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*Applause* Yes yes! Hello, hello, hello! Hi! Welcome back to Jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos! Where we are going to delve into the internet and find out What is going to tickle our ribs today? Let me just take a sip out of my mug of comedy. *Sipping/toilet noises Intensifies* Ah, Yes very tasty tastes like children’s tears! But let’s ZOOOOM into the internet and figure out what’s gonna make us laugh today. This video is called “Amazon Alexa hacked into a Billy buh.. Billy bass fish Billy bass fish”… Oh please be as good as I think you’re gonna be.. Video: Alexa, *Ding* what’s the weather? Billy Bass Fish: Currently, in Cambridge, it’s 45 degrees with showers. Tonight, you can look for rainy weather with a low of 43 degrees Oohhhh I want one! I ne- *breaks into laughter* *cough* I need one! That’s so fuckin’ good! that’s so much better than regular Alexa!! Aaww! No, this should be good! This is from Seth Everman, A lot of you have probably seen this guy before he’s the one this is all like the piano covers Covers and he did too one that’s like the Eminem song this one’s called ‘Mirror Selfie’ *Piano playing* He’s got a Kojima productions phone case *Piano Playing Intensifies* There it is again! *Giggles* Whhhhat????? What the fuck!? *Giggles* What the hell? H-How did he do that? this is the thing that he always is that the *Jack imitates piano badly* I get dropping the phone. Dropping the phone is the easy part. Ooh! Wait I get it. I get it. I see how it’s done now. I see it, well that transitions obvious Movie magic once you figure it out. It’s all ruined ‘spider-man 3 dance scene with realistic audio no music’ Oh, no is this going to be like those ones where like Elvis is dancing on the stage *Jack does a weird jumping dance*. Oh God I don’t think I’m ready for this one! Lady: Ew! Peter: How you doin’ ? *Jack’s adorable laugh* Oh it’s so cringey! *Jack mocks Peter’s weird noises while laughing* Oh my god I forgot how bad that scene was! *Laughing* Oh it just goes on and on! *Peter grunting and making a weird ass dance* Ooooohhh God! *Laughing* Guy: Asshole *Mocks background character* ‘Asshole!’ Oh man! That scene in the original movie is both. It’s the cringiest thing ever but it’s also fucking genius When you actually watch it like you you’re not supposed to take the scene seriously Which is what a lot of people did. Myself included the first time you see the movie. And then when you watch it back again, your like: ‘Okay, this movie’s a masterpiece.’ This movie is brilliant this movie is way ahead of its time because of scenes like that. They were like: ‘Eh _(ツ)_/¯ . We’re not gonna be able to be taken seriously anymore so we might as well just go with: *Amazing dancing* The curse of the Wege board??? Ooh my god! Is this the same guy who did the pregananant one!? Oh yes! Narrator: What is a wega board? Narrator: How do you make a weegi board? Narrator: How do you feel about Oiji boards? Narrator: How to Ojo board works?? Narrator: How we can do planchit withot using ooija board? Narrator with Australian Accent: Is it dangerous to play Oija board? Narrator: Oujij board????? Narrator: My ouijis board is cussing me out? Narrator: Is the oueja board online fake or real? Narrator with Scottish accent: It the wija i real game? Narrator: How we can able play ouijo board? Narrator: Weegee bored or whatever? Narrator: How do I find out if there a ghost in my house without using a weggy board? Narrator: A Wiggy board game? What happens? Narrator: When I was a kid i used to mess about with a quiche board. *Jack loses it laughing* A Quiche board!!?? What the fuck??? Oh my God! I’ve never seen this! What’s wrong with me!? This is from 2016!? I’m so behind! Oh God! That’s gold! *Laughs* Quiche board… Narrator: Luigi board? Narrator: The Luigi Board? Narrator: Making a Luigi board? Narrator: Have you played the Luigi board? Narrator: Can you burn a Luigi board? Narrator: What is a Luigi board? Narrator: My friends did Luigi board and it mention me! Narrator: How do Luigi boards work? Narrator: Are Luigi boards dangerouse if you ask something about ghost? Narrator super fast: What’s up with the Luigi board game? Is it creepy or what is it possible to die for playing this game? Narrator turns into an anime character: Ah… Narrator: HELP QUIJA! Narrator: Do quija boards actually