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Jonas Brothers Joke About Pranking Each Other & Laugh at Their 2000s Haircuts | Billboard

– Hey guys, what’s up? It’s us the Jonas Brothers here, we’re about to play, how well
do you know your band mate? ♪I’m a sucker for all
the subliminal things♪ ♪ no one knows about you♪ (papers shuffle) (laughter off-camera) – What’d you– – Boom. – Yeah.
– Oh yeah. – Got it. – I know myself. I watched Lion King again
– See told ya. with my daughter for the first time. That was a good–
– Knew it. I cry too so I get it. – Kills you man. – I cried at the trailer for that thing. (upbeat music) (laughter off-camera) – What’d we all say?
What’d you say? – Everyone pick me? That’s so nice. – I thought about picking you. Definitely not Joe, but I
thought about picking you. – I only thought about myself. (upbeat music) – I think it’s Joe.
– Yeah I think it’s Joe. – Yeah.
– Yeah. Makes sense. – Yeah, come on. – If you like it so much
why don’t you marry it? – Exactly. (upbeat music) – Come on. – Me? – I actually think you are ’cause like you just play it so cool, you just don’t know
that someone’s doing it. – [Nick] Okay. – Watch your back for
the next, like, year. – Great. – Last prank I pulled we shot a music video for Cool
recently, our single, and uh– – Wait, I let them be in it. – Wow. – That was the prank. – So we’re done right? – Yeah.
– Alright see you guys later. – See ya! (laughter) Uh I don’t even need to say it now. That was just too good, well done. (upbeat music) – (laughing) Yeah. – Wow, really? (clicking noise) – Just making you feel good.
– Just making you feel better. – Thanks guys appreciate it, to be honest I really
don’t think I ever had really good pickup lines. – We saw videos.
– My game was not strong. – Saw a video, whoa whoa whoa, we saw a video of Kevin
talking to, now his wife, years ago and he had
some lines in there that, let’s just say one and done. (upbeat music) – Aw man. – Joe did.
– Really? – So pretty, so long pretty.
– Yeah. – I think Kevin–
– My mutton chops? – Yeah, your mutton chops were legendary. – There was something living in those. – Regret. (upbeat music) – Kevin does now. – That’s not true. – It’s true.
– Yeah it’s definitely true. – ‘Cause you play in the like the nostalgic moments you
still do some dance moves, things you used to do back
then and they flip out. – What like this? – I actually haven’t done that and I probably won’t be doing it. – You will, just give it time. – You will, you can’t help yourself. – Nah, I’ve kinda retired that one. – You did a couple spins– – I did the spin on playing my music, I did, I brought it back. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Jonas Brothers Joke About Pranking Each Other & Laugh at Their 2000s Haircuts | Billboard

  1. I never realized how cool they are! Maybe because they are older now! But they all look amazing & there wives are beautiful women! Great partnerships fellows!

  2. Kevin gets the screams now since all the teen girls grew up to be 30 something moms and appreciate his sexy dad vibe.

  3. I remember the Nick J pick up line “hey girl, do you have a library card, cause I’m checking you out”

  4. Nick: if you like it so much marry it me: TOO THE RECUSE JOE.. NICKK DONT BRING OUT THE OLD PHRASE OR SOMTHING (a joke ok) 😮😲😒🦋😂

  5. 1:36 I find nick the fakes of them all and I do not understand why he tries to pop up everytime he want to differ himself from the group while telling the story of how he missed being together. I think his solo career was not that good and ascending while joe's career was descending. He did not want his brothers to be better in their career se selfishly he convinced them to be a group again. I see this in his every move. He tries to jump up by pushing them down. I think joe is has afuture in being super star. I am watching his concerts he lives the music. Nick is so fake and he just tries to be in a robotic behaviour and his wife choice is obviously shoving his character, he married someone that he can not even kiss.(met gala) he is unhappy and this is because of him not being himself being an actor of living. Joe ihas a bight future if he do not let this fake ass push him down in every interview!!

  6. I have noticed a definite rise in Kevin appreciation amongst fans this time around. All three seem like great guys.

  7. Making it seem like the only reason fans adore kevin is because he 'plays into the nostalgic moments.' Nope, it's because he's kind and decent with fans, he doesn't have the arrogance of the other two, and, honestly, I speak for myself here, I think we've all seen quite enough of joe and nick the last few years. We could all benefit from more kevin jonas.

  8. Man, i think its cool that these guys can borderline talk smack to each other because they're brothers.
    Way different than a best friend. Also, these guys are best friends too.

  9. Kevin is The most understanding and Mature
    Joe was dominant and popular during in the teen ages but Nick couldn't handle that, Joe at present is mature
    Nick is arrogant , with more unnecessary attitudes nowadays
    Feels like he hate Joe
    N Joe can't say anything coz Nick is more popular now

  10. “Who has the best pick-up lines?”
    Them: “Kevin.”
    Me: * thinks back to Joe saying “I got my library card, and I’m checking you out.” *

  11. i am a really big fan i would love to meet u guys one day because i watch u guys every day on youtube or on a cartoon called the jonas brothers l.A but i would love to meet u guys that is one of my biggest birthdays wishes i really want to mee u guys love kimberly garfias love u guys

  12. Q: who gets the most screams on stage?


    Nick: Kevin does now

    Kevin: that’s not true

    Me: Kevin ma baby boy,

    iT Is tRuE

  13. Who else doesn't read the question bcz of focusing on the Jonas Brothers? Happened with me here and in other interviews too😅

  14. i don’t think that kevin is unappreciated if u watch a couple interviews u’ll see that he is appreciated and he is a fans favorite. also i love how nick&joe acknowledge how the fans love kevin

  15. 0:46 all picked themselves😂😂😂❤❤😍love them
    Also this video came out two days before my birthday!!❤😍😍

  16. Can you guys not take a joke or what because seriously Nick was just joking and you guys are saying he's mean, what about you guys being mean to him. You know he human to and he has feelings, just seriously loose up a little bit please!!!

  17. I really liked the way Joe stuck up the rude finger at Nick, it was really joyful to look at.
    If you wanna look at it, here it is: 1:46

    Joe looks cute.
    Nick is awesome.
    Kevin better watch my back.
    By the pictures of the questions it already shows the people so.. yeah!

  18. I love all three guys to death, but I'm feeling a bit concerned about Nick. His arrogance and Narcissism are really starting to show as he gets older. C'mon Nick, it's ok to smile and laugh sometimes, even if it's NOT all about you….

  19. Me having to rewind the clip again and again to read the questions bc the first time around i kept staring at their photoshoot

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