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Kalyanam Scenes W/Subtitles | Hareesh Kanaran Comedy | Shravan Mukesh | Dharmajan | API Malayalam

– Is it?
– Don’t be serious. Did you jump? You are not bad. Tell me how many
times you have jumped before this. Jump. – Isn’t there gold in this?
– Yes. It is my duty to look after
you like treasure. Everything is there. I told you that we’ll
come by gate as there is no one at home. Even if we come by gate, people
will say that we jumped wall. Why to incur the blame for
something that we didn’t do? – Is there police protection for us.
– Brother is here. Hey, don’t run.
Don’t run. You are sure to come home. On getting a single
chance she’ll jump. Vijay.
You won’t beat. Is it your sister, who went – Why can’t you advice her?
– Rascal! – Is there blood?
– Yah! After keeping a board that you won’t hit,
it is wrong to have hit me. – There is no need to hit me.
– Then? Don’t touch. I’ll reform if you advice me a bit.
I have only that much courage. You get in back
I’ll get in the front. Catch it. In the back. – Take it.
– Aisha! – Won!
– Who? – She.
– Did you jump for that? Only if she wins today, she’ll
come to play tomorrow. Get me. That is right. If we could play in close
quarters, it’ll be interesting. Then how about kabaddi?
From tomorrow we’ll play kabaddi. It will be great. From tomorrow
we’ll play kabaddi. Tomorrow you need not bring bat. – Just get pant and T-shirt.
– Go man! Tell Sunita to come.
I’m waiting for tomorrow. I could have told
to come in shorts. Lover has come decked up.
Are you going to see girl? – For that he goes daily.
– You change dress 4 times a day. – Why don’t you come and play?
– Go man! That is not possible. The timing of mine and
Shari will go wrong. Oh god! – It is 5 o’clock. Shari will be coming.
– Shari! – From the age of 5 this is going on.
– Till now nothing happened. Her marriage will take place.
But not with him. Till now have you seen dog going
to market? Then okay. – Correct.
– Not that. The most difficult thing in this world
is to express love to a familiar girl. You can tell after she gets
married and delivers 2 children. Not that. When she comes close to me, my
heartbeat goes fast. It is that heart beat
which I didn’t have. Is it? I don’t know how he
became my nephew. – If she says “No”…
– If she says? Then there is no use
of my remaining alive. I’ll lose a nephew. Uncle idiot! You remain silent.
Come with me. Where are you going?
Stop! – Hey!
– Remain there. Move the vehicle.
We are playing in this place. If I don’t shift, will you
break the glasses? I’ll break your head.
Idiot! Move it.
Shift. – Shall I go, Tendulkar?
– Go man! Rema! Did you forget me on
getting govt. job? Don’t forget that you got the job
due to my recommendation also. Member! I didn’t recognize you. I haven’t seen you without dhoti
like this? Otherwise will I forget you? Oh God! One day you have to tell her. When she goes to town for
tuition, you follow her. – You go and make a success of it.
– Don’t do anything wrong. – You don’t worry.
– Let me finish the game. – You should play game at outside
– I’m not over with it. – I’ll push you.
– What is this? I didn’t tell about you. If I don’t play at least one
game with you daily, I feel bored. – My announcement won’t be interesting.
– Stop, I’ll deal with Member and come. – Go.
– Velandi Sir! – What did you call?
– Velandi Sir! Is Corporation giving loan
for self employment? Yes. Goat, buffalo, duck, pig, cow, chicken.
For everything loan is being given. Really?
I want loan for 50 pigs. I would have got you. But if you and pig come together,
how will I know who is took loan? Sir… I know the meaning
of this ‘Sir’. – Get lost “Pig Velandi”!
– Get lost Friend! – You jump and play.
– Sundara! I’m coming. Take it. For daily to come and
visit me, am I God? – My vehicle…
– Vehicle! Dinesh, you understand one thing. This is a vehicle of
Pre-Independence. Rare vehicle. No need to come here
daily asking about it. The minute you leave the vehicle here,
you start asking when it’ll be delivered. This vehicle is here from 2 years.
I haven’t given that. Now it is only 6 months since
this vehicle came. Sunil, get the spanner No. 18. Mamukka, I’ll be back soon. I thought I’ll help you
by repairing your vehicle. All the spanners in this
workshop is here. You can take whichever you want. Oh My God! Give any spanner.
I want to scratch my back. Okay. He is my aunt’s son. It is he who is working
on your vehicle. Me? Don’t you want to learn work? – Yes.
– Then what more is needed? It is for you to learn work that
he has left his vehicle here. Is it? – Chetta!
– Leave it. Bless me! I’ll repair your vehicle
soon and deliver. You return after 6 months time. Let us see whether
he repairs or not. I must know whether he’ll
learn work or not. I have to answer aunt. I brought this
trouble on myself. If you come daily,
will you get it soon? He does not understand the problem
of a workshop owner. What a man! Money lender is coming. Goal! Hey, how can there be goal
