Laughter is the Best Medicine


today we’re making pedo tacos I think
the only difference between keto tacos and regular tacos as we don’t use shells
or chips and not about the only difference you know it’s just salad
kinda which is a very key to opiates are some people hamburger we make extra so
we can just put in the frigerator heat it up and have leftovers he sir furnish
the spinach I put some spinach with mine also but I eat a lot of song throw with
mine because I like to watch her and I don’t care if you’re not supposed to eat
it I like it I don’t like cilantro green onions is what we use peas and tomatoes
and that’s it my toes are friends yeah they are actually a little higher in
carbs than other stuff different but we don’t need that much of them and we’re
getting lots of fiber and then of course your taco seasoning salt garlic whatever
you want to add to it we are just you have to have sour cream on your tacos I
agree okay everything’s out do you or start cooking the hamburger and I’ll
start am i cooking on the back burner
whichever he was warmed from we boiled some eggs for breakfast and stuff snacks
it was just warm so I set it back at night for now get back to it later
for now we’re gonna use the hot water to do dishes or thrifty like that we are
we’re terribly thirsty yeah but and and we didn’t fill up the water so we don’t
have any more do anything with that’s all right what you’re the spout over
there no really you know that okay I can fill up water over there all that really
works for me hoping the whole thing I need scissors
whatever we don’t talk we I mean we gonna be later break it actually it’s
really handy too if you stop the TA get a big salad and just eat up your taco
meat throw it on there yeah we’ve done that and fast too if you can’t keep
enough lettuce and stuff in your refrigerator
this one does real good but the smaller truck leaves it under be too warm or it
would freeze all right I’m gonna leave that allowing let it he doesn’t does
deal I’m gonna cut up his spinach for him girl
well I’ve heard differently don’t believe what you hear well
sometimes you’re a little bossy you are what did you say then you’re
well-informed and you know what you’re doing and I’m just here to you know you
know all right we will get back at you guys directly all right what are you doing that girl
well normally you mix the taco seasoning in the pan okay the girl had to do a little
something there right but anyway what she was saying is
normally she would mix up talk all the seasonings in the pan that we cooked the
media right but this meat was so breezy it’s just really greasy we had to take
the meat out of it and mix it in involved right whatever works sometimes
you got to improvise overcome and adapt that’s what we do in
our world but here’s the it looks pretty good right and we’re just gonna put this
meat on top of here and eat it in I mean it’s a very simple thing to make not
that bad a mess I really like it see how it turns out well okay folks
that is an easy keto me all right you see the girl made this well okay
everybody just things frozen I don’t know if it’s working or not if it’s not
I think yeah anyway mostly this is what they’re
all made and since we have them you know we’ve got a couple guys and improvise
and everything is hey I think I’ll leave it all guys
actually we have a whole separate Bowl unless Congress for tomorrow
and all I have to do is whip up the salad and the hamburger pick already
ready Tammy but anyway that’s our taco salad
Keegan taco salad try it be my luck

12 thoughts on “JULIA CHILDS ON CRACK

  1. Boy howdy there TRC! You sure live on the edge at times… LOL… calling Miss Fancy Prissy Princess Pants a bossy lady… LOL! But we know, you love Miss Fancy PPP with all your heart too!
    The Keto taco salad looked good too! You'll have to tell how it was now!
    Have a great day and happy trucking trails to you both and the kiddo's too!

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