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100 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Destroyed By Tulsi Gabbard

  1. I watch this show & TYT every once in a while and I normally agree with them and appreciate how they break down the voting record or the bills people running for president support or have supported in the past. But this segment has me very disappointed. It's obvious these two are partial to Harris – not cool! If you two are going to be reporting or giving your opinion on news events then you should do it in an impartial manner. I used to trust these people now their credibility just went down the tubes as far as I'm concerned!

  2. HOW THE HELL DID THESE TWO GET ON THIS SHOW?! I'm just your average political junkie and I knew kamala fought to keep people in jail to use them as effectively slave labor to fight wildfires until the supreme court ordered her to release them and even then she did it as slow as possible. "Where did that come from?" Seriously? Did you two do 0 research on kamala harris? Tulsi didn't make anything up and david doel on the rational national showed how every claim she made was rooted in facts.

  3. "It's easy to research" clearly a skill you two don't have. Otherwise you'd have seen that this is a cheap smear because Tulsi has dealt with this before.

  4. Kamala kept people in prison longer than normal to use as forced labor. FACT that Kamala has admitted to in the past.
    Kamala withheld evidence that kept an innocent man on DEATH ROW. She still HAS NOT answered the specific charges.

  5. Haha Harris is a straight up Hoe… fuk her…
    Take it from s person who is walked, breathed, lived San Francisco for 2 decades…..

  6. This is like watching CNN. No research WHATSOEVER. Go watch the whole CNN interview, Tulsi DID respond to the "Assad Apologist" smear. But they won't talk about Kamala's very crapy and elitist record against poor people, especially people of color. This is not alternative media, this is a little extension of mainstream media.

  7. Kamala Harris tried to hard to be hood instead of using her education and abilities as a prosecutor. And her answer was still weak in the end she did nothing her answer was useless. She only made things worse!

  8. Thanks The Damage Report.😊 "The sad thing is, this strategy of deflecting and moving on works for Kamala, Tulsi and Joe."😁

  9. Kamala denied a man called Kevin Cooper a DNA test, which meant he was due to be executed. She has been continually blocking his request since 2011 and he has been rotting in prison since 2004. Look it up. She did it.

  10. The lead prosecutor establishes the tone, culture, and policy direction for the department. She knew unjust existed and did nothing to address it according to her record.

  11. The lead prosecutor establishes the tone, culture, and policy direction for the department. She knew unjust existed and did nothing to address it according to her record.

  12. Guys this analysis is biased.. Your responsibility as journalists is to present whether the charge against Harris's, record are true or not. Also Gabbard, has answered the question on Assad, many times over the last few years. Also opinions about Tulsi's, motivations for visiting Assad, are not analogous to Harris's, actual record which effected real people. Did you guys do any research? If you like Kamala, that's your business, but present the facts please.

  13. man the female "analyst" stinks of bias lol
    dont be a reporter,this is why people dont trust these left wing media outlets lol

  14. Gabbard is the Manchurian candidate. She can't drop out fast enough for me. It doesn't really take much research to find out that Tulsi has some pretty fascist ideas.

  15. Yes, Tulsi has repeatedly said that she's had stances that she's changed. My guess is that's part of why she didn't waste time repeating it for the nth time, though I haven't heard that specifically about Assad.

  16. Yall should do the homework, Assad stuff is an obvious smear– Check out your former co-worker Michael tracy for the definitive debunk!

  17. Okay. Kamala's office did argue that releasing prisoners faster would impact their prison labor program. And Tulsi has answered the assad applogist attack several times. I think most recently on Jimmy Dore. Basically she didn't say anything about him that no one else said she just actually went there and the only reason she is criticized about it is because she was trying to prevent war and because of her faith.

  18. Kamala Harris compares Syrians to cockroaches? How isn't that racist? Harris has a deep, dark pain in her eyes, they betray a horrible secret, probably the hideous people she had to fuck to get to where she is. Her problem is, she just isn't likeable, no one is passionate about Kamala Harris, the only reason they'd vote for her is to cast a vote against someone else and it's very hard to win that way. She'd do best to keep what's left of her dignity and save her donors a few hundred million dollars and just step down, she's not ready.

  19. Why the fuck are you defending that cunt? harris the collaborator is a self hating racist cunt of cunts! loves prison labor! loves prison for profit! loves to put black and brown folks in prison! fuck that evil bitch!!

