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Julia Gillard’s ‘misogyny speech’ in full | ABC News

is that the motion be agreed to. I call the Prime Minister. [JULIA GILLARD] Thank you very much Deputy Speaker and I rise to oppose the motion moved
by the Leader of the Opposition, and in so doing I say to the Leader of the Opposition:
I will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man. I will not. And the government will
not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man—not now, not ever. The Leader
of the Opposition says that people who hold sexist views and who are misogynists are not
appropriate for high office. Well, I hope the Leader of the Opposition has got a piece of
paper and he is writing out his resignation, because if he wants to know what misogyny
looks like in modern Australia he doesn’t need a motion in the House of Representatives;
he needs a mirror. That is what he needs. Let’s go through the opposition leader’s repulsive
double standards when it comes to misogyny and sexism. We are now supposed to take seriously
that the Leader of the Opposition is offended by Mr Slipper’s text messages, when this is
the Leader of the Opposition who has said, and this was when he was a minister under the last government—not when he was a student, not when he was in high school, (but) when he was a minister under the last government. He has said, and I quote, in a discussion about women being underrepresented in institutions of power in Australia, the interviewer was a man called Stavros, the Leader of the
Opposition said: “If it’s true, Stavros, that men have more power, generally speaking, than
women, is that a bad thing?” And then a discussion ensues and another person
being interviewed says, “I want my daughter to have as much opportunity as my son,” to
which the Leader of the Opposition says: “Yeah, I completely agree, but what if men are, by
physiology or temperament, more adapted to exercise authority or to issue command?” Then
ensues another discussion about women’s role in modern society, and the other person participating
in the discussions says, “I think it’s very hard to deny that there is an underrepresentation
of women,” to which the Leader of the Opposition says, “But now, there’s an assumption that this
is a bad thing.” This is the man from whom we are supposed to take lectures about sexism. And then, or course, it goes on. I was very offended personally when the Leader of the Opposition as minister for health said, and I quote, “Abortion is the easy way out.” I was very personally offended by those comments. You said that in March 2004.
I suggest you check the records. I was also very offended on behalf of the women of Australia
when in the course of this carbon pricing campaign the Leader of the Opposition said, “What the
housewives of Australia need to understand as they do the ironing …” Thank you for that
painting of women’s roles in modern Australia! And then, of course, I was offended too by the sexism,
by the misogyny, of the Leader of the Opposition catcalling across this table at me as I sit
here as Prime Minister, “if the Prime Minister wants to, politically speaking, make an honest
woman of herself …” — something that would never have been said to any man sitting in this
chair. I was offended when the Leader of the Opposition
went outside in the front of parliament and stood next to a sign that said ‘Ditch the
witch’. I was offended when the Leader of the Opposition stood next to a sign that described
me as a man’s bitch. I was offended by those things. Misogyny, sexism, every day
from this Leader of the Opposition. Every day, in every way, across the time the Leader
of the Opposition has sat in that chair and I have sat in this chair, that is all we have
heard from him. And now the Leader of the Opposition wants to
be taken seriously. Apparently he’s woken up, after this track record and all of these
statements, he’s woken up and he’s gone, “Oh dear, there’s this thing called sexism; oh my lord, there’s this thing called misogyny. Now who’s one of them? Oh, the Speaker must be because that
suits my political purpose” (He) doesn’t turn a hair about any of his past statements, doesn’t walk into this parliament and apologise to the women of Australia, doesn’t walk into
this parliament and apologise to me for the things that have come out of his mouth—but
(he) now seeks to use this as a battering ram against someone else. Well this kind of hypocrisy
should not be tolerated, which is why this motion from the Leader of the Opposition should
not be taken seriously. And then second, the Leader of the Opposition is always
wonderful about walking into this parliament and giving me and others a lecture about what
they should take responsibility for; always wonderful about that – everything that I should
take responsibility for, now apparently including the text messages of the member for Fisher.
Always keen to say others should assume responsibility, particularly me. Well can anybody
remind me if the Leader of the Opposition has taken any responsibility for the conduct
of the Sydney Young Liberals and the attendance at this event of members of his frontbench?
Has he taken any responsibility for the conduct of members of his political party and members
of his frontbench, who apparently when the most vile things were being said about my
family raised no voice of objection. (Government members interjecting)
[DEPUTY SPEAKER] Order! [GILLARD]: No-one walked out of the room,
no-one walked up to Mr Jones and said that this was not acceptable. Instead, of course, it was all viewed as good fun—until it was run in a Sunday newspaper, and then the Leader of the
Opposition and others started ducking for cover. (He is) big on lectures of responsibility,
very light on accepting responsibility himself for the vile conduct of members of his political party. Third, Ms Deputy Speaker, why the Leader
of the Opposition should not be taken seriously on this motion. The Leader of the Opposition
and the Deputy Leader of the Opposition have come into this place and have talked about the
member for Fisher. Well let me remind the opposition, and the Leader of the Opposition particularly,
about their track record and association with the member for Fisher. I remind them that
the National Party preselected the member for Fisher for the 1984 election, that the
National Party preselected the member for Fisher for the 1987 election, that the
Liberal Party preselected the member for Fisher for the 1993 election, then for the 1996 election,
then for the 1998 election, then for the 2001 election, then for the 2004 election, then
