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Journey Of A Joke feat. Kenny Sebastian (Part 2/2)

Welcome to Journey of a joke. This week, Kenny Sebastian discusses his super viral stand up bit
‘Middle Class Restaurant Problems’. I like waiters. Waiters are very different
in different restaurants. Waiters, I love…I love like… The poorer the restaurant is,
the lesser shit they give about you. It’s like a privilege to have him.
You haven’t still decided The complete opposite
if you go to an expensive restaurant. There are annoying waiters. Hi, sir. Hi. Please take a seat. Are you having a good time? Are you having a good time? Yeah? Sure? Okay. Bye. In the middle of the meal, suddenly,
‘Hi. I was watching you from there’. And I hope you are having a good time. Do you like the food?
Do you like the food? You better like the food, huh. I don’t have a family.
I have no one to talk to but… Will you marry me? No. Okay. When you write a bit…
Yeah. Do you stand in front of the mirror, free ball
or do you take a note once in… – I go… I write a premise, then I go to the open mic
and I perform it with my instinct. But, when you write a premise… Yeah.
– I mean, you write 2-3 observations on that. I just write 2-3 lines. That, I notice rich people are very specific
about ordering. That’s all I write. So, that’s observation.
– Yeah. But, you haven’t written a script.
You haven’t written jokes or anything
– No. First time I go, I don’t write that. So, I go there and I’m like,
I know this is my beat. And I’m going to first say, ‘Rich people
are very specific about ordering. Poor people are not. How will you do it? I don’t know. So, I go.
Poor people are very scared when they order. They order coffee. And the waiter is like…I play a character. I’m hoping my character will give me hints. Sir, what do you want?
Cappuccino. And I know he is a cocky waiter. He knows that he is poor. Sir, you want a cappuccino,
you want other words you don’t understand? You know.
So, I say, cappuccino, latte, espresso. And I go back to the poor character and I’m like… What would a poor character say? ‘Coz he doesn’t…
I know what espresso means. But, a poor character doesn’t know. First one. That’s what he would say. And then he goes to,
‘Oh, this guy is poor’. Let me be more cocky. Light, medium, dark. And then I’m like,
that’s too normal a question. I just add a lethargic. Which is my instinct telling me that there’s something missing, dude. Just say, ‘Lethargic’. I don’t know where that word came from. It was again my instinct…
like I trust my instinct… like, just say it. You want to say lethargic, just say it. People laughed and I’m like…
my instinct is like, ‘See!’ So, it was just constant training of… if my brain thinks it’s funny, just say it. Worst case, they won’t laugh. You had observations.
– Yeah. You free balled the observations
into one joke at a time. – Yeah. And, it just kept adding,
adding, adding, adding… Then you add basic rules. You free ball it,
then you add basic rules. Like rule of three. Then you add, did I resolve the first joke? Then you make like…
I think I need to bring the manager back again. So, after I free ball,
it’s like I have my random elements. Then I start structuring it. But, it always starts with free balling. Because you never know where it can go. But, it always comes back
to structure after that. That I felt like stopping at eggs are poached,
which is too less. One more line is great.
Earl grey is finished. Free balling after becoming confident about a bit.
– Yeah. But, you also free ball right
from the get go. Yeah. Free ball happens in the beginning
and at the end. Middle is all structure
and writing it down. And repetition. How do you know which joke to end with,
which joke to start with? How to… How to chronologically order it? Like, do you go for the strongest laughter
and end the bit? Yeah. Any day. As I said,
this is a combination of four jokes. Manager bit tended to get the biggest laugh because the character was damn funny. And I have no way to top that character. So, in the end I say,
‘Ma’am a lot of people were killed’. And people laugh. And there is one more line which nobody knows. Unless you came to the live show. Which is,
but, we do have Robert Rodrigues tea. If you want, I can give you that. And sometimes it used to get a laugh. Then I showed it… I edited the clip,
I showed it to Naveen Richard. Naveen is like,
‘Dude, end it at the biggest laugh’. Which was, ‘People have died inside’. Some like…
but, I love that Robert Rodrigues line. Robert Rodrigues is not an actual tea. He is a film director. But, no one sees the brilliance, Amish! I love that joke but the audience doesn’t. So, you have to put your ego down. And you end it at,
‘Ma’am, a lot of people were killed inside’. Okay, how about,
what jokes did you remove? Okay.
That’s something. Yeah. I think that people don’t…
what jokes have you removed from this bit? The waiter always tries at the end of the meal
to convince you to order dessert. And… oh, it’s a huge bit. Yeah. He’s like,
‘Ma’am, thank you sir for ordering. Sir, we have dessert.
Do you want dessert? You want dessert? And we are like,
‘No, we don’t want dessert’. Okay. ‘Poof’. Hi, ma’am, we have some ‘gulag jamuns’. Do you want some ‘gulag jamuns’? Like, No… we don’t want… Okay. Okay. Cool. ‘Poof’. And the ‘gulag jamun’
has become cement. It’s been lying outside the restaurant
for years. Please take it. That’s a bit that used to work sometimes
and I love performing it. Because it’s funny of a visual of
‘gulag jamuns’ no one’s ordered. Like, ma’am, please.
It’s become hard stone. Please order it. So, I removed it because it didn’t work. That day also it didn’t work. It didn’t work that day
so I removed it. And last was Robert…
Sir, we also have Robert Rodrigues tea. Which, I think people didn’t know
who Robert Rodrigues was. So they didn’t laugh as much. Which also I consciously avoid. Pop culture reference. So, I removed that.
