show me them gadgets if you want to fill your father’s shoes. You need to learn right or wrong You need someone to teach you You’re giving me a second chance think of it more as a sentence. You’ll have to work hard for your redemption Oh, ho ho I promise I won’t let you down, then. Let’s get started Dude Ah But now she’s better than me All I could do is collide she’s able to fly I Wanted her in Batman to work together. I know it’s a murderer normally, I’d be like Jesus Christ, but I Don’t know I kind of just wanted to the situation to go that way anyway Look and good a dog I Was going to write a note, but I’m not a coward at least I don’t want to be not anymore Then again this won’t be the first time I found my courage in a single malt Courage for what? Saying goodbye no I’m leaving Bruce It’s time I went in search of better pastures. You can’t leave me Alfred I know things have been hard, but they’ll get better Please don’t try and stop me my decision is already made you know protestations well They won’t make things any easier but why This war of ours is not what it was when we started I no longer have the stomach for it. It’s not sustainable At least not for me So what you’re just gonna walk away And I thought you said you weren’t a coward you know this isn’t easy for me easier than continuing to fight apparently Her mission used to be so clear Catch the criminals lock them up, but nothing is clear anymore at least not to me Now everything has become so grey like my hair talked to me and Alfred We used John Doe exploited his friendship to get you into the pact We took advantage of someone you met in an asylum for God’s sake someone clearly challenged with a proven tendency to violence Well in words didn’t it if you call citywide devastation a success You let John Doe to believe you were his friend Turning on him when he killed those agents that pushed him to become Joker What’s your point? Sometimes it’s as if Batman creates the evil he means to destroy hmm for all our good intentions I fear we’ve only make things worse My dreadful thought I know But one that keeps me awake at night I’m not blind to the damage. I caused nor am I to the chaos that swirls in Gotham But I have to believe the good outweighs the bad. I thought you did – not anymore Anyone who comes into contact with us suffers Lucius is gone tiffany has blood on her hands I Foolishly thought bringing her in might make things better as if her enthusiasm might remind us how things were in the beginning She was on Joker’s guest list because of her relationship to you Selina – it’s a miracle any of us survived that ghastly dinner, but Joker certainly made his point The lives we touch are touched by pain friends colleagues innocents No, one is spared You think I want that we can fix the problem al but not if we run from it unless we are the problem Leaving this all behind might be the only solution One thing is for certain My tremors are gone Well, that’s great news out They stopped the minute. I made the decision to go I Thought it was the kidnapping with lady Arkham that calls them some kind of residual trauma But I had it wrong This sense of powerlessness I’ve been feeling it came from something. I saw in you the tremors the fainting spells all of it Do you really think I’m that bad no no I’m sorry Bruce. That’s not what I meant at all Let me explain Your father was driven by an obsession by a need to control He rushed headlong into the darkness thinking himself invincible oblivious to the cost just like you not like me I Chased that darkness away, and yet history is repeating itself I’m more certain of that with every passing day Okay, maybe I am more like my father than I want to admit, but our paths are different Can’t you see the paths may diverge? But they end in the same place facedown in an alley Shot in the dark by criminals in some godforsaken corner of Gotham. I won’t be witness to that I Won’t bury you too. I stood by and did nothing while Thomas destroyed himself along with everything he loved I enabled him like I’ve been enabling you realizing this I’ve never felt so helpless I Wanted things to be different for you my boy. You deserved a better life than the one I gave you I Failed you and for that. I’m sorry we Failed each other Alfred my obsession my Relentless effort to stop crime. I should have seen the harm It was causing him the father takes care of his son Bruce guides him through the world Not the other way around Well Fred no I am don’t wanna miss my flight. There’s always traffic around the airport You don’t have to do it Bruce There are other ways of doing good in the world But you you pour everything into your bloody crusade, and I know you too. Well to hope you’ll never change Oh Shit Oh shit. Oh god. I didn’t know which one to do get um but It’s Who I am I Will always be Batman And that will never change I know Rubbish goes out on Tuesday from this Masson, you’re in the freezer. Oh, I’m sure you’ll manage Like spider-man says when you can do the things you can do and then the bad things happen You can’t really forgive yourself, then oh Man I’m curious to see how many people who gave up Batman or gave up Alfred I Know that I’ve played it so much later after everybody else there’s gonna be a lot of choices being made Evaluating your choices are ready Whoo You got that look in your eye the kind that says you’re trouble jailbird you and 37.6% of players revealed Joker’s lied to her Harley was ecstatic that the heist at Wayne Enterprises went off without a hitch She loved that Bane was left behind at the convoy raid allowing her to take control of the pact Harley genuinely came to trust you after you exposed Catwoman as the thief in Riddler’s laptop I would love black when you reveal Joker’s duplicity about the map Harley fell into a fit of rage So is this choice like a 50/50 thing Or is it like 37.6% of players did this and I Know the 30% did a different thing and then another 30% did something else kind of thing or is it just a 50/50 Waller Thunderbolt, I’m the whole goddamn hurricane Okay, stop yelling at me you and 35.6% of players have assurances. She won’t reveal your secret So a bunch of other people again is this 50/50 Click it like a pie