works? Narrator: (Weeger) Quija board experiences? Narrator: Help pls! Ouija board (wega board) help pls!? Narrator: Pls help! ! Quija Board (Wega Board) pls help Narrator: Help pls! Quija Board (wega borad) *narrator starts laughing* help pls! Narrator: How to use Wedgie board and is it real? Narrator: Do wedgie board work and if so what happened? Narrator: Where do I obtain a wedgie board Do i have to make my own Wedgie or can i buy one from a witch or VEGAN? *Jack dies laughing RIP* Why would you…?? A witch or a vegan!? Are they interchangeable? Wait, there’s more left of the video… Narrator: GHOST GHOST GHOST Narrator: Period, question mark Oh! That’s how I live my life When I’m walking down the hallway with my sandwich in my hand and I hear a creak of the board’s I think GHOST GHOST GHOST *Laughing* Oh! That was good. Oh, I can’t laugh my stomach hurts. ‘Why no white panther?’ I’ve seen this This is good. Oh this this – this video is so meta. It’s from mega64 or one of the guys Rock – Rocko from mega64 Guy 1: Hey guys Guy one: Uh, I was just at the theater and i was thinking- Guy 2 and three: No! No! None at all just stop no! Guy 1: What are – what are you talking about? Guy 2 and 3: We saw the title of the video so just, don’t. Don’t do that. We know what you were thinking but just stop it! Guy 1: yeah it probably wasn’t a good idea… *Jack Giggles* It’s so good! It’s so meta because it’s like, a bunch of people make shitty videos like this like: ‘why no white panther?’ Because it’s like ‘oh what people are talking about this’ and Black Panther is a very racially charged movie and a lot of people are talking about it because of the race factor in the movie. So then a bunch of people come out with stuff like ‘Why no white panther huh?’ And then like their brain doesn’t kick in between when they record it and when they edit it and upload it kinda like the Logan Paul situation Where it’s like: ‘Did your brain not kick in at some point to be like, maybe this is not a good idea?’ So this is like a play-by-play of what that is like you think people actually see the title the clickbait titles? Like of course they see is the first fucking thing they see *claps* Ugh! That’s incredible I love that video So this one’s a kindergarten weather report But it was titled the fact that a kid had to make a weather report for his class But his dad was like a visual effects person or something like that Oh damn! Adorable Child: Hello in Nashville. I’m your local weatherman Carter Corts Aww he’s so cute! Adorable Child: Today’s weather report is brought to you by the letter C and also Pokemon cards Even More Adorable Child: Pokemon! gotta catch em all! *Jack’s laugh* Adorable Child: Today’s weather in Nashville using our new weather simulator! All I have to do is click this button *Child Screaming* Adorable Child: I’m in a hurricane! Oh my god, whoever your dad is is the fuckin greatest! Holy shit! *Jack in a… Ash voice?* Pokemon cards! Gotta catch ’em all! Adorable Child: So cold! Adorable Child: Is there something behind me? Adorable Child Yelling: SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Jack laughing and music playing while adorable child dances* Aww! He’s so cute! *Jack Laughs* This has been your Wavery Belmort weather report! I’m Carden Corts. Oh my god, I wish all weather reports were like that. Instead of the whole bullshit of like we got a low-pressure system Pushing in from the West and then from the East. We’re gonna have a hurricane coming in which everybody around this area are all fucked get out of town I want one like this! I don’t know how this one is going to go… This one’s titled ‘Robbie rotten is communist’ Robbie Rotten: I’d like an ice cream about… This high! I love Robbie rotten. I love lazytown. It’s incredible Jack & Robbie : Wow! I love how he just grabs it! Robbie Rotten: What do I owe you? Creepy Icecream guy: Nothing. It’s for free. Robbie Rotten: *Gasp* Free!? (USSR Anthem Plays) Soyuz nerushimyj respublik svbodonykh splotila *music cuts* Jesus Christ OHH such a low-hanging fruit! Wii sports resort…? What’s about to happen? I don’t know what’s going on. I’m gonna have to keep talking cuz there’s a Nintendo music in the background And they’re gonna be mad at me Oh! *Laughing* Oh that’s good *laughing* Oooh Shit! I remember that! *Laughing* My god, it’s a Wii Sports! It’s a Wii Sports with classic scenes. Oh my God. I’ve never seen that one before oh Oh shit… oh wait! there’s the second part! yes! it’s like Wii sports, but all these other viral videos in the background Yes, okay, give it to me. Let’s see what you have this time.. Go for it! ‘Sword play’ *Laughing* That was a shovel No Hey, that’s the same clip again! you can’t use the same one twice! *Laughing* Ok, I feel bad for laughing at them I feel so bad! 