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July 26 Daily Tarot  Reading❤️ Focus On Love & Laughter☀️ #tarot #dailytarot #tarotread

hello everybody welcome to July 26 2019 daily tarot update thank you very much for joining me today I'm very excited to be with you I'm here with London the one legged cockatiel who was happily perched on a plush hamburger as one-legged cockatiels tend to do and he is to oversee our reading so if he gives me a chirp and exultation I don't know whether or not I'm doing a good job right now I think he's having a nap he's nailed early cockatiel and he's very very special little boy and we celebrate all our birdies here most have disabilities but they are not defined by the man as you can see as in balancing on a his favorite little hamburger cushion that he that's nothing stand in his way so he's a good example for fighting to be the best person you're called to be so first things first let's see what our cards have to say to us today they're absolutely glorious we have the ace of coins the forá– wands and the chariot now we're dealing with this energy we can't help but notice we have to root chakras and one heart chakra the root chakra is the color red I know red knob we often seumas love the Rose I dedicated my roses on my trellis to Eileen she's one of our viewers and but the red actually stands for root chocolate and it's where we get our family put core values where we have our ethics where we have our morals all those types of things make up our root chakra where or where our roots are firmly planted in the ground and that's very important how you plant your roots because it depends how you grow and where you're growing how much success you'll have whether or not if you have found foundation that really suits your man or life in which you really believe we got to walk what you talk in this world to get anywhere so we're looking at the AZ point we're looking at a gift from the universe and it's a very beautiful cartoon eat all a Cesare called gifts from the universe and they're from it's just basic saying spirits and love and God are there for you and they want to give you a surprise today so I mean can't go home with that is unexpected and the picture is the lady she's dressed in a dress of rose petals and beautiful red silk and she's leading you we're following her and she's leading us through a beautiful lush garden of rose petals and there's no thorns it's all just beautiful red roses and some lush leaves and the skies are all decked out and sparkly stars an enchantment that we look upon beautiful medallion in the sky representing a coin which represents the purchase of our happiness and then you can't put a price on happiness but it's just like it's the Sun it's basically the Sun there and the form of a way saying welcome welcome your dreams this is a time to live out your dreams dare to dream manifest your dreams and you know hats hats the Bible really in life is knowing what you want and the next half is actually after obtaining it so as my dad always used to say you could do anything you want anything but not everything because there's only so much time you know you can't be an astronaut you can't be a football player and you can't be a seamstress all in the same day it's just there's logistics won't allow for such diversity so you have to know what we want diversity is a cool thing but we still have to narrow down our careers we have to narrow down how we want to choose for our personal life how we still have not type of genre and also what expectations we have in our life and our material comforts these are all things we have to consider you know as we grow up and also the family values this is this is a very strong family values any red one is and so is the chariot and I personally broke the norms of my family in the sense of I went off and travelled at a young age I hitchhiked across Canada I also traveled across Europe South Asia Africa and South America and you know that wasn't what people did in my family my family's very educated and you know they're they are very lovely people and very giving and very compassionate and very intelligent and I went off and did my own thing now that doesn't come with little consequences that means when you come back you have to get your education as an adult learner you have to it's very important you get an education because it gives you a foundation and it gives you insurance and I did get an education and I'm very happy I did because now it allows me to do other things but I just want to really stress that in young people out there that education is his power and it might be boring and monotonous you think oh my gosh I just finished high school I don't go for another three or four years for a university or whatnot but it really is worth it because once you have that basis you can really build upon it it's like it's building a good basement a foundation to your home is when you get education so I strongly recommend that it was something you're considering now with the chariot we're dealing with the type of energy where were manifesting their dreams now in between the chariot and the ace of coins there is all the chakras so the first offer of course is the base chakra which I mentioned is you know the family root core values of whom you are as a person and then comes a secret chakra which is like the orange chakra which we're we kind of developed you know how we our love style or love language how we want to live our lifestyle and single people or as or as people in marriages or what we want to have kids or whatnot and then come the solar plexus chakra they're yellow and they're all about making plans again for your future you know where you think your life is leading you and then we get to the heart chakra which we do have a heart chakra card and a reading which is the the green one there which represents permission like whose approval do we need are we still asking for our families and societies approval when we make our decisions and our true fears are revealed and then we get into the throat chakra which invites us to around the life we created and then we reached their origins chakra which is the third eye and then we decide what's real and what is just illusionary why are things – what are some myths we believe there are entire lives that actually weren't true the entire scope of things what we believed and motivated us and so we start maybe doing some of the things that we learned and it's turn its call maturities what that is and