for the 2007 election and then for the 2010 election. And across many of those preselections
Mr Slipper enjoyed the personal support of the Leader of the Opposition. I remind the
Leader of the Opposition that on 28 September 2010, following the last election campaign
when Mr Slipper was elected as Deputy Speaker, the Leader of the Opposition at that stage said this, and I quote; he referred to the member for Maranoa, who was also elected to a position at the same time, and then went on as follows: ‘… and the member for Fisher will serve as a fine complement to the member for Scullin in the chair. I
believe that the parliament will be well served by the team which will occupy the chair in
this chamber … I congratulate the member for Fisher, who has been a friend of mine
for a very long time, who has served this parliament in many capacities with distinction …’
The words of the Leader of the Opposition on record about his personal friendship with
Mr Slipper and on record about his view about Mr Slipper’s qualities and attributes to be
the Speaker. (There is) no walking away from those words—they were the statements of
the Leader of the Opposition then. I remind the Leader of the Opposition, who
now comes in here and speaks about Mr Slipper and apparently his inability to work with
or talk to Mr Slipper, I remind the Leader of the Opposition, he attended Mr Slipper’s wedding. Did he walk up to Mr Slipper in the middle of the service and say he was disgusted to be there? Was that the attitude
he took? No, he attended that wedding as a friend. The Leader of the Opposition, keen
to lecture others about what they ought to know or did know about Mr Slipper but, with
respect, I would say to the Leader of the Opposition after a long personal association,
including attending Mr Slipper’s wedding, it would be interesting to know whether the
Leader of the Opposition was surprised by these text messages. He is certainly in a
position to speak more intimately about Mr Slipper than I am and many other people in
this parliament, given this long personal association. Then, of course, the Leader of the Opposition comes into this place and says, and I quote: “Every day the Prime Minister stands in
this parliament to defend this Speaker will be another day of shame for this parliament;
another day of shame for a government which should already have died of shame.” Well, can I indicate to the Leader of the Opposition, the government is not dying of shame,
my father did not die of shame. What the Leader of the Opposition should be ashamed of is
his performance in this parliament and the sexism he brings with it. Now, about the text messages that are on the public record, (Opposition members interjecting) [JENNY MACKLIN]: You used those words. It is a quote. [GILLARD] That is a direct quote from the
Leader of the Opposition, so I suggest those groaning have a word with him. On the conduct of Mr Slipper and on the text
messages which are in the public domain—I have seen the press reports of those text
messages, I am offended by their content. I am offended by their content because I am
always offended by sexism. I am offended by their content because I am always offended
by statements that are anti-women. I am offended by those things in the same way I have been
offended by things that the Leader of the Opposition has said, and no doubt will continue to say
in the future, because if this, today, was an exhibition of his new feminine side, well
I don’t think we have much to look forward to in terms of changed conduct. I am offended by those text messages but I
also believe that, in terms of this parliament, making a decision about the speakership, that his parliament should recognise that there is court case in progress, that the judge has reserved his decision, that having
waited for a number of months for the legal matters surrounding Mr Slipper to come to
a conclusion, that this parliament should see that conclusion. I believe that is the appropriate
path forward and that people will then have an opportunity to make up their minds with
the fullest information available to them. But, whenever people make up their minds about
those questions, what I won’t stand for, what I will never stand for, is the Leader of
the Opposition coming into this place and peddling a double standard; peddling
a standard for Mr Slipper he would not set for himself, peddling
a standard for Mr Slipper he has not set for other members of his frontbench; peddling
a standard for Mr Slipper that has not been acquitted by the people who have been sent out to say the vilest and most
revolting things, like his former shadow parliamentary
secretary, Senator Bernardi. I will not ever see the Leader of the Opposition seek to impose his double standard on this parliament. Sexism should always be unacceptable. We should
conduct ourselves as it should be always unacceptable.
The Leader of the Opposition says, ‘Do something.’ Well he could do something himself if he wants
to deal with sexism in this parliament. He could change his behaviour, he could apologise
for all his past statements, he could apologise for standing next to signs describing me as
a witch and a bitch—terminology that is now objected to by the frontbench of the opposition. He
could change a standard himself if he sought to do so. But we will see none of that from
the Leader of the Opposition, because on these questions he is incapable of change. (He is)
capable of double standards but incapable of change. His double standards should not
rule this parliament. Good sense, common sense, proper process
is what should rule this parliament. That’s what I believe is the path forward for
this parliament, not the kind of double standards and political game-playing imposed by the
Leader of the Opposition, (who is) now looking at his watch because, apparently, a woman’s spoken too long—I’ve had him yell at me to shut up in the past. But I will take the remaining seconds of my
speaking time to say to the Leader of the Opposition I think the best course for
him is to reflect on the standards he has exhibited in public life, on the responsibility
he should take for his public statements, on his close personal connection with Peter
Slipper, on the hypocrisy he has displayed in this House today. And on that basis, because
of the Leader of the Opposition’s motivations, this parliament today should reject this motion,
and the Leader of the Opposition should think seriously about the role of women in public
life and in Australian society—because we are entitled to a better standard than this. [GOVERNMENT MEMBERS] Hear hear!

