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Jordan Peterson on the meaning of life for men. MUST WATCH

Well I’ll tell you a couple of strange things that the things that I don’t really understand the first is when we’ve done the analysis Of the effects of the future authoring program it has had a different It’s differential impact on men and it’s had a particularly differential impact on what I would call excluded men, and so that would be non-western ethnic minority men or or What? Majority, man who are doing very well so for example at Mohawk College The future authoring program had a particularly robust effect on Mohawk College students who were men who hadn’t done very well in high school And who hadn’t picked a major that had a destination a career destination at its end so you can imagine those people are they have an ambiguous relationship with the idea of education and They’re not oriented specifically towards a goal. They’re not very motivated Now why did it have a differential effect on men? That’s a good question Well first of all the women are doing better so It might just be a matter of the fact that it does better for people who aren’t doing as well and at the moment most Of them are men I don’t believe I think that might be part of it, but I don’t believe that’s all of it I think that part of the reason that women are doing better is cuz they’re agreeable and So if a system sets out a structure and says here’s a pathway to attainment The women won’t rebel against that they’ll go along with it and that’s working very well for them at the moment the men especially the men on the disagreeable end of the distribution And there’s way more men on the district disagreeable end of the distribution, then there are women right That’s what you get from if you look at overlapping normal distributions, so there’s the male district female distribution for agreeableness male distribution for agreeableness tremendous overlap Okay, women are higher all the really agreeable people are women all the really disagreeable people are men And maybe the real differences occur at the extremes right so so and it’s it’s a very interesting side effect of overlapping Distributions, so they people can be mostly the same But that can still produce radical differences Disagreeable men won’t do anything they don’t want to do They just say up yours I’ll go home and play video games With you no. I’m not listening to your stupid and Why should I work for you? I’ll just go have fun I’ll do my own thing I don’t think they’re motivated and so then if you take the men who are like that and you say, okay. What do you want? You can have what you want But you have to figure out what it is So then they write down what they want they think oh hey well that might be worth having so maybe I’ll put some effort into It that’s what it looks like to me now You know that’s weak evidence, and this is a weak argument, but I’m trying to stretch out my understanding to account for this But I’ll tell you something else that’s really weird. I don’t understand this either, so More than 90% of the people who watch my videos on YouTube are men now that’s weird because not about 80% of psychology students are women so that is not what you would expect right you would expect that the Majority of them would be women and you might say well it’s because of the political stance I’ve taken and I thought well that’s possible so I went looked at the demographic data because I have That well before I did any of the political videos 85% of my viewers were men so it’s actually increased a bit, it’s increased by 6% and that’s not trivial But it was still overwhelmingly men, so that was interesting. I thought what the hell why is that exactly and then now I’ve been watching crowds when I’ve been talking to them and The crowds that have come to see me in person this happened at the University of Toronto free speech debate and I actually noticed it and Commented on it before the debate took place because I was talking about intrinsic differences between men and women and I looked around the room And I thought hmm hey 80% of the people in this room are men So I had all the men’s women and women stand up and then all the men stand up I said look like here’s a natural experiment For some reason 80% of the people who showed up to this or men now everybody thought I was kind of cracked to to do that and it was a risk You know what and all right, but I thought no weather something going on here And then what’s interesting now is that every public appearance that I’ve made that’s related to the sort of topics that we’re discussing is Overwhelmingly men it’s like it’s like 85 to 90% And so I thought wow that’s weird like what the hell’s going on here exactly, and then the other thing. I’ve noticed is that? I’ve been talking a lot to the crowds that I’ve been talking to not about rights But about responsibility right because he can’t have the bloody. What are you doing? You can’t have the conversation about rights without the conversation about responsibility because your rights are my Responsibility that’s what they are technically so you just can’t have only half of that discussion And we’re only having half that discussion and the question is well What the hell are you leaving out if you only have that half of the discussion and the answer is what you’re leaving out Responsibility and then the question is well What are you leaving out if you’re leaving out responsibility and the answer might be well, maybe you’re leaving out the meaning of life That’s what it looks like to me. It’s like here you are Suffering away, what makes it worthwhile, right? you know you’re completely out you’re completely you have no idea what you’re You it’s almost impossible to describe how bad an idea that is Responsibility That’s what gives life meaning It’s like lift a load Then you can tolerate yourself right because look at your useless Easily hurt easily killed. Why should you have any self-respect? That’s the story of the fall Pick something up and carry it pick make it heavy