Laughter is the Best Medicine

Kalisunte Kaladhu Sukham || EP 04 || F2 || Funny Family || Tamada Media

My brother insisted we checked the cup board.
Did he actually put money in there? I’ll go check. If he did, then I can have
all of 25 grand for myself! My hubby insisted I checked the cupboard.
Maybe he did put some cash. Maybe Sunny is wrong. I’ll go check. If there is money there
I can have all of 25 grand for myself! What a huge house! I guess all are asleep. If I get
a good haul here, I can relax for the next 3 months. Shit! Someone has woken up. I hope she is asleep.
Maybe he did put the money. I’ll go check. Shit! She has woken up. Hi.
– Hi. W-Who are you? – I’m a robber. Oh, just a robber?
I thought you were my sister-in-law’s relative. Why are you here?
– My brother placed 25 grand in the cupboard. I’m planning on keeping all of it.
– So, you are a robber too. I think your sister-in-law is up.
– Shit! What do I do now? I’ll help you out. But is in it for me?
– My sister-in-law bought here some jewellry and sarees. I know where she keeps them.
– Alright, deal. – Deal. How do you plan on helping me?
Drinking water is of no help. Shit! Someone is here! She is gone into hiding. Go get the cash.
– Thank you! – Where does she keep her jewellry? It’s in the cupboard in her room. The keys for it..
– That won’t be needed. – How professional. Who could it be? It is Sunny?
Shit! He is getting to the cash before me. Oh, God, a thief broke into our house!
How dare you try to rob our house! Scoundrel! I know how to deal with jerks like you..
– God, this lady seems too bloodthirsty. Sister-in-law, it is me!
– Sunny? I thought it was some robber.
– You can’t manhandle a robber too bad either. Why not?
– Now is the right time. Why are you here by the way?
– I was thirsty, so, I’m here for water. Who looks for water in a cupboard?
– Is this a cupboard? Man, it is so dark out here. Why are you here, anyway?
– I had a dream that you’re looking for water in the cupboard. So, I thought I should help you find water.
Water is on the dining table. I’ll show you. Here is some water. Quenched your thirst? Go to sleep now.
– After you. – No, after you. No, after you. – No, after you.
– Alright, we’ll both go at once. Alright, good night. I didn’t wish you a proper good night. So, good night.
– Yeah. good night. Go to bed. I wanted to wish you a good morning in advance.
– Same to you. What was he looking for in the cupboard? The money?
– Yes, there is money in the cupboard. Who are you? – I’m a thief.
– Oh, I thought you’re my husband’s relative. How do you know there is money in the cupboard?
– Your brother-in-law told me when I was hiding near the sofa. Idiot! He wants to have the whole of 25 grand for himself?
– You want me to help you? – Will you? But what is in it for me?
– He has some valuable artefacts in his room. Rob them. I’ll go and keep Sunny engaged while you take the money.
– Sure! I will. – All the best! – Thank you! What do I do now?
– Hi, bro. – Hi, bro! This is your sister-in-law’s jewellry. Is it good?
– It suits you better than it suits her. Did you grab the money?
– No! She beat me to pulp. It is alright. I cast a spell on her
and now she is asleep. Go get the cash. Is it!
– All the best! Now I can clean up this room of valuable artefacts. I hope she is fast asleep.
Just to be sure, I’ll walk backwards. You’re here again?
– You’re here again? But there is no money here.
So, your brother didn’t leave any cash? He did. Then where is it?
– It is on me. – When did you steal it? Before I stole the artefacts from your room.
– And that looks like my jewellry. It don’t just look, it is your jewellry.
– When did you steal my jewellry? Right before I stole the money.
I even spoke to you then. You did? Why don’t I remember?
– Because all your senses were on the money. I dare you to return my jewellry..
– My artefacts.. – And the cash right now. What if I don’t.
– I’ll complain to my husband. – I’ll complain to my brother. We’ll complain to the cops.
– So will I. – What will you? That you asked me to rob
the artefacts from his room. Hey, bro.. I’ll tell the cops you asked me
to rob her jewellry. I’ll also tell you both planned
on stealing 25 grand. Not to the cops, but to your brother. So, shall I leave now?
– You want me to book a cab? Not needed. There are quite a few bikes in the cellar.
I’ll steal one. And one more thing.. The moral of this story is,
there is harmony where there is unity. Had you both been united, neither the jewellry,
nor the artefacts, nor the cash would’ve been lost. Thank you for giving me, a robber,
this opportunity to teach morals.

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