100 thoughts on “Julia Gillard’s ‘misogyny speech’ in full | ABC News

  1. Fact. Her sisterhood in her Labor Party rolled her in favour of Kevin [ a man ] Rudd. Hello Tania Plibersek, Penny Wong, Nicola Roxon, Jenny Macklin.

  2. Laughable, Gillard is so dumb she doesn't even know what misogyny means. She think's it means "not giving women what they want".
    Dumb as dish water, misogyny means "an irrational hatred of women".
    Tony Abbott Has a mother, a sister, a wife and three daughters, and the moron Gillard accuses him of hating women.

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    H.Mulyono Gandadiputra Birth in Indonesia Jawa Barat

    Take (M.A)
    Psychology University Of Detroit Amerika 1968

  4. This video☝️ is embarrassing. Anyone who is okay with this is out of their mind! So much emotion. No logic.

  5. Political stunt. Abbot is a man of integrity who loves his country. This is just a smear campaign and not the place to say it, what a disgrace.

  6. PM Gillard was an outstanding prime minister who sought to bring Australia forward as the neanderthals of the LNP and Murdoch press everyday attempted to end her reign.

    Miss you PM Gillard, thanks for ALL your hard work and putting up with the vile hatreds that is experienced by Aust women every day.

    Go well, be strong, and remember "Fortune favours the Brave"

  7. That look on Julie Bishop's face…….well many years later Julie gets a taste of the Liberal Boys Club…now she might have some respect for what Gillard was saying.

  8. I'm a Christian, and NO WOMAN in the world will usurp my authority as a man. Not a police officer, not a judge, not a politician, not a manager. I don't recognise any of these angry feminist as my leaders, and this is a disgrace. These hypocrite hold their hand on OUR BIBLE and swear an oath. When OUR BIBLE condemns them.

    "Let a woman learn in silence with all submissiveness I permit no woman to teach or have authority over a man; rather, she is to remain silent."
    1 Timothy 2: 11-12

  9. Hypocrite. Swore an oath on the Bible which condemns her actions.
    "Let a woman learn in silence with all submissiveness I permit no woman to teach or have authority over a man; rather, she is to remain silent."
    1 Timothy 2: 11-12

  10. Tony Abbot has done more good for Australia and Australians than Gillard will ever do. He is a father of three daughters and his sister is a lesbian. Tony knows more about Parenthood and has more empathy towards women than Julia Gillard . Tony is not a misogynyst nor are 99% of Australian men. Julia had a lot of self ambition but no ambition for Australia. She was nothing more than a Union stooge . This misogyny speach and the memory of her disastrous Prime Ministership is the major reason why Australians did not vote for Bill Shorten and his Labor Party in 2019 Federal election.

  11. If you're going to have a female prime minister, it needs to be one who will be able to address all the national economic and security needs of the country first and foremost with the utmost effectiveness,
    or you may end up with more sexism than before right across all platforms.

  12. If you look a little more closely, you will find that party leaders are installed by the wealthy donors to protect the status quo and slow progressionisim, while pacifying the protests of the people who have to be exploited to fund their protection. The exception is when a party is playing to loose they will put a member they want to cull in the hot seat. They have to play to keep the donors as much as make the right decisions. In Australia we have a saying, "The only thing worse than a democracy is the alternative". And part of the reason is that ultimate power is a mind altering drug which removes rational thought from the victim's capabilities. I think you will find that to be a medical fact.
    Democracy and a functional judiciary serve to keep leaders in a constant routine of justifying their decisions with palatable logic. Perhaps better proof is in the fact that the hidden powers, the people who have so much capital that they actually have more sway in the economy than the government, choose to stay out of the public eye.

