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Kalyanam Malayalam Movie Comedy Scenes | Vol 2 | Shravan Mukesh | Mukesh | Sreenivasan | Hareesh

Let me go and ask. Don’t go there.
The situation is not right. Father! – Isn’t it over till now?
– It is over. Daily you cook drumstick
leaves curry. Why don’t you buy meat or fish? When I was bored, with her… I gave that cinema CD for you
not to get bored, right? Pavitharma, did you see? Atleast you see after this, my father! Did you understand
what he said? He wants a sister. On getting old you must
attend some “Bhajan” He acts as if he got
married recently. – Actually, Suma…
– Go man! Sharath, Sahadevan uncle
was asking for you. Is it so? Let us prepare drumstick
leaves curry. – Why don’t we prepare drumstick chutney?
– Uncle! – My green shirt.
– What? Where is my green shirt? I’ll get the green shirt. But I don’t like your father’s
behaviour with my sister. – Your green shirt!
– He is after all my father. When you come to a house,
close the gate decently. Seeing his behaviour I feel
there is drainage block. Uncle! Don’t expect any help from me. It is difficult to find
cleaners these days. Look at him. – Sharath!
– Why did you call me? Grains. From afternoon there are
lot of grains in TV. Night “Chitageetham”
programme is there. – You correct the antenna.
– Okay. It is to correct antenna.
Go. Let it be antenna.
I can stay here for some time. – What is the use?
– Come. You go upstairs. – I’ll stay here and check the TV.
– Okay. If there is any necessity, you call.
It is filled with grains. Are you not going upstairs? – I feel dizzy.
– Dizzy? Don’t you go to native? At home father is irritating
me by asking me to o to job. – In all places it is the same.
– What, irritating? No. The crow will turn the antenna.
Then there will be full grains. – Uncle, is it clear?
– No. It is like before. No change. For that I didn’t do anything. It is not working. Give time.
It’ll be okay. Uncle, how is it now? No.
You rotate 360 degree. Your daughter is already rotating me.
Only you were left. This is not becoming clear. – Now?
– No change. It is clear.
Fix it. – It need not become clear like that.
– Cristal clear. Till now it was never so clear. Don’t touch after this.
Come down. – Come down.
– What happened? Grains have gone.
Full clear. You are frightening me. Sharath, thank you very much! There is not a single grain. There is no one as good as you
in changing grains. – I need to tell you a matter.
– What is it? Tell me. – Tell me.
– That… Shari must also hear. She’ll only understand
what I’m saying. The gate is locked. He… What do you have to say? Tell whatever it is. That… A thing called dish
antenna has come now. Better than rotating this you
buy that one. I’ll go, Shari! I’ll leave, aunty.
Come uncle. Okay, uncle! Buy one Did you create so much
tension for buying one dish? You were enjoying.
Why didn’t you come upstairs? – I don’t climb on top wearing dhoti.
– Why? – Only dhoti is there.
– Shuck! A gate! By today I learnt a lesson that this
should never be closed. Come. “Something happens…” Jimmy was with me in cricket team. I have heard that his
phone is very lucky. All the lines called from that will
end in romance. We’ll use that without
anybody’s knowledge. – Sharath!
– Go man! – Nobody is here.
– Lucky. – There is no crowd today.
– Else is it so crowed daily? Else there will be queue till gate. Let us see. Inspite of calling so many
times I’m not getting her. What can I do for that? You go and return tomorrow.
We’ll try. I wish nobody woos
her in that time. – Jimmy!
– Hey, man! One minute! How’s that?
Out! One more. No one more.
This is Sharath. – Hi!
– Hello! Come on.
We’ll remain inside. – What is this?
– Virtual cricket. Next time you can also join. This is my grandpa.
You can call. – Call.
– Saiju, what is the news? – Fine.
– One minute. Hello! Hello! Uncle, how are you? Chips? – Chittappu (uncle).
– Nothing special here. What?
Two weeks tour? You can go confidently.
This won’t expire soon. – Grandpa.
– If something happens, I’ll call you. By the by, what is aunty saying? Hello! Hello! He’ll hang up when I
talk about aunty. Wastrel! Uncle from Delhi. He has called
to know whether he’ll die soon. – You can call.
– Won’t he wake up? Making noise and calling
phone is no problem. I have given sleeping pills. – But don’t touch him.
– Why? If he wakes up, he’ll do
too much talking. – You see
– Yah! – Go man!
– We’ll play. Yah! Please! Where is ball?
Is it in your hand? It is a sixer! – Let us play.
– Hello! – Isn’t it Damodaran’s house?
– It is her daughter’s house. Isn’t it Kesav Nair’s house? Do you parental uncle?
Who is that? Isn’t it Shari? – Her Mom.
– Hello! It got disconnected. Call one more time. – Hello!
– Shari! Who is that? – It is me.
– Who is that? Don’t you know? Sorry! Isn’t it Kesavan Das
alias Maniyam Mama? Maniyam Mama! – Go Shari!
– Leg side sweep. – You must only tell.
– Don’t drop. – You are sure to be out, Jimmy!
– Oh God! Aaah! – Out!
– Idiot! Who is out?
Get lost man! – Who told you to play cricket? Get out.
– Take the ball. – Go to hell. You fool!
– Cool down! Relax!
They are my friends. Get out! I feel afraid. If you keep saying like this, she’ll
marry Kumarapuram uncle’s son. He knows her whole family history.
I doubt if he is trying to woo her. You! He is fooling.
The old man need not here. Old man! Hey! She is good looking. Uncle! Not like that.
As your wife. “The talkative parrot with
cherry like lips.” “Why this movement of
waves in the eyes?” Go. No need. I’ll tell tomorrow. – Go.
– Is it a no moon day today? – Go and tell.