then we come to the crown chakra will be tap into our unconsciousness and unified world so it's quite like quite a journey but when we go between Ace the chariot we go through the full spectrum of all the chakras and then we get the chair it again so you went through all what I just said and now we share it without much knowledge all those knowledge all those learning paths all those curves you went through to get to the chariot where you're now manifesting your desires all those little orbs flying around her or her thoughts or dreams or hope or their aspirations and in the background you see the chariot running towards her now the chariot is a cart of action in some next it shows actually shows a chairs here with two sphinxes or two horses of different colours and white horse is supposed to represent our living a light and things we do every day and wine horse is supposed to represent our fears so what do we fear are we ready to face on our fears and as soon as we are ready to face the fears then we can achieve a balance in our life – Trinity to achieve true success and here the chair to chair it represents you and this deck the actual person that the chair tier is you this is you in your Divine Feminine form if you're masculine then this is still you and your Divine Feminine form because we're all a mix of both and you're waiting and you're dreaming and you have no ideas or chariots FASTA coming you know you're your cue to be called on stage is about to happen and you don't even realize it and that's you right now this is a time of action it's time to walk your talk and it's time to put your dreams in reality and start taking positive steps towards your goals but they have to be goals you and you have to set them and believe me that's half the battle you have to know what you want before you can go get it now some beautiful beautiful energy we having today is the four wand then the four ones is very well known as the happily ever after card in the Tarot it looks different than the rider-waite but it's the same meaning in that respect however it's ruled by the heart chakra and the heart chakra is ruled by the element of air so not only do you have that element of fire of the Wands you also have the element of air of the heart chakra and then you have the green which represents the very luxurious empress and the VAT of abundance and love and then you also have the intellect because butterflies symbolize the metamorphosis but the journey me goals and my cocoon to unfurl in our wings and that comes with not only life experience a school of hard knocks but it also comes with intelligence it alls coming together for you now in the forum wands now fours are all about consistency so like the square base foundation of anything and you look at the four swords you're dealing with the card of meditative and contemplation you look at the four cups and then you're trying to say you know what what you see and why you won't be seeing its offer to you're dealing with the four coins you're dealing with or you're so afraid of people taking things from you gonna live in a scarcity mindset well the four of Wands it's none of those things the four ones is celebrating the hearts joy and she is at the last moment before she rides towards her queendom instead of her kingdom they say they're queendom she's about to achieve all her goals all our dreams are gonna come true and they're at the castle at the end of that little plank type walkway lit up by four emerald glowing wands now her journey ahead is going to have new challenges that's part of life your journeys the challenges and problems or obstacles never go away and that's a good thing if they go away then chances you know longer here on earth so we welcome challenges and we we call them challenges look at challenges obstacles and looking at the whole different angle I see they even with my health I've been filmed this this reading now this is the third time I started filling my reading I keep going you interrupted by phone calls from my hospital scheduling my MRI and my cat scans and all this stuff and it's just like but that's just a challenge they're just they're not obstacles they're just challenge there's things to make me a better person like I always been compassionate I worked in orphanages in the third world I work with endangered animals I work with people with disabilities like these are things to be very proud of to be allowed to be part of and now that I mail to I see this as an opportunity it's an opportunity for me to see the other side it's an opportunity for my compassion to grow even deeper and I hope to reach other people with my experience you know even if it's one person I am a soft place to land for then let me be it then then all my pains worth it and that's that's my attitude and that's a very healthy attitude to have torn adversity now the Shocker message that's brought forth you today in the four ones is that it's indicating on your coming to full bloom so some of the things you've been manifesting or vote to really happen and there's a lot of excitement relating to something good in your life whilst you're still getting ready to prepare your heart to be open to the joy so you could have some residual pain from past heartache or some past failures you can't believe this is happening to you because it's such good news oh my gosh this is happening to me I mean just this morning my iPod dinged and Jayhawk 23 added me as a friend on Instagram I was like oh my gosh I can't believe it oh my you know it's imagine if someone you really admired added you on Instagram like if you had a favorite youtuber or favorite perform or a favorite artist and they added you how you felt like oh my goodness oh my goodness like I just was so excited so thank you Jay Hawke 23 that means a lot to me I just but it's just one of those things like sometime you just say I can't believe they would add me oh my gosh me and then it happens and you don't know what to do and it's just a wonderful uplifting and lift your heart your heart feels uplifted so we're called right now to go inside and tap into your joy and happiness surrounding your true spirit of anticipation around what do you desire and what would your world like if this was your one only true anticipation I mean as I mentioned before for me personally my health is a priority because if I don't have my health health as wealth as they say I need my health so I think we be strong again so I can be more service to other people and little animals and