enough so that you can think yeah well Useless as I am at least I could move that from there to there well What’s really cool about that is that when I talk to these crowds about this the man’s eyes light up, and that’s very good I’ve seen that phenomena because I’ve been talking about this mythological material for a long time and I can see when I’m watching crowds people You know their eyebrows lift their eyes let light up because I put something together for them. That’s what mythological stories Do so I’m not taking responsibility for that That’s what the stories do so I save the story people go click click click You know in their eyes light up, but this responsibility thing That’s a whole new order of this is that young men are so hungry for that it is unbelievable And one of the things I’ve been talking to some of the people who’ve been Running for the conservative leadership in Canada, and I’ve been talking to them about well the difficulties They have communicating with young people because conservatives What what the hell are they going to sell to young people right because being conservative is something that happens when you’re older they can sell responsibility No, one’s selling it and the thing is for men. There’s nothing about responsibility You know I was watching The Simpsons the other day I watched the first Simpsons episode And I deconstructed it and so it’s really interesting so what happens in the first Simpson episode is that? It’s Christmas and homer and Marge are going to buy some Christmas presents, but Homer doesn’t get his Christmas bonus And so he’s absolutely crushed by that and that Actually is a recurring theme in The Simpsons where Homer loses his job or something like that or can tonight make enough money He’s completely crushed even though he’s kind of useless bumbling Laughing fool of a guy. You know the thing that gives that show its soul is that he’s still oriented towards his family That’s what makes him honorable is that? Foolish as he is he’s decided to adopt Responsibility for his family and to try to bear that and so he’s not he’s a holy fool He’s not a complete fool And it’s so interesting watching the story because he suffers dreadfully as a consequence of not being able to fulfill his responsibilities well That’s for men Women have their sets of responsibilities. They’re not the same Right because they’re complicated because women of course have to take primary Responsibility for for having infants at least but then also for caring for them there they’re structured differently than men For biological necessity even if it’s not a psychological issue and it’s also partly a psychological issue women know what they have to do men have to figure out what they have to do, and if they have nothing worth living for then they stay Peter Pat and Why the hell not? because the alternative to valued responsibility is Impulsive low-class Pleasure and you saw that in the Pinocchio story right that’s Pleasure Island, it’s like well Why lift the load if there’s nothing in it for you? That’s another thing that we’re doing to men. That’s a very bad idea and to boys it’s like You’re pathological and oppressive. It’s like fine. Then why the hell am I going to play That’s that if that’s the situation if I get no credit for bearing responsibility It could bloody well be sure I’m not going to bear it but then you know your life is useless and meaningless and you have you’re not you’re full of self-contempt and nihilism and and That’s not good, and so that’s why I think all right That’s what I think’s going At a deeper level with regards to men needing this direction a man has to decide that he’s going to do something He has to decide that yeah, well. You know partly what you’re trying to do in the future authoring processes say, okay well What’s your highest value? Right it’s the star. It’s like. Okay. What are you aiming for you can decide man, but you know there’s some criteria It should be good for you. It should be good for you in a way that facilitates your moving forward Maybe it should be good for you in a way. That’s also good for the family in the community it should cover the the domain of life I mean there’s constraints on what you should regard as a value, but you but within those constraints you have the Choice you have choice Well the thing is is that people will carry a heavy load if they get to pick the goddamn load So and they think well I won’t carry any load It’s like okay fine But then you’re like the sled dog that doesn’t have a sled to pull you’re just gonna You’re gonna tear pieces out of your own legs because you’re bored. You know you need people are pack animals They need they need to pull against a weight, and and that’s not true for everyone it’s not true particularly say for low conscientious people I mean maybe they’re open and creative or extroverted and some other things but for the for the typical person They’ll eat themselves they’ll eat themselves up unless they have a load this is why there’s such an opiate epidemic among Dispossessed white middle-aged guys who are unemployed in the u.s.. It’s like they lose their job. They’re done Right they despise themselves. They develop chronic pain syndromes and depression and the chronic pain is treated with opiates It’s like that’s what we’re doing so Yeah, that’s what it looks like to me is you you have to and it’s so interesting to watch the young men when you talk To them about responsibility, there’s a god damn thrilled about it. It just blows me away. It’s like really. That’s what’s that’s the counterculture Grow the hell up and do something useful really I could do that oh I’m so excited by that idea no one ever mentioned that before it’s like rights rights rights rights Jesus It’s it’s it’s appalling. It’s a it’s and and I feel that that’s deeply felt by the people who are who are coming out to To listen to these sorts of things – they’re they’ve had enough of that So and they better have because it’s it’s a non-productive mode of being Responsibility man that’s where the meeting in life is so