🙁 But the clip is so funny cuz it’s like a bunch of people who think that awesome in the speed boat And then they just hit and fucking piled around. I’d feel bad if any was hurt though. Hopefully no one was hurt in that video. Oh, oh wait hold the fuckin’ phone! what?! Did he died is that part the talent?! was it just a joke? That’s a fuckin’ arrow straight in the eye!! (Oh damn, poor guy :C) I Feel like I need a source on that! (Me too..) So after looking it up it appears that it’s a parody of the talent show. (So he’s okay?) Thank God, man. That wasn’t-this is must be Jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos! It’s not What The Fuck Just Happened!? Is He Dead? (I’d probably still watch that though) Somebody sent me this one. It’s called ‘Jacksepticeye’s Scream’ (Okay..?) You all know Jack’s April Fool’s right? Yes. I’m familiar with it (I’m not :D) *Screaming intensifies* Classic! ‘How about we spice things up?’ (Wait.. Wha??) #Septiplier *Jack’s scream* (Oh..) Oh, I get it! (Me too) *Laughing* *Jack’s scream intensifies even more* (Even I’m laughing while writing these subtitles xD) It works with every scenario! (Yes it does! :DD) Oh I already know where they’re all going and it’s still funny! *Jack’s scream* *Plus some Jack laughter* No! Gandolf! GanJack JackDolf Gandolf : Fly, you fools! Top of the mornin’ to ya (My name is JackDolf) *MORE SCREAMING* (This is by far my favorite scream xD) I don’t know what’s funnier, just the fact that it’s doing it or the fact that they’re not blended well? so it still sounds like he’s just like right inside your head as it’s screaming. ‘Gus, I’m A grenade’ Now, I’ve never seen The Fault in Our Stars. (What?) I – I Know that that’s what this is from but I’ve never actually seen the scene, so I don’t know what’s going to happen… Hazel: Gus I’m A grenade! *Screaming* *Bossly Explosion* (Oh that, I don’t know it :3) *Laughing* Ooohhh that’s good! (I’d say so myself too :V) That’s good Gus is from Breaking Bad. He was one of the characters! (I’ve never watched Breaking Bad..) And that does it for this episode of: Jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos!! I hope you learned a lot here today always remember that you can drink out of the well of comedy anytime you want! (I didn’t learn anything! Just to neva be upset :DD) *Jack… Noise..?* Don’t forget the today’s episode is sponsored by the letter C. Also sponsored by trumpets get your trumpet today (Da letter C, everyone hear dat?) *Trumpet* Get tootin’! Thank you guys so much for watching! Tune in next time for more of Jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos! Imma leave you with our signature catchphrase Stay funny world! *…..* (Outros) I’m Everywhere By Teknoaxe (Thanks for Watching!) (English Subtitles by Rainbow The Majestic Cat, GO SUB TO JACK!! He’s awesome :3, bai now!) ….

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  2. When he started clapping for the weather report I couldn’t see his hands and I’m more dirty minded than markimoo sooooooo……………………….HELL HERE I COME 😀

  3. the quiche board thing just reminded me of how i went to a concert one time and you weren't allowed to take food or drink in so you had to leave it on a table by the doors and someone deadass bought a whole quiche with them. to this day o have no idea what they were thinking.

  4. I watched Spider-Man 3 mostly out of the original trilogy I thank that’s why I’ve wanted to kill myself

  5. The Spider-Man 3 dance scene is actually genius,
    I know this irrelevant but this is not a cringy dance scene, but it’s portraying what peter thinks cool is, and peter is supposed to be a nerd, so it is deliberately cringe.

  6. For a second the ouija board video made me forget how to actually say ouija board 🤦🏽‍♂️

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  10. let me tell you a tale of a man who could call a small boy
    cute and NOT get thrown in jail for being a sexual predator

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