– Go. Shari! What are you doing here? Didn’t you enter inside?
Take sacrament. I haven’t had bath. – I’ll come till the house.
– Father! – Hi, Sharath!
– Hi! Why is he standing like the dog
in “Boban and Mooli”? – He is in all the place.
– Get in dear! What are you doing in temple? When I came this way, I
got in just like that. That is required. Temple is a place to
look at just like that. Not like that. We are going for a
marriage in Kollam. Are you coming? Driver is on leave.
You can drive. – No, uncle! Friends are there.
– Okay then, bye! Okay, son! I’ll drive somehow. He is fated to just look at her. – What is this?
– Hello, Sharath! One minute! – I need to tell a matter.
– Who is he? – Hello, I’m Kishore.
– Sharath. – Actually I need a help.
– What is it? – From last few days I’m in this native.
– Before that were you in moon? Not that.
Dubai. – Isn’t it foreign watch?
– Yes. Uncle. By saying native I
meant your native. – That means Shari’s native.
– I don’t get you. I’ll tell you.
We’ll sit in vehicle and talk. – That is not needed.
– There is AC. – In that case we’ll sit. Come.
– Come on. White outside and black inside. Black and white. – Kerala climate is horrible.
– Yah, buddy! Actually I was a senior
to Shari in college. But you look like a junior. From last few days I love Shari. I think it is the same with her too. Did she tell you? No.
I felt so. I think you haven’t switched
on the AC in this. In that case you change the thought.
It is just a thought. – Sorry, I forgot.
– I remember well. – Now the thought will change.
– Who are you? I told you that I’m Kishore. Why are you telling me all this? I’m coming to that. You must help me, Sharath.
Only you can do it. For my sake you talk to Shari. You disclose this. Sharath, please!
No need to do it for free. All three of you will
benefit from this. – Is it?
– Don’t go. Did he leave? You don’t be afraid.
We all 3 together take a decision. He’ll come back before 10
autos pass this way. – In that case I’ll give you bonus.
– Is it so? Then 5 autos. Sharath! Stop, let me tell you. When Mahalakshmi is appearing
before us, don’t ignore it, idiot! Should I tell her to
marry this useless? You listen to me patiently. Now also she doesn’t know
that you love her, right? In that case, if an alliance comes from a handsome and rich man,
who is from Gulf, will she say no? – Won’t she say?
– No. – She’ll never say no.
– Oh No! 4th one. Don’t tell her that he loves her. You fool him saying you’ll tell today
or tomorrow. Keep dragging. How is it?
Hey! Till he returns to Gulf, we can
enjoy a month in his money. Won’t he understand that
we are fooling him? He? Seeing his height, can’t you
tell that he doesn’t have brain? – Fool!
– He is making me laugh. This maroon shirt will give out colour.
Don’t wash it with this blouse. Are you both sitting here leaving
the front door open? I told you that Prabhakaran must
be working in the back side. Learn from him. You both seem to be
going somewhere. No, we just returned back. To a friend’s wedding
anniversary. – Marriage…
– That was yesterday. We’ll sit inside. Your today’s washing seems
to have ended early. I started it yesterday. – Is there no end to this?
– Chetta! I want to talk some important matter. Where is our hero?
He is not to be seen. He won’t have woken up. Who said so? He just returned from temple. He is a religious boy. Dear! – Prepare tea.
– No need for tea. I have got Karayogam meeting. Listen. We both believe in fate. – I’m talking about Shari.
– Son! The hero is here. You must also hear. We got an alliance for her. I’m particular that it should be a
person close to us. Yes. – That is good.
– Yes God! I misunderstood him.
Poor uncle! By God’s grace, a person who is known to her from
childhood came up in front of us. Uncle! Suddenly if you talk
about marriage… – Isn’t it, father?
– There is 2 months time. – That is enough.
– He is in income tax department. We can conduct the marriage only after
he gets transfer to here from Pondicherry. So we decided to conduct en
engagement for the time being. Today I went to a friend’s
wedding anniversary. Shekaran Nair. The boy is his son. Hrishikeshan Nair. Are both Nair? Yes. It is a well known family. Puthanporikkal family. They are childhood playmates. – The father and son?
– No, the boy and Shari. – Okay.
– Then a ritual. Just girl seeing ceremony.
That’s all. What did Shari say? She is very confused. From where to purchase
gold and saree. The confusion is that. You must come there when
the boy’s party arrive. Sharath, don’t forget. Only you are there to stand in the
position of her brother. – Hey!
– My son! “I lost my consciousness with this.” Shari… Is there pain now? Who is this? Uncle. Kumarapurathu uncle. You are not taking care. As he fell at the right time, we all could meet uncle. Mother… I knew earlier itself
that I’ll meet you. It is only 5-8 months since
I have been lying here. So I… What happened to you, son? He fell down. Never mind. I have seen him somewhere. Where is it?
My God! Soon the boy’s family will be coming. You must bless her.
Dear! Take uncle’s blessings. Are you trying to say that I’ll die
before marriage? What is the need for blessing
in girl seeing ceremony? – You fools!
– Not that. Later on we must not have bad.
That is why I said. – Isn’t it?
– What did the doctor say? No problem. All tests have come as negative. Then we’ll leave. What is the use
of remaining here? I and daughter
will go with them We’ll go together Come. – You stay here.
– What for? You can come after
aunty comes back. – Come.
– Rukmini! – When will aunty come?
– She’ll come. It is not right to leave him alone. This is a finalized case. – Is there any use of my remaining here?
– Yes. You can return after aunty comes. Dear, Sahu! – Cut an apple and give.
– Me? Then is it me? – Now?
– Now itself. Cut it.
What is it? – Is there no knife?
– Knife is lying on bed. – Hey!
– I got knife. Chew and swallow.

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