100 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson on the meaning of life for men. MUST WATCH

  1. I got fired from a couple of my responsalibities because i struggled with motivation and sickness. Now all I do is to learn. But learning kept me happy so far.

  2. This dude is angry AF. Thinks he says is treu. But the way he talks; and especially about whats good and not good is not so treu for sure.
    There is nothing that says whats good or not good, or right or wrong. And im not talking about 1+1=2 duuh. He overall has good information.

  3. Why are most of Peterson's viewers on YouTube men? Because our society has become so geared to informing women and catering to the needs of women that men are pushed to the sidelines and it seems we are supposed to automatically just know things. There is no good source of information for men except for certain speakers here on YouTube. Anything that is done specifically for/about men in the general media is usually sports related (mostly useless) or identifying problems related to men, and don't get me started on the horrible influence of the idiocy of "rap artists"/rap culture. There are also a huge number of boys and young men who are being raised by women (especially single mothers) who have no clue about what boys +/or young men need to know about being a productive, well-adjusted man in our society.  Even when I was young, and as silly as it might seem, I learned morality, responsibility, and saw positive male role models from TV shows like Andy Griffith, My Three Sons, Leave it to Beaver, Kung Fu, etc, etc. I even saw a commercial the other day where kids are saying what they can expect to do during the next school year (or something like that). The girls – read books, excel at a sport, do some kind of science project. The boys…one wanted to be a ninja, the older one is going to ask a girl to a dance……….How f*ing pathetic. No wonder so many boys and young men are hiding in video games, committing mass murders, or just plain dropping out. Wonder how this little social experiment is going to end??????

  4. Jordan Peterson is one half of a jigsaw puzzle. Jeremy Griffith is the other half. They are both geniuses and without their ideas there would be little hope for humanity’s likelihood of avoiding self destruction. If you are a fan of JP then please read ‘Freedom: The End of the Human Condition’ by Jeremy Griffith.

  5. Maybe it's mostly men because we grew up with fathers who didn;t know how to father? I love my dad more than words can express but he hasn't taught me anything worth understanding… He just bought me toys and said "there ya go… now go and play" … just think of the "good old american dream" days… where the mothers did all the parenting and the fathers just played and provided.

  6. with a disagreeable man, I can just punch his lights out. Do that to a woman and you'll do at least 10 years in prison.

  7. I love Jordan Peterson, but why do so many men walk away from families and their responsibilities when it's right in front of them?

  8. I always go back to that great fight club quote – "I see in Fight Club the strongest and smartest men who have ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see it squandered. Goddammit, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables, slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need. We're the middle children of history, man; no purpose or place. We have no Great War, no Great Depression. Our Great War is a spiritual war. Our Great Depression is our lives. We've all been raised by television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars. But we won't; and we're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed off."

  9. I don't think having a lot of responsibilities is good. You can't focus on what matters when everything is on your shoulders. I'll not say responsibility is the equivalent of problem but if you have tons of responsibilities, either you are great or something is wrong.

  10. This is exactly the truth. I went from being a 25-year-old broke loser living in his mom’s house playing video games 24/7 to earning a net income of over 200,000 a year all in the span of 13 years all because of one thing: I became a father.

    Responsibility man. It is a man’s reason for being.

  11. Knowing what you want to do in life is something I still haven't figured out despite hitting 30 this year. I'm decently educated, despite favoring skipping classes to drink beer and basically running through school and college with two fingers in my nose. Still lost for some reason and ended up currently in a dead-end customer service job way below my education level. Never had the drive some people have with ''I want to do this when I grow up'' which they've had since they were like 12-16. I'm going on 30 and still haven't had that feeling once in my life. Perhaps my depression and anxiety are linked to that topic as well. This was very motivating to watch and a trigger to work and change my mindset.