chart of this Does that mean Like a Hoover almost 65% of people are going to be revealed as Batman by her Water was furious that you tampered with her witness after Riddler first resurfaced in Gotham she appreciated you reaching out to her after your for a fistfight with your first fight with bane water was thankful that you managed your blah blah, she Was relieved when you tried to apprehend John Doe and Harley on the Gotham bridge after everything you’ve been through water knows better than to reveal your secret ah Jimmy boy Gotham safety is slipping out from under me, and I can’t stand it See I’m I’m not don’t give me the percentage unless it shows that how it compares to other people like Again, I want to know if that’s a 50/50 thing because that’s very very low you in 28.6% of players asked Waller to have him reinstated Gordon was humbled that you would trust him with your secret association with Lucius Fox when Waller Berated you for tampering with her witness Maury Gordon supported you he was hurt when you called water instead of him to help you after Bane’s initial attack Gordon was dying Disgusted diagnosed that you cited with the criminal Catwoman instead of the law having almost betrayed you to Joker Gordon feels undeserving of being reinstated as commissioner I want I weighed my options and what can I say I don’t like to lose? that is very very low I Want this to be the intro to the episode like put on some cool 80’s music and have the people come in like Catwoman 2.6. Percent of players wiped away Selena’s criminal record Cuz there were four options technically on each of these things so as its split into four parts After we returned to Gotham Selina was relieved when you said you thought Redemption was possible She was touched when you went against Gordon to warn her the GCPD was on her tail She was honored to be invited into the Batcave your secret sanctum Selina felt betrayed when you blamed her for the theft of Riddler’s laptop now that you had Waller clear Selena’s criminal record She is the freedom to decide her future so you want to see how this compares to everybody else these ones I won’t let you down so 2.6. Percent of people didn’t clear Catwoman’s record or did clear her records so the other Gigantic percentage didn’t clear her record, but 80 percent of players Forgave her for murder Weird Tiffany felt betrayed when you admitted her involvement in Lucia’s death way She was worried for you when you told her to hide whether she while you helped Harley steal the filing Sookie After she realized you were working with the agency. She regretted calling the GCPD on you She was at first confused But then completely blown away when you told her you were Batman now Tiffany is repenting for the murder of Riddler under your watchful mentorship I Think people just wanted to see Tiffany work with Batman because it’s cool. I Don’t really care about Investors mean see you In ten point you a chap you and temporary 7% of players witness offences break with Waller She eventually lost faith in the agency and is uncertain about her future in Gotham, okay. I don’t really Have much stake in what a Vesta has going on I want to get to Jones. Oh? Alfred 58% of players let Alfred go rather than giving up Batman’s crusade You speared Alfred the grief of watching his friend’s death on the bat-computer When you told Tiffany your secret alfred was relieved he no longer had to keep it from her after collapsing in the Batcave alfred was Distressed by your dismissal of his condition his outlook on Batman’s influence darkened after John became the villainous Joker Alfred left Wayne Manor Anguished that your crusade against criminals would consume you so I’m also curious Does that mean that everybody ends up with this decision like regardless of what you do you still have to pick a or B Because first off that kind of sucks that you’re kind of left with that decision regardless of what you’re doing But is it fifty eight percent of players Who were faced with that situation picked that choice? Cuz then it calls into question of the Catwoman one like I want to know how this works Did 2% of people clear her record, but like 50% of people didn’t even get to that choice. That’s what I’m kind of curious about Here we go What an entrance You threads in the same stitch bound together? even under strain You and 31% of players agreed the two of you had good times together. Yeah that one I didn’t really know what to pick. I kind of was leaning to the other one, but I wanted to see what the the Answer would be if I picked that one When he found you at Louis’s funeral John was thrilled when you agreed to meet his friends He was proud that he brought you into the pact resulting in a successful raid on the agency convoy John was grateful That you took his advice and blamed Catwoman preceding riddles laptop when you betrayed his trust John realized this full potential as the villainous Joker Well he appreciated that you shared some good times. Joker’s showed it with a knife to the gut Here we go did you shake hands with the Joker 64.8% of players refused to shake hands Did Gordon betray you you and seventy six point seven percent of players heard Gordon back out of his deal with Joker Did you determine the fate of others with Waller you and 95% of other players had Waller use her influence So now I’m confused how that played into the Catwoman and stuff Did you give up the cowl so Alfred would stay you and 58% of players chose never to give up Batman 5.7. Percent of players refused to hear Alfred’s last words you heartless monsters and 36 point three percent of players told Alfred you would give up being Batman Well then Which Joker did you defeat forty four point nine percent of players defeated villain Joker see this is what bothers me about these games So you go off to fight vigilante Joker in the end anyway So you’re still coming to the same outcome just on slightly different terms Doesn’t feel like what you’re doing has huge impact Okay, these are the same ones just broken down Photos collected Who extra credits We had so much fun Joker I just couldn’t stay Let’s get you ready, let’s put a smile on that face Hey keep it down and a Well that was good I