  13. Welcome to the beginning of the end. This is where gangs like antifa were created., these are the were the elite used to brain wash people

  14. History will remember Julia Gillard and this perfect speech. They will remember Tony Abbott's cruel bully campaigning and sexism against Australia's first female prime minister. Julia Gillard should be prime minister now. She did not get much of a chance to be prime minister due to the instability of the Labour party at that time. She should still be an MP. Tony Abbott is a disgrace to this country and an AWFUL man. Tony Abbott will NOT be remembered as a great prime minister, but Julia Gillard will!!

  15. This speach is an insult to every man in Australia. Julia is playing the victim and being offended which made her look weak and facile. Internationals were asking what is this Prime mininster complaining and ranting about ? She became P.M under false pretences ( union manipulation by Bill Shorten ) . The Labor Party did the right thing in sacking her from the role . They ditched the Witch. In 2019 this speach sounds ridiculous .

  16. Australia's greatest prime minister since whitlam!

    By the way here is a fun fact: Gillard lasted longer as PM than abbott did (June 2010 – June 2013 vs September 2013 – September 2015). 3 years for gillard but only 2 for Abbott!

  17. A pathetic women, clining to power, decides to have a go at men again…. and now she is gone, thrown out as a thief, liar and fool….. a fitting end….

  18. How these people manipulate?
    Stolen generation . Living off with aboriginals people land & wealth.
    We Tamils requested dock war crime man ( srilankan ex president)

  19. Firstly this speech was Reported Poorly in Regional QLD. As was much of Rudd's Words. This is an Interesting Fact that needs to be Considered with the Current Crackdown on Social Media. Without the Internet many in the Regions would Never see this.

  20. Oh my.Australia has been infected by feminism as well…crack open the fosters because feminism has released millions of men …and its great not having a woman to hold me back.

  21. Just one little technical problem. Something very minor but worth pointing out. So here we go. "Tony is not a misogynist". Tony does not hate women. To say that he does hate women, is just another nasty piece of bullying and a lie, from the intolerant left. Tony has a loving family with his wife and and three daughters for goodness sake. His deputy leader was also a woman. He has many female friends and the highest respect for the Queen of Australia, who is also a woman. Julia should apologise for her shameful speech. An insult and a total nonsense.

  22. Loved the way he started with head held high and a smile on his face. Ended with his head into his chest and a frown. Perfect. She is so missed and was so unfairly treated.

  23. UK opted for a ‘strong woman’ leader, Treason May but sadly she couldn’t achieve anything in her three years in office.

  24. i still see her as the nbn fibre killer. if krudd just stayed in long enough id have fibre not this rancid fttn shit that i got because the plebs wouldnt back her. 🙁

  25. I'm a Yank so I can't comment on the political milieu of that moment but, dammo, you guys like your nagging straight, no chaser. Some woman talk at me like that, I'd give her some backsass to chew on. Don't like that toxic Feminista crap. You want equality?? Any Man would be getting lights out, talking like a screamin' tantrum. Rather listen to a baby cry.

  26. Julia Gillard’s full time politician bludger. She’s, so dumb to find a job after her end. She’s, going to talk, and talk and talk and nobody listen. Why they don’t realise, that they are already a history.

  27. Sickening. So she opposes the motion(I don't even know what it was, after her 15 minute speech) because the MP who brought forth the motion is a misogynist? I though she was going to refute the motion point by point, but all I got was an ad hominem attack, masquerading as a logical response. I guess the Aussies have caught the disease of fallacious thinking from the Americans, but what do I know, maybe they invented it. Either way, sad to see. Especially the comments from her supporters, and her detractors.

  28. She has got the most annoying voice I think I’ve ever heard. It’s like she is deliberately trying to talk in a dumb accent. I know she’s Aussie but wow it’s bad.

  29. Well I am pleased Julia only lasted 5 minutes as PM if she was offended by these comments, you need to be made of stronger mental character than that to be a strong leader. This was politicians playing politics instead of getting on with running the country. I fully acknowledge the budgie smuggler PM was no better, I unfortunately met him while he was in opposition and was very unimpressed.

  30. Fact. Her sisters in her Labor Party sisterhood voted to replace her with Kevin Rudd. Hello Penny Wong, Tanya Plibersek, Nicola Roxon, Jenny Macklin.

  31. It is ironic that Julie Bishop, who was mute on misogynomy and sexism during this time, now has called out sexism. Loses all credibility.

  32. I was 11 when this happened. I always thought she was stupid because it’s what my dad said about her. I was young and impressionable and in educated. Now I see that I have grown up to have very similar views as her

  33. Fake news, and weaponisation of baseless allegations. Julie Gillard is one to talk, she stabbed her own Prime Minister in the back!

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