  12. Men can find there way without prescription. Explorers, artists, inventors, scientists, all relative loners without social support.
    Damn the dominance hierarchy.
    You can go your own way.
    Civilization depends on your independence.

  13. JP: "Stop being peter pan and grow up." After they are messed up in their childhood and then all the way to adulthood, you expect them to just have a drastic change? Peterson must be really stupid. He may have a good analytical mind but when it's about to do something for the ones that really need help he doesn't know shit.

  14. Men need purpose.
    This purpose should be come from the reflection of their own selves not from any other person especially not from a woman.
    It also explains why so men think of a family as a fulfillment and of work as something they have to do to have a family which is definitely not a case for women.
    In modern context women got pussy pass.
    A lot of women commenting they don't want to have a family or bear children, ok who gives a fuck what you want or don't want truths and facts can't be altered because of your ignorant solipsis belief system plus these same women will shame MGTOWs for not starting a family like I said it is pussy pass.
    For men find a purpose to fulfill your own life.

  15. (Sorry for my sloppy timeline) It's funny I have been listening to JBP for a few years now. I started to listening to him after my parents got divorced it was an ugly divorce and my brothers and I were caught in the middle of it my god father gave me a speech about how a as an 11 year old stood up to my abusive mother and reached out to my father to save us. He told me that it was a very brave thing to do and that I was very clearly my dad's son. From there I began my journey to find myself in a world where my mother had degraded me for the things I like if they were at all similar to the hobbies of my father I began to wrestle and at the end of the season the schools rugby coach walked in and asked who wanted to join another team me and my buddy's stood up and joined him. In the first year of high school I had gone through some tramar to death and it had thrown my psyche in the shiter we had a good family friend of mine Nate come over he is a professor of criminology at UOT and asked me about how I was doing he told me about a professor at his university that worked on the Stanford campus but you could still heard of him because of the news surrounding him at the time and in the following years he had told be that he had a book that he thought Mabey I should read so I went out and bought the book while I was out my dad bought be 2 books on how to deal with difficult people and how to argue with them or anyone else. I read all 3 books and as I read 12 rules for life I really started to look up to JBP and looked him up online I started to watch these videos that popped up and he was just opening my eyes it was almost as if I could feel new synapses forming in my brain that I could feel myself improving. Now it's been about 3 years from when I first saw this video but every time I watch it when I go on a JBP binge it opens my eyes aigan and aigan I still learn more and more but it's kind of a point where there are certain parts the video that I have memorized along with his hand gestures and pauses. There are few things that I and as dedicated to as these videos. That's because I sincerely believe that these videos and his books truly saved my life. So thank you mister Peterson I hope I meet you one day So I can tell you my story and how you helped me and saved me from turning into Peter Pan

  16. What a jackass must be Fox news cnn fake ass American never been American clueless to it guessed wrong on much

  17. ''Women know what they have to do. Men have to figure out what they have to do'' – Jordan Peterson

    6:38 for story and quote will come around 7:59

  18. Jordan Peterson wants us to be able to stop bullsighting ourselves.. Neurological paths are forged through repitition and more repitition. Feeling positive is the key? When and why was the last time you felt content. If you can reply with out emotional thoughts you get 1000 points.. If you can not you lose 1000 points.
    How many points can you make

  19. If you notice, he has a very big head, in other words, a very big brain. No wonder he's a genius. You think that's a coincidence. I think not.

    P.S. I went to his live performance. It was like a giant frat party filled with young men screaming and acting like wild buffalo. It was atrocious and I will never go again.

  20. From my perspective as a man, if women are disloyal by Nature – then in that case I have absolutely no motive to pursue worldly success.

  21. The Canadian Conservative Party are a bunch of bigots …that's why young people don't gravitate to them. And I don't want to know what they consider a responsibility. Sorry JP it's all about identity politics and power again in the end. You said it….I won't do what I don't want to do. …especially if I don't agree.

  22. Jordan's analysis is correct, but for the fact that the western nations are doomed and there really is no point in building a family because our political system is tantamount to mass suicide. Democracy didn't work for one second since it opted for socialism right out of the chute 90 years ago.

