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Kaluvapothe  ft. Dhethadi Harika | My Village Show Comedy

Sooravva! Yes! Tomorrow, come for weeding Okay, we will We will come Hanumavva! Please come tomorrow Book two tickets. Let’s go for a movie Hey Chandu! What? Please come for weeding tomorrow Weeding? Yes! How much will you give? 150 rupees Will you? Okay, I will come Don’t go for other’s work I won’t Okay! “Weeding in Village” Hanumakka! Sooravva! It’s locked Where did they go? Aunt! Sooravva and Hanumavva went to do Anjimam’s work Anjimam promised to give 200 rupees instead of 150… So everyone went to him. Oh my God! Is it fair? How can they cheat me? He is strange! This Anji is like a chameleon Is it for me? No, its mine. Give! No one is coming for weeding Grandma! Dear! You haven’t informed me that you are coming I wanted to give you a surprise How are your Mom and Dad? Everyone is good How are you? I’m good Anil! Where have you been for one month? There is no information at all And you are not even going home Actually… There’s a lot of grass in turmeric field. Let’s go for weeding Weeding..? How can I weed out? I got a fever I have to sleep I can’t do and I won’t come Stop acting Following a cunning fellow, he will be at the bank and we will be in well This suits you well Grandma, don’t take tension I will come No, dear. You are a city girl… How can you weed? You can’t It isn’t a difficult task I have seen you weeding in my childhood It’s just a simple work Look, within no time we will complete the whole work So you want to come? Yes! Okay! Come! Who is that? In my field Grandma, It’s me! You said you won’t come I thought it will be difficult for you to do the whole work… So I came to help you Anil! I know why you came but… Leave it and start the work Come fast. There is a lot of work to do. Come… come fast! Hey Gangavva! Don’t you get workers? Your work won’t complete today You have taken my people for your work… And still criticizing me Grandma, why to bother about them Let’s do our work Okay, come Grandma! How did I do the work? Okay, but why did you start there instead of here? Harika! Come here. We will start from here Grandma! Is this the correct way to do? Yes, my dear Remove the weeds around the plant like this Ohh… That’s it. Why do you take tension for such an easy thing? We will complete the work by afternoon… Let’s do it fast Oh my dear You will get tired before we complete half of the field Now do the work Is this the way to remove weeds? I’m not getting it If you can’t do this what else you can do! You have to do Please, dear, do it Grandma! How am I doing? Is it good? Okay, not bad However, it may be, do it We don’t have workers now Harika! How am I weeding? Do your work Okay, come lets weed there Grandma! You… Is this the reason for your arrival? I will tell your father about you. First, you do the work Hey Gangavva! I think you will complete the whole work with the help of your grand-son and grand-daughter One person… One idiot… Taken away the persons who used to work for me Waste fellow Hey, whom are you scolding? Someone… Stupid… Rascal… Why are you furious? Talking too much If you want to scold anyone, do it in your mind such that we can’t hear Complete the work fast We can go early Grandma, you just be silent Otherwise, you will have high B.P High B.P for me? I already have low B.P They behave immorally in any situation… Watch how their faces are Dirty faces… It is said that Word for a man – Blow for a cattle Leave all those things If we do the work, it will complete very fast Yes! Yes, you do the work. It will complete. You will! (satirically) What are you saying, Uncle? Words don’t do work This work is not even completing by us… This city girl will weed it seems Weed! And they think that they will weed by bending the waist Don’t involve in others matters Why do you involve in this waste fellow? What? Uncle! She is calling me waste fellow You said him waste fellow… Till now not even anyone of us called him waste fellow Uncle! I didn’t say to you. Do you understand? So just be cool… Look, How their faces are! Why are you scolding them? Why are you here to fight or to weed? Let’s do our work calmly Uncle! She is talking to us disrespectfully. Teach her a lesson. Do we really have respect in this society? Only we both know that Uncle! Teach her a lesson Why are you asking me to be silent? Don’t you have sense? Speak something They aren’t your friends? This isn’t your village? This is our village so be silent and let’s do our work Hey Chandu! Day talks spoil work – Night chats spoil sleep Why do we need to bother about unnecessary people? Let’s do our work These neighbors became a headache for me Neighbors are like snakes hidden in an anthill If your crop had yielded, you would have been flying in the sky And you will be fighting all-day Like a neighbor Come, children. Start weeding You will complete the work… (satirically) You can talk later. Complete weeding first. We are weeding… Do the work first! Always chitchatting… What are you talking? Nothing. I’m teaching how to do the weeding. How much time you will take? Coming… This rain is neither falling heavily nor stopping Grandma! I’m hungry. And it’s drizzling also What I said If we have stayed at home, we have played games like police-thief or cooking You said “I will come” See now you are hungry Grandma! Let’s eat and come Grandma! I’m too hungry. Grandma! What curry did you bring? Dal and mango pickle Dal and mango pickle? It