and whatnot but I really love to see my youtube channel grow and I'd like to be known as someone that people could refer to as their soft place to land that's what I want to be I want to be a person people can turn to when they're happy and when they're sad and when they want to laugh and when they want someone to seriously listen to their their adversaries in life or whatever it is like I really want to be there I want to I want to be someone's wrong and I got London's in the center they looked at me like the rock yes we're talking about the rock now two towers so now we're going to look at an absolute beautiful Oracle card I bought this in Thanksgiving for legendary Tarot for kindred spirit for Sheila for Ford Mustang for Mary for Caroline for Carolyn for Kayla for absolutely everyone who's ever reached out with their prayer light in love I bought this Oracle and so our energies are shared upon it and today we drew the llama and it's art angel animal Oracle and this is what the ulema has to tell us today who knew a lamb and you when you woke up this morning you do think a lamb was going to tell you a message I know I didn't here we go this is a card of pure love it suggests your heart is warm and open and you may let others impose on your good nature or drain you decide was acceptable for you then it is important to set clear boundaries as we are all energy entwine it might be enough for you to define these boundaries mentally however your guidance is to prepare to enforce them tactfully if necessary then you will find it easier to follow your heart and be a loyal caring and patient person with your loved ones and those in need remember to find time to see positive friends and do things that make you feel relaxed happy as this will all give you energy and keep you in your frequency high it will benefit you to tune into the cosmic heart for love and support and the cosmic hearts in which they speak off is your heart chakra which you are glowing with with the for blondes so that is a very beautiful message indeed and next up is the Angels of Atlantis and we drew forgiveness this is remind me a lot of my my I didn't talk yesterday a video yesterday on letting go a friend in my life and because he didn't respect my boundaries and he always yelled and screamed at me and I don't yell and scream at anybody so it was one of those things where I had to set my boundaries he was aware of them he crossed them after being made unknown so I had to say goodbye so that's sort of like the lamb energy so now that I say goodbye to him I have more time in my life to make room for people who do love me and do support me because the only could be emotional punching bags for so long before we start losing who we are as people so we don't want any of that so here we are with your yellow there angel of forgiveness and this is the message when you draw this card jofi L asked you to release the negative feelings of the past to let go of the substance of pain that stops you from living a life of unlimited joy and love forgiveness doesn't mean you accept inappropriate behavior towards yourself it means that you're no longer are prepared to carry the pain of reaction within you when we hold unforgiveness in our hearts we may be stabbed with bitterness let jofi l take this burden from you and allow your heart chakra to feel changed and charged and enlivened how is that change charge and enliven all by your heart chakra while looking at a coffee Till's one leg sitting on a plush hamburger it doesn't get any better than that so next up we're going to review a very beautiful oracle that i received in the mail and from belgium anonymously from belgium was really cool because i don't know anyone in belgium I knew I have a few viewers from Belgium but this person left anonymous present and they send it and even had a custom form on it and so this is a beautiful deck given from someone it's given as a random act of kindness I only can assume and it has a very beautiful message for us today and the message of this beautiful card is focus you may have you must focus on the task at hand right now there's no room for a scattergun approach put on the blinkers and do not listen to gossip or negative people if you do make a mistake it is not your mistake to make do not waste your focus do not allow it to split your attention into too many pieces and the mantra reads I have a laser-like focus that serves me well when we place our focus attention on matters it's like placing our undivided focus on something that means that more were more likely to take action upon it we are more likely to finish something we wish to complete if we focus on it we are more likely to plan and succeed in our achievements should we take the time to focus on how even as something as simple as eating a meal is more enjoyable if we take the time to focus on what with that for eating and all the centuary rewards so it's basically it's telling us to put down in our cell phones our smartphones and not turn off the TV and talk to the people under doxy just to enjoy our foods and the sensations and such and really live in the moment what hinders focus diversion and it's often diversion we said ourselves that we allow to divert us when we're afraid of our own growth or greatness we may procrastinate we might find drama in her own way we may even find focus on everyone except ourselves and never have the time to do the things we set for ourselves our our hearts desires therefore never come to us we may allow the opinions of others to get in the way letting the criticisms and values of others affect us this is useless we need to forget or both the gossip or opinions of others but what society says instead turn your focus to you and what you are doing pay attention to you yes you we need to focus instead on what feels so deeply good to us what we really want and what we really want our place what we want to really place our laser-like focus upon and soon it will be ours so there we go it's all about focus and the pictures kind of ominous with the girl there with the water and the butterfly but the butterfly is symbolizing intellect and the water is symbolizing emotion and then we of course have the sacred chakra kind of hinted around in the waters there as well as the solar plexus chakra with the real light on her forehead really bringing into the 4-flat of mercury which is communication solar plexus removal by the communication so we have to really communicate not just to the outside world but to ourselves