    The USA could return to brilliance and success if it simply went back to the system of government as founded but there's zero chance for that. The USA was emphatically undemocratic as-founded, so you'd have to remove the right to vote from 90% of the people which is politically impossible. Therefore it'll be economic and societal suicide instead.

    Nature is always there to bulldoze the failed stuff out of the way in order to make room for something that works. The democracies will vanish, leaving the world for China to dominate without having to fire a shot.

  23. I am a woman and I love JP videos! I agree with most of his points, and i appreciate knowing these traditional values still exist.

  24. He’s so spot on. I had some direction in life before thanks to good parents. It wasnt until I had children and some real responsibility that I finally focused on a career and really began to put in some effort.

  25. It’s my first day of graduate school and my first class is about to start and i’ve never been so nervous. I almost bailed, but I knew that if I did that I would feel like a loser. I watched this video and he is on to something. Goals and responsibility is an extremely driving force.

  26. Whoa I've been waiting a long time for this amazing Jordan Peterson wisdom people keep talking about, this could be it.

  27. The purpose of life is replication,
    why horniness is effortless,
    why the bar on Friday night
    and why we die.
    So said me wily snake,
    only, after his little head
    cum home and burst
    into, like, tears,
    did complications arise.
    Now go and make your bed
    you lovely little replicant.

    If you can make it rhyme more power to ye.

  28. This is why some men that start a family kill themselves if they cannot provide for their children. They felt they have failed themselves or their wives and children. Work can be how men see themselves in relationship to the world. Men's roles are constantly being reevaluated by society and what men think of themselves. Women are being taught by Western culture to think of men as a means to an end or even worse not needed at all. Technology has improved peoples lives but less men and women are needed to work in the labor force at all. When sixty five percent of the people that are going to college are women this is a big imbalance. Men have been marginalized and society will be paying for this. This is why they will be fewer marriages in Western Society. If men cannot support themselves then women will not have anyone that they think will be worthy of marring.

  29. you can say you already know allot. and maybe you say i already realized this ones.
    for me, i knew a purpose is needed for a happy life. but jordan points it out quite good and that will stick better. it was a thought, and now its a value.

  30. 8:40 why is it a bad decision to say "fuck it"? whats the alternative? agree that you are oppressive and continue your life being treated like shit? no thanks

  31. 5% of dislikes: r ppl who have any other LEGIT reason to not agree

    95% of dislikes: consists of ppl who cant accept our problem

  32. the chinese and mexican drug cartels are to blame! or any stupid drug pushers
    Instantly Kill them when they offer you drugs! then you have a good purpose in society
    even you die or not.

    Can i command these males to that!!? Much better than video games

  33. Taking the title, length and content into account: If a young man wants to find the meaning of life, he should force himself into a situation, which requires him to be responsible for something. For example, I should buy a hamster? Or continue playing video games, which make me responsible for making big plays and/or picking the correct choices and/or finishing the story?

  34. Selling responsibility to the young has been done before. "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." JFK.

  35. People are drawn to music and movies for a variety of reasons, why are video games always treated so differently than those?

    I think the main issue is that the world in the game is structured, and if a mans brain craves logical things its more fun to play in that world, youre more comfortable, you know what to expect.

  36. Well, yes Dr. Peterson, you can't have rights without responsibility, but it always works the other way around. You can't take your responsibility without a framework in which the rights to pursue your own purpose and responsibility are guaranteed.

  37. Please Mr.Peterson. You do a great job motivating and encouraging me. But can you refrain from using the Lord's name in vain? Thank you for all the videos i have watched. And can i say that in this video i notice you are closely similar to the way John Piper talks when he is passionate about a subject (which he always is when it comes to Christ). Please dont take offense there. I appreciate John Piper.

  38. The meaning of life is not responsibility. No wonder JP is miserable and seems like he's on the verge of a breakdown–he's burdened. There is no meaning to life but what you make of it from moment to moment. It's responsibility at times. Other times it's about having fun and laughing.. JP is so high strung and has a huge ego/narcissism problem.. He needs to seriously meditate and perhaps masturbate from time to time.