if entered this way? The postman hasn’t arrived. – Are you an expert in games?
– Idiot! I’m out of practise.
In the past I used to play alone. – Alone?
– Once more. I have severe body pain. I’ll have hot water
bath and lie down. Come on.
Give the thing. Take it.
Go and eat. This is not correct.
You said you’ll give two. – This is a small one I’ll eat.
– No! Rest I’ll get it tomorrow. That is okay. Give the small one. I lost. – You can eat full stomach.
– Uncle! I have told you many times
not to call me as uncle. It is my bad time that
I’m his mother’s bro. I’m just 2 years older to him. – Shari…
– Saree? Which saree? It is not Saree.
It is Shari. It is not just like that
you are called as uncle. Hey! – I’m going to stop chasing her.
– Good. It is not a relation
meant for us. – Not that.
– Then? Give me some other idea. If I say as idea… – I have got an idea.
– Is it? I saw it in dream
for another person. Tell. You hide in her
bedroom somehow. Seeing you she’ll scream. Then you tell others bravely that you
went there on her instruction. Then people will advice to get you both
married. How is my idea? You are too much. – Uncle… Special…
– Is it? Go man. – Uncle…
– He wants to abuse my Mom. – But he won’t do that.
– Why? – It is his grandma.
– Got it. I have got it.
This is a master plan. What plan? – Today evening…
– Evening? We’ll get brandy. – Then?
– Two pegs. He’ll pay.
How is my plan? Go man!
I don’t have money. – First plan is cancelled.
– Uncle! Uncle is your father. – Let us play one more game.
– You get it from me. – Mango?
– Varky! Hey, Varky! He spit. Varky! Now you are happy, right? There is no tension.
The tension is for others. You work. I’m like this…
What is it? – You don’t be afraid.
– Hey! You keep earning like this and get your
daughter married when you die. Oh! Useless Varky! – Idiot!
– He has started. – This is usual.
– If there is God… You won’t get peace of
mind even if you die. – I’ll go.
– Where are you going? I’ll give him support. Is he that man’s son? It is not son.
This is usual now. He’ll abuse for some time
and then leave. I thought of asking him. But he is working
here only from 2-3 months. – Till now I haven’t seen him talking.
– Won’t he ask for salary? – Good thing.
– But h is a good worker. See that. Is this what you meant? “When I saw you…” Hey, see that!
Full time they are in romance. If this continues, you’ll have to
change nappy for a baby. Go man!
They’ll put me to shame. Mother… There is nothing today.
Come on Saturday. Chetta, it is not beggar.
It is Saiju. – Yes, it is Saiju.
– No big change. Mom, what are you doing this? There is temple festival coming up.
His face looks dull. I thought she has kept
cucumber to become dark. Hey! I heard what you said. – What is that in your hand?
– V- guide. – This time we’ll pass.
– V-guide? It worked, isn’t it? Is guide available
for degree course? For some degrees it is available. – Mom believed.
– Take it. You must return it night itself. I got it from him saying
it is for one day. Don’t give it to your useless
uncle and spoil it. – Isn’t it enough to return it tomorrow?
– No. It is a big thing he gave. What is this?
Why don’t you wash this? It is stinking. Buddy, should we return
it tonight itself? Forget holding my feet.
We must return night itself. Only if you return at night I can
give it back at mid-night. Your going is okay. You father and son don’t
barge into each other. You don’t blame father. He works only
from this side of the wall. He doesn’t cross the wall.
Okay? – Are you sure?
– Yes. You move that. She moved. That smile… “The talkative parrot
with cherry like lips.” “Why this wavy movements in
your eyes?” “Didn’t the mist disappear and the
mango tree flowered?” “You don’t go away…” – What is it?
– Uncle! What is it? It is a thing with which I can
see Shari in close distance. Show me. Shari’s friend Suma
can also be seen. – Give it back.
– Let me see It is a good thing. I can’t live without her. I must express somehow. It is something which you
should tell, not me. Sharath, father is calling. – Are you not coming?
– No. I’m frightened of priest. I’ll get scared seeing
him in dream. It is Sumathi, right? Old time game. – Theif!
– Not me. – I love you!
– Don’t run. Hey, switch on the light I know who the thief is. I knew one day I’ll get caught.
Now what to do? It is not me.
Son! Father! Are you smiling?
My pant! He is sure to get
me into trouble. As we both have understood the matter, there is only one way to escape.
Give hand. Who is that? Moideen Ikka, what happened? What happened? Moideen, whatever it is we are
there with you. Isn’t it, son? At the time of necessity only he was
there to come for help. Is it thief? Thief? I must have felt it. – You can go.
– Father, come. Then let us go.

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  1. enthayalum vivaram illatha samvidayakan aanu purathu pakal time binocular vechunokkumbol night enthu direction aanu


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