will be so tasty Life should be like this Farming… Eating this food… We can live happily What’s there in the city? Just wait! Grandma! Mango pickle is so tasty Yes! What do you eat in the city? What do we eat? We are busy moving here and there in the morning We don’t cook at all If we order… KFC, burger, sandwich, bla bla bla… Eating all those things… We got bored with it She eats grass… grass… (laughing) Hey! If we give a single call to Parushuram… Chicken, mutton, boti… Yeah! We daily eat chicken right? You get piles if you eat chicken a lot Piles or chikungunya whatever may come… We don’t stop eating chicken Enjoy! Enjoy? What enjoy? This enjoy is waste A full stomach doesn’t find the taste We used to have porridge and… If we don’t find anything to eat we used to have cooked beans How am I looking now? I am 70 years old Hey! When will she go? I think before her we will go eating like this Porridge, gatka, chili powder etc… If we don’t have anything, we used to boil chili in water and drink that Now you are eating lots of varieties… Still, you are like a broiler hen always having tablets, injections and roaming in hospitals Grandma, did you also eat like that? Yes! I eat all types of fruits and vegetables… That’s why I am so strong I used to cook teasel gourd curry… And eat it for 3 days We used to catch fish and fry it You ate fish… By taking it from our home It’s okay Is that necessary to say? Grandma! Gatka, porridge, jowar roti… Listening to those items my mouth is filled with water Why don’t you do all these things for me? I will do it for you tomorrow Now we have to complete the weeding. Let’s go! As your granddaughter asked you are ready to do it Did you do these things any time for me? Hey, Jealousy fellow! Eat first. I’m doing the work Why are you looking at her like that? come on do it. Don’t act smart. Do your work. Are you happy now? No, man! No, man! No, Don’t do it! Grandma! They are taking advantage of our decency What’s your problem? What? Why are you playing whistle? We will do whatever we want in our field Your field, your wish! If he doesn’t have sense, what happened to other people? If we do it is correct and if others do the same then it’s wrong When you went to work for others for 150 rupees instead of 100… That time don’t you feel ashamed of doing it? If we try to help a cunning person, we get blamed What a different kind of persons you are! Do the work Gangavva! Come, we are going. (Indistinct voices) What Gangavva! We have completed doing one acre of land and another one acre is remaining You haven’t even completed this corner… At least this corner Uncle! I think it takes one month for them to complete this They won’t… Yeah, they won’t complete. It’s started raining, complete it very fast. Come… come… Doing a lot of work (satirically) You will suffer a lot afterwards Grandma! It’s raining, let’s go! Grandma, Legs are paining a lot. You have done weeding for the first time So you will have leg pains Why are you so dull? What to do dear? It’s raining… A lot of grass has grown in the field… And no one is ready to work for me Due to this rain grass is growing more and more I’m so much worried and not interested in eating also What is this? You always get ready to help everyone on any occasion Then why are they not coming even if you called them Everyone behaves well on occasions They go behind money People praise you for their work and then blames you after their work No one is coming. What to do? Grandma, I will call people for work You don’t take tension, I’ll take care of it. If it is not happening by me, how is it possible by you? If I invite, they will come. You just see! I hope so Hi Sooravva! How are you? Did you recognize me? Yes, I did. You came for Sankranthi festival You wear nice dresses… You are a good person and you talk freely with everyone It’s okay but why did you go to work for Anjimam instead of Gangavva? He said that he would give extra money than her so… We wnt to work for 4 days For the matter of just a few rupees, you left Gangavva In your happiness and sorrow, isn’t that Gangavva who is with you all the time? Now how can you leave her like that for money? Okay, leave it. We will come tomorrow. For Gangavva It’s not a small thing, Sooravva How does it feel when you don’t come even after promising to come? Don’t you know about Anjimam? If you come today, tomorrow my Grandma will come… We should work for each other. Money doesn’t matter. Which is important a word or money? We went in greedy of money Now onwards we will come for your work Okay! Won’t you come to work? Why did you go there? Hey, Chandu! What happened to you? She motivated and tempted us What is this Gangavva? Finally, your Granddaughter took away all my workers Afterall she is my Granddaughter. She got my genes Afterall she is my sister-in-law Just stop it! Hey, Uncle! How is this? Okay friends, thanks for watching this video We have done a video in Dethadi during Sankranthi Now we have done a video with them in our channel Thank you for your revisit Harika! Thank you so much Grandma! For inviting me once again It’s raining and lots of grass is growing in the fields Don’t go to work for a person who gives more money Be kind with the farmers Go to work for a person to whom you have promised to come first Don’t go to work for others in greedy of extra money Now like, share and subscribe “MY VILLAGE SHOW”! And also “Dethadi” And also subscribe to “Dethadi”!

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