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Jose Barrientos at the comedy and magic club

Oh how is everybody fantastic very happy to be here little about me originally from Mexico so little excitement the rest of you trying to make a America great again understood I'm just kidding people are so worried nowadays right I was having dinner with a friend the other night and she said it's gonna be chaos now and I said no don't worry it's gonna be fine she's like how do you know you won't be here I was like I'm here legally lady what are you talking about it's like it doesn't matter they're building a wall which is so funny to me because I don't know if you've met a lot of Mexicans and it seems like you haven't not super good at climbing things but we are incredible at tunneling going in the wrong direction America no it's true they're always finding tunnels the last time they found one all the way from Tijuana to Arizona and it had running water electricity yeah road work tracks Wi-Fi like whose whose status updating on the way over here hashtag si se puede yeah it means yes we can for those of you thank you sir I just hope like the password for that network is El Chapo all caps El Chapo is a very famous

38 thoughts on “Jose Barrientos at the comedy and magic club

  1. Saludos desde México, I love your videos, they are all too short, though. A higher wall… Yeah that is gonna work, in one or two years big drones will do the trick. 😉

  2. This is an alert message from Microsoft support. Unauthorized login from an IP in china. Your computer has a viurs. Please contact support at 1855-765-6710. Failure to call may result in your google account being deleted.

  3. Hey just found your channel and it's amazing
    What courses did you took to have such knowlegde in cyber security ?
    Considering becoming a funder

  4. Hi Jose found your channel like 3 years ago, sadly i lost my account and your channel name anyway i found it again and im watching everything i missed! Your vids are great continue doing what your doing my dude, also just a small request look at steam scam sites, especially the ones for csgo where they keylog your password steam guard etc. Id love to see you take down one of those 😉

  5. Jose you are amazing, i'm mainly here for the hacking/Magik 😉 but i love your comedy sketches also, one think i would like you to do is explaine your Computer setup, not indepth just what , howmany and what OS's / Hardware, if not understandable :P, take it easy man, xD

  6. What the… Come on Jose! Do I really have to travel to the US to see more? 😉 I'd love to, but you know.. 😉 Anyhow, would love to see more! =)

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