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Judges Want MORE From This Hilarious Comedian | Week 1 | America’s Got Talent 2017

Can you like pinch it? I do wanna pinch it, okay Cool Cool Cool You wanna kiss it? I’ma lick it, what? oh OOHH OH MY GOD My name is Preacher Lawson and I’m a Stand Up Comedian from Orlando Florida Once people kept telling my mom, “When he gets older, he gon’ be a preacher!’ Like, I don’t know if I was walking on my bathtub water, but that’s where it came from Hey mom. How you doing’? Hey Hey Hey Hey You excited for me? Of course I’m excited for you. Well I just… I’m gonna be your biggest fan. What do you mean am I excited for you? My mom raised 4 kids by herself, and we didn’t have a lot of money I remember at one point, all 5 of us we’re sleeping in the car but My mom was such a good parent she made it seem like “sleeping in the car?” I was like “yeah that’s like a movie” I was like man this is fun ohh we should have no money all the time I’m so proud of you I mean, you work hard to get what you have But you do your best She was super creative and she definitely influenced me as far as being a comedian love you too mom I’ve been doing comedy for eight years, but its hard to get stage time. Sometimes I do stand-up at a coffee shop and there’s like three people in the audience. So, yeah I would like to be doing stand-up at Las Vegas in front of people. We are here I know From the line I know Now we’re about to get on the stage I’m so nervous right now I’m not saying this will make all my dreams come true Cause money doesn’t give you happiness, but…uhhh… yes it does. You know what I’m say? Woooooh Hello How you doing? What’s your name please? Umm my name is Preacher Lawson. I love that. And how old are you ? I’m 25. I turn 26 in two hours. *audience cheers* *He’s young enough to be with me* Are you single? married? I have a girlfriend. You have a girlfriend? She’s dope. Yeah. And what do you do for a living? I’m a stand-up comedian. Which means I’m unemployed and I do stand-up on the side. *audience laughter* Alright, well best of luck. Alright. Uhhh I got a motorcycle. I don’t like telling people I have a motorcycle Cause every time I tell someone they always gotta tell me a story about how their friends crashed on a motorcycle. Ya know? Like… Why do people have to be so negative? I don’t go up to pregnant women telling them my dad left. You know what I’m saying? *audience laughter* so annoying so annoying I walked out my apartment one time. Right? I walked out my apartment and my neighbor walked up to me. She was like “Oh my god. You got a motorcycle? Are you serious?….Are you serious? You better be careful.” “I got in a car wreck the other day. My car flipped eight times. I’m lucky to be alive.” “BLESSED” She black by the way. Everyone around is like “You know that was… that is crazy that your car flipped eight times and you alive.” You are blessed. Ya know? And I’m…. I’m over here thinking. Who the heck counted? Right? Who is that calm when their car is flipping in the air? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ONE Like? Who is doing that? My name’s Preacher. Thank you so much, I appreciate it. That’s it?? That’s? Noooo. We need more.We need more. That’s too short. Preacher, can I have just one more joke? ah ha Alright. Uhhhhh I don’t feel safe driving with my grandma cause she’s really spiritual. She love the lord. To the point that she’s not afraid of dying. So I don’t like that. Alright. *Audience laughter* I don’t like being in the car with someone who is not afraid of death. Okay. Like… She got that attitude like “If I die I’m going to heaven so it don’t matter.” *audience laughter* I’m like “It does matter cause I’M IN THE CAR. OKAY.” *audience laughter* This how spiritual my grandma is. If I got shot in the chest with a gun eight times, instead of her calling the ambulance she would get on her knees praying. Like “Please Lord Jesus! Now get these eight demons outside my grandbaby’s chest!” “Let the bullets rise up and part ways from his chest!” “Like Moses did to the Red Sea!” “YES LORD! Let the blessing rain down!” “YES LORD!” *audience laughter* Little John 3:16 *audience laughter* That was good! *cheers and laughter* Thank you *upbeat music* Okay. Preacher. Let me go to Howie first. You knocked it outta the park. You really did. Nothing can throw a comic more then saying “Hey give me more and more things.” And the fact that he was just able to deliver. You are funny physically. You are funny with your voices. You got great energy. I… What do you mean he is funny physically? He has a great body. *audience laughter* No…I… *laughter* You know what? You were just right on point from the get go and I love that feel of a confident comic. You are brilliant. Thank you so much. *cheering* I think that you were really funny and your timing is so good. And I just wanna see more. *cheering* You know what? I prefer actually the one that you just ad-libbed was It told me more about you. I think you are unbelievably talented. And I think this could be your time. Thank you so much. Thank you I like you. We’re gonna vote. Can we start with Howie? YES! Ah man. Thank you so much. YES from me. I love you. YAHHHHHHH I’m gonna give you a yes Yahhhh YES Uhh Preacher is your grandmother still around? It’s her birthday today. And what’s her name? Her name is Virginia Philips Well look. Give her my love because you’ve got four yes’s. Congratulations. *cheerful music* Thank you so much *cheerful music* Grandma your grandson just did so well on todays American’s got Talent. I love you so much Grandma. Thank you for letting me make fun of you on TV.

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  1. The fact that Simon asked him to do another joke., he is
    definitely on his way!👍 His grandmas prayers has covered him! 😃😃😃😃😃LOL!!!!

  2. I want to be a comedian in my school in Nigeria because I am black 10 year old, I make all my classmates laugh even teachers my teaher told me that comedy will pay me and talk like a broken tap

  3. Please lord Jesus! Now get these eight demons outside my grandbaby's chest!
    Let the bullets rise up snd part ways from his chest! Like moses did to the Red Sea! YES LORD let the blessing rain down!

  4. "I liked Precher…..he a good comedian me.. to me he almost like Eddie Murphy.. I can't say no Kevin Hart.. he way better than Kevin Hart"

  5. I don't even think this is funny? I just care about how they show the joke and the attitude when saying that joke.

    A good example is Rowan Atkinson

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