liked that I Was a pretty decent episode that did go for some stuff that I kind of rolled my eyes at like the whole If you didn’t know anything about Batman and Joker And anything about the comics or the movies or anything like that prior to playing this game some of this stuff wouldn’t fly like John and Bruce being friends together Was a big deal, but once he became Joker and started killing people that kind of stuff all sort of like goes out the window none of the relationship Beforehand kind of plays into what was going on so anytime it was trying to it was trying to pin it as like the ultimate enemy versus the ultimate good kind of thing and It didn’t really pay off with the setup that they had set themselves It kind of relies on the whole like Batman vs. Joker stuff That’s in the comics that they’re always at each other’s throats, and they like one can’t live without the other sort of aspect But in this game. It didn’t really feel like the writing kind of like backed that up I Did really like the dinner party stuff I liked that whole Playfulness and the carelessness of it, and how silly Joker kind of got in some regards And then he got a bit more serious when he stabs you like that stuff is fun. I like that kind of aspect of things and when you’re not Batman you’re kind of a bit more powerless against him and Trying to disarm the bomb and having the fight with them with Catwoman with Selina that all that stuff is very fun. I like that That’s very comic book But then chasing him away at the end and kind of him down and almost killing him and everything I I didn’t feel the weight of it like I normally would maybe if I played them all Back-to-back all in quick succession I would but the fact that there was such a gap between them and I’ve played some other things Since then Maybe that can’t had a factor playing into it But I didn’t really feel the huge emotional impact between him and Bruce at the end That I think that they were trying to go for but overall don’t get me wrong. I still enjoyed it. I enjoyed it a lot I Don’t like the design they went for with the Joker Maybe that’s just me I don’t know I I do like the Joker a lot though and some aspects of what they did with them in this was pretty cool but again the fact that you have player agency in this I think Bernie the I break it down part of the gimmick for the tell-tale games is that you get your own choices that’s a big reason why a lot of people play it and a lot of people put so much stock into the tell-tale games I don’t think there is strong at making games as they once were I think they’re taking on a lot of projects a Lot of the stuff is just becoming gimmicky a lot of the choices don’t actually play into much real stakes in any of the games anymore So they’re the choices are they’re mainly as a gimmick to try and get people to keep playing the games for the choices But I’d love to see telltale go off and just craft their own linear story Just have them craft something that I don’t know how you fit the game play into it at that point maybe that’s part of the problem I want to see them put their writing talents into just creating a story and Not having so much player agency over because they think having that much agency over the choices is starting to a certain to dilute some of the emotional weight that the story has Because it’s trying to juggle all these elements and then because it doesn’t really mean a whole lot at the end of it It’s like a bunch of people keep messaging me all the time. I was like well No Joker became a vigilante instead of a villain But it’s like at the end of the day you still boil it down that the same sort of pacings and everything It’s just the same stuff with a slightly different skin on it So as far as like having the whole player choice go and having stuff Rely on that choice it always gets subverted and revert by the time the next episode comes out so What I’d be curious is to see what happens with Alfred in if they do a season three of this Because it’s the same with some of the Walking Dead stuff It’s like oh you saved this one person over this other person that one died here But then in the next episode the other person dies anyway, so that kind of stuff I want to see that disappear I want to see some actual weight with some of these choices because right now. It’s starting to get a bit exhausted. It’s starting It’s starting to get a bit tiring. There’s some telltale games that I haven’t even Played or uploaded because it’s like I’m just not that Involved in what you’re crafting anymore this one was an exception just because I love Batman and Joker so much But if they if the same sort of gimmicks keep popping their heads up from now on I don’t know how much more I’m gonna Be invested in them so I’d like to see them like really focus down on some of their products And they did like guardians at the galaxy. I did one episode of that and they just Didn’t really care after that even though I loved guardians of the galaxy Puts that one also got copyright claim because of all the like real music that was in it So it made it her to upload as videos But all-in-all I like some of the decisions they went with with Batman because they took a lot of Liberty with some of the stuff that was going on like they killed Lucius and having Thomas Wayne be like a Gangster instead of being just his father who was all good and had wayne towers and whatever Hey, I like some of those decisions it really plays off on the character well And it kind of creates some different scenarios that would happen in the story, so I like those elements They did I think they did a lot more right than they did wrong put it that way? And I’m not trying to shit on the game. I’m just trying to process where my brain Is that to try and give you a feel for where I’m at um? But if they bring out another one, I’ll play it. I’m curious. I like their Batman world. It’s interesting if nothing else but for now Thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it punch that like button in the face like a boss and my sorrow Thank you guys sailor, dude Man all this talk about killing people in gas in Gotham has made me hungry

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