Those two bits I had to remove. Even though I think they are amazing. So your biggest closing here right now
we still have here is your strongest joke. – Yeah. Do you follow the format of start
with the second strongest joke? I always start with a story. And I try to get them excited
about the story. The whole point is to grab
their initial attention. Which you can never get
by a joke, I feel. It’s always about,
‘Hey, so recently I took my parents out for dinner which is something
I always wanted to do’. So, when you say this is
something I always wanted to do… people always look up… Hey, this is something
I always wanted to do. What’s this guys
‘something I always wanted to do.’ versus like,
‘Have you noticed, parents are dumb?’ Like that’s not the… I don’t think you should
start with the joke. You start with the connect. Why should I listen to you? So, I always start by making them
excited about the story. The story is way more exciting. Than… haven’t you noticed blah blah blah? So, it’s about…
I feel it is about making a connect. So, in this entire bit
which is your favourite line? Which is the line that had to go
through multi workshops? Oh… the one line that
I always get disappointed, that doesn’t get a laugh, which I love saying.
Is that we ordered something… we did something that
no middle class family does. We ordered dessert. We ordered dessert. And I do this expecting a big laugh. But I never get the laugh. I was going to say that. Yeah. I never get the laugh I want. But, I’m like, ‘Nope’.
But, I’m going to do it the way if I was going to get a big laugh. Because I was doing that consciously,
I knew I’m doing this as a, ‘Hey, I’m trying to make them force to laugh at…’ We ordered dessert.
So, I hype it up even more. We ordered dessert. So, it’s like, I know I’m trying
to force the joke. So, I’m going to exaggerate it even more. So, at least it’s… I don’t have to
force myself to do something I don’t. Yeah. Correct. It’s like a fun way
of delivering that… – Yeah. ‘Can you believe this is me telling you
the height of…’ when it come to the joke. – Yeah. This is your segue into the joke.
– Yeah. After your dessert bit… You didn’t end at dessert.
After that, you went to explain… The 2kg thing. Correct. The 2kg thing.
That’s the joke. Yeah. That’s the joke.
– So. The dessert became a set up. Yeah.
– Which was initially supposed to be the punch line. Then, because of the lack of laughter.
– Yeah. Then, improvising it to 2kgs. Yeah.
– That became your set up. A funny delivery of a set up.
– Yeah. Right? Like… oh I had another line.
So, I end at dessert, people didn’t laugh. I added one more line saying,
‘Why are we paying 150 for one scoop…?’ Why are we paying 150 rupees
for one scoop of ice cream when outside for 70 rupees we get 1kg vanilla? That too, buy one get one free.
That’s 2kgs, bro. When for 70 rupees you can get 2kgs. People laughed, I’m like can I go one more? And I said,
‘It’s buy one get one free, man’. So that’s when I added… like when I said,
‘Buy one get one free’, people lost their shit. Which is again through open mics. I was like, okay, no. If in my assumption, dessert was the best line and dessert
is not getting a cheer or laugh 7…150 is getting a laugh,
that means… maybe there’s more? Then I stopped at buy one get one free. Okay. I’m milking this joke too much.
– Yeah. So, I stopped at that. Why 2kgs instead of two litres? Because kgs signify a lot. While litres don’t have weight. Yeah, literally.
They don’t have that weight. Yeah. Like two litres ice cream is like… what? Two litres is what like what a big… 2kgs! You know. I don’t know why? It’s just… My instinct was telling me say 2kgs.
You know. It’s funnier, like… Bro, 2kgs I lifted, bro. If I say, two litres… Like what is even two litres,
I don’t care. Yeah. So, basically sometimes,
changing a few words can complete… Huge. Yeah. Changing a few words, is it? Huge difference. I think… I’ll give you another example. Like the reason I said the word
‘lethargic’ and not ‘lazy’. Light medium, dark.
Should we say like darkest or… Logically it should say that. But, lethargic is such a weird word. Out of nowhere.
Again, surprising the audience. Like in this universe of conversation,
lethargic fits nowhere. And I don’t know. It just came.
Let me use a weird word. Lethargic always sounded like
a thick word to me. You know. I’m feeling very lethargic. It’s like this… your being
like so thick that your not moving. So, I thought, that’s a form of coffee. My brain is damn weird but… that’s why I used that word. So, this was an amalgamation of
all the jokes that didn’t work. And I felt this was the weakest bit. Even the video. Before I released the video,
I sent it to my friends and said this is some shit video. And their like, ‘No, it’s okay, man. And I released it and people really liked it. And I think people liked it because,
I was so insecure about this bit, right? That I did everything in my power
to polish every joke. So, I think the learning from that was that… Don’t be…
Don’t… scrutinize the joke a lot. Doesn’t mean that… It’s not from the aspect
whether people are going to laugh. It’s just that is this the best version
of the joke I can do? So, I think doing it in multiple open mics
helped me with the order. That’s what made a weak joke really strong. A manager… I’m telling you if I did the manager joke
in the first two minutes of the set, it wouldn’t have worked. It only worked because I did, ‘Hi, ma’am.
Can I help you, ma’am?’ Ma’am, I was watching you from there. Because again when I say, ‘Hi, ma’am.’ The magical creature…
that’s where it works. ‘Coz I order it correctly and
build up the manager well. That you can only get from open mics. From trial and error. There’s no way you can get that
from writing. You write it down, it will be,
‘Oh, what an amazing joke!’ But, if you do it at open mics And you show it to fellow comics. They show you a perspective
that you don’t see. But, again, with stand up
I think I am really selfish. That, I know, I should be adding this bit. But, I think that the story
I want to say is something different. So…
– Yeah. That is it. Thank you so much for watching
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