we need a self dialog too so next up let's take a look at some more beautiful oracle cards as we explore what is ahead of us and we have our moon ology card which is very special and it says hold your vision fix move okay well after logically speaking there is a number of fix signs and the fix signs are Taurus Leo Scorpio and Aquarius and they are saying that they alone they're stubborn they are just as valuable as any other of the qualities and the astrological wheel there's no judgment in saying that they're stubborn it's fact it's quite admirable but how much staying power the fixed signs have but they also could be quite obstinate so holding your vision fixed moon that is calling you to dig your heels in so if you really believe in something if you really have a cause if you're really something that really define you as a person you don't want to give it up then now is the time not to succumb to those types of energies and really believe in yourself at this time I personally am a stubborn person and I find it really serves me well because I'm so determined that nothing's gonna shake me like I'll go to the ends of the earth just to fulfill a promise I made to someone that's the kind of person I am and it's very important to me that I I do that and so when someone calls me stubborn I actually see that it is a compliment so that is something to keep in mind don't don't think that someone is because they call you stubborn means that you're being insulted in any way it's just one of those things that's how you use your stubbornness if it uses it use it to serve you well is the whole key point oh being what it's like to be stubborn for the greater good and I'm proud of being stubborn I can remember before one of my operations was my kidney ruptured in 2010 I had some honesty some medication into me but I had to use the washroom before my surgery and they asked me if I could stand up and get to the wash from my own beside being pumped through morphine and I looked at them calmly and I said I can do anything and it just it just kind of funny I look back remember me saying that I must have sounded pretty uppity but it was like I'm getting out from my gurney and I'm gonna use the wash I'm gonna come back to bed and then I'm gonna have my surgery I'm not gonna be using a bedpan today thank you very much like I was just so determined and now I know that it's okay to use a bedpan if you have to but so far I've been pretty lucky so here we go we have the laughter card this is this is a beautiful gift from my very first subscriber Sheila and she gave me this beautiful oracle card and it's from nature's whispers and everyone knows how much I really owe a lot to Sheila Sheila helped turn my life around because when I first got my tumors I felt so depressed after my fiancee died and my got laid off for my job I lost 30 pounds and then then they found cancerous tumors and my colon and I don't know I would dick I just got kinda pressed at that point and I with Sheila that helped me a friend I met on my channel my very first subscriber that just opened my eyes and now I'm more full of life than ever like I'm so happy right now and even in my pain I feel so much joy and that's all the difference that a friend makes a true friend that's accept to sign you're dealing with a full a real friend is when they make you laugh and smile and and I want you to be a better person look we knew yourself want to be a better person because of you a friend then that's a good sign if someone makes you feel bad about yourself make you want to cry make you feel less all the time that's a sign that person isn't a good friend so let's get on to our final oracle for a beautiful reading of July the 26th so the London the cockatiel sitting on a hamburger as one thing is cockatiels do and we get laughter laughter breaks up this stagnant energy and gets things moving to help relax you laughter is powerful and a dope for us to relieve stress pain and conflict nothing works faster or more dependable to bring to your mind body and back into balance and a good life humor lightens your burdens it and buyers hope it connects you to others and keeps you grounded focused and alert and I really love laughter and that's why I don't know I'm mentioning Jayhawk 23 so much but I just think those guys are the funniest guys on YouTube my favorite taro channels of course are kindred spirit legendary taro and Gregory Scott but my favorite YouTube channel for comedy is definitely Jayhawk 23 and I also love rich luxe and I know I don't think rich luxe would ever give me I'm more than the time of day I wrote him some comments now and then I think he's a cool guy he has nothing at all to do with my demographic but I really since I said someone who's very intuitive I really sense he's a really lovely lovely person and I love a sense of humor so that's another youtuber that I really admire and love but my favorite has to be Jayhawk 23 because they make me laugh and smile even when I'm in pain sometimes the map am holding my side it's like the fleas like stop loving because I it hurts the last of time but it's just an absolutely wonderful reading I hope you're very excited we have a wonderful day ahead of you and London the cockatiel I didn't chirp or protest anything I said so everything I said was met his standards of cockatiel approval and I hope you have a wonderful wonderful day please like subscribe comment on our videos watch your zodiac signs I've actually made our monthly reading for each sign of the zodiac for the month of August and I'd love to hear your opinion on them and we have lots of fun unboxings ahead of us and some of you have a pair of parody upcoming so please subscribe to her channel Channel it wouldn't be the same without you we love you very very much take care and bye bye for now

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  1. Thank you for your powerful reading. Your readings resonate so strongly with me. I keep you in my prayers. God Bless you and your sweet little birdies.🕊☘️✨🦄

  2. Hi Sweetheart 🙏💗. It’s a beautiful set of cards displayed 💗
    Gratitude to the Universal Angels 👼🙏.
    Everyone have a blessed day ✝️ love 💗 & hugs 🤗 🕊🦋🤗❤️
    Having the courage to focus on what is important to ourselves & having family values 🦉🦅
    Learning is an on going education in life 🙌
    Abundance of love is a blessing 💗✝️
    Life is a wondrous when given laughter & joy when a comedian does that one liner 😂
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