  39. "Jordan"? WTF is a "Jordan"? Is it male? Is it female? Is it something in-between? Why doesn't it call itself "Nancy" and end the confusion? I don't know about you, my fellow YouTubers, but I for one will not use the made-up, androgynous words like "Jordan". The can fire me. The can fine me. They can imprison me. They can torture me. They can execute me. But I still will not use these androgynous, made-up words like "Jordan". These made-up, androgynous words like "Jordan" are a radical leftist, postmodern, socialist threat to democracy, freedom, capitalism, and the sweet, innocent, white. baby Jesus. These radical leftist, postmodern, socialists are bad. Just look at Stalin's Russia. Never mind it wasn't socialist, it was state capitalism. Never mind they were the allies to the west and bore the brunt of defeating the Nazis in WWII. Just remember it's bad. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a big fan of Putin, and a guy with some severe credibility issues, said so. So it must be true. This is why no one will succeed in trying to compel me to use these androgynous, made-up words like "Jordan". (Look who's the champion of free speech now. Me! I've got to strike while the iron is hot and monetize this bitch. Get my new book, "The 10 Rules to Defeating Chaos". It will save you two entirely unnecessary rules and it more perfectly aligns with the Ten Commandments, so you know God likes it.)

  40. So tge bottom line is Jordan trying to help people (young men for the most part as it is his audience, primarily) to find purpose in life and obtain maturity. But I have a question- if it is not for hedonstic purposes, then what for? To strenghen the society? Is there any purpose to this in particular? Why should individuals care for any greater purpose? And if this is not the case, why does Jordan think that nihilism can not bring happiness and absolution?

  41. Work gives your life meaning, therefore the meaning of life is work.
    Somebody has to clean the toilet, thats womens responsibility they know their place. They know what they are required to do.
    If we all work hard doing work that we like, because thats what motivates us then who does the shit jobs. I am reminded of Sysiphus.

  42. Even if i am single man, i have sex and even if i am live alone, i am not lonely. chose to be this way. . No children`s, more money and fun for myself. Women are so weird and they have changed in ways that i don`t find any good reason to have them more involved in my life.

  43. This guy is the biggest idiot ever…and that's an accomplishment, based on what's out there. He truly deserves a tremendous amount of credit.

  44. Just an idea..maybe the reason why there is a 90% male attendance is because you are a natural leader. Perhaps most of these young souls never had a strong male figure to look up to in their life. When I watch your videos I can certainly say you would qualify as an alpha male.

  45. Nothing to live for-> Peter Pan

    ->Impusive low-class pleasure=Pleasure Island

    Telling men, they're naturally "pathological (a disorderly problem) and oppressive"

    ->if thats who i am naturally, why do anything?

    hopelessness in men and nihilistic thinking because the main component of man's core and innate values of responsibility and doing things with ferverency are stripped from them.

    Give them a weight/ responsibility to CHOOSE.

  46. at 2:19 when JP says 'I dont think they are motivated'
    is he telling what disagreeable people often say

    OR is he
    just simply saying that disagreeable men are not motivated…

  47. Why Jordan Peterson is awesome, he described me perfectly at 2:00 in a salary negotiation I had years back. I didn't need the job, didn't really like the job that much, only sort of liked the people there – I had nothing to lose, got myself another $6,500/year.

  48. babbling unscientific idiot who can't work with data like a scientist, just using hot topics as a bait and then just rambling meaningless bullshit peppered with self-improvement talking cliches. basically just typical self-improvement bullshitter with primitive but for some reason really strong armchair political views and dated opinions on gender problems. not even opinions, again, just loads of rambling unconnected thoughts not based on any science whatsoever. fucking Pinocchio, really? fuck you Jordan

  49. Everyone is saying he’s a genius and he’s incredible. That’s how desperate our society is for a male role model.

    Jordan appears to be a normal, mentally stable man giving simple even-keeled advice. It’s refreshing for all of us because we’re so used to the Tony Robbins, Will Smith’s etc. who push extravagant wealth and extreme lifestyles and tactics (grind all day, work yourself to the bone, or wake up at 4:30 am and drink blended spinach everyday.)

    Jordan is just the simple, honest man who has been married to the same woman for years and years. Basically he’s the responsible, mentally healthy father we wished we all had.

    There’s no gimmicks or fancy clothes or cars or trail of cheating, affairs, broken lives. He’s real.

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