  20. This is part of tyt ….no wonder jimmy dore jumped ship ….facts are facts …hence Kamala's record …it was her choice and doing can not change facts … Tulsi and the smears are mainstream media talking points …. opinions … their guess on what happened with her meeting ….. unbelievable tyt would pass this shit around as well….this was the first time and last for this damage report segment and these uninformed hosts …too funny

  21. These two presenters been shown up to not doing any home work on Kamala Harris's record in California. The lady presenter asked is it true. Come on do some research before creating a news item.
    It's all true!!!

    Read up on Tulsi Gabbard, as she actually resigned when Bernie Sanders was being cheated by DNC in 2016.

    TYT please prepare your presenters before an item, you employ over 100 people but other progressive channels which are one person sites…. Do better research.

  22. Tulsi is clearly the most impressive candidate. We need to stay the hell out of wasteful wars. When been duped before on Iraq and Tulsi is the only honest person in politics right now.

  23. You can't find the entire debate on YouTube it's like they are suppressing it. There's chips but the entire debate I can not find.

  24. Harris is full of shit
    how about the housing crisis in california & mnuchin's bank ?
    just go to graham elwoods youtube channel to get the fineprint on that clusterfuck
    funny thing is everything she pointed at what assad did ,,,,,, it was the usa doing NOT assad
    if she wants to go and talk about syria remember to bring up that the usa is ILLEGALLY occupying parts of that country for a saudi pipeline
    the same reason for a different pipeline its helping the saudis to murder people in yemen
    both harris and biden should run as republicans , its a disgrace that they get to call themselves democrats

  25. This segment feels poorly researched. Tulsi has already talked at length about the apologist argument, and did answer it fully in the interview with Anderson Cooper, if you watch the whole thing.

  26. Wow!
    You really are THAT shitty at "watching closely"…
    Can't you see the difference between them?
    Can't you see that one of them was deflecting the (rightful) accusations and smearing the other one as integral part of that deflection?
    Can't you see that the other one was simply
    the subject.
    You're really not that good at your job are you?

    You're telling yourselves and your friends and moms and dads that you're journalists?

    Did you even TRY to check out the facts before sitting your butts down in front of the camera?
    What did Kamala say and do when asked to not keeping the prisoners for longer time than nessecary, in the overpopulated prisons?
    Did she say nothing?
    Did she do nothing?
    Was it that hard to check out what she really said or did?
    Not for me anyway and i'm not a "Journalist"!
    What has Tulsi said, on numerous ocasions, about the "Assad-apologist-smears"?
    Has she clarified her stance on that matter?
    Has she done it MORE than once?
    Did she ever feel the need to apologize for what she did?

    Glad I'm not feeling an overwhelming need to unsub from your channel, because…
    You know…
    I don't really have to, because…
    You know…
    I never subscribed to it anyway!

    Have a nice day everyone!

  27. Don't be stupid! Tulsy did not respond because it has nothing to do with the actual matter shit brought to attention. And remember Asad image is made by corporate Media, so, Is not enough that so, to don't even take it in count?? Is not corporate Media a big shit lie most of the time?? Come fucking on!!!

  28. WAR-MONGERING, CORPORATE MEDIA TALKING POINTS ARE ALIVE-AND-WELL @TYT AS JAR-JAR TRYS TO SCORE SOME TULSI SMEAR POINTS TO KISS ASS OF ANA KASPARIAN/ EMMA VIGELUND. I got a question for you. Is Bernie "deflecting" JUST LIKE Biden & Harris when he refuses to answer "yes or no" Medicare for All will raise taxes on the Middle Class? Or is TYT engaging in the same MSM War Profiteering hit job on Tulsi that we can expect from THE VIEW when they smear Gabbard for meeting with Assad…to negotiate a cease-fire. ?? TYT absolutely KNOWS Tulsi ALSO met with Assad's opposition on that same trip. TYT absolutely KNOWS Gabbard has repeatedly condemned Assad for his brutality. TYT absolutely KNOWS the "gas attacks" Assad was alleged to have committed on his own people have proven to be false allegations.
    Time to go check out what Nicco House and/or Tim Black are doing today because the Young Turks are just falling off like crazy with this bullshit

  29. Gabbard has addressed that subject over and over. No need to do it again. Harris did all those things while in office. Either directly or as the LEAD prosecutor who okays tactics. I'm curious whether she took money from private prisons during her time as DA. Not a good segment from these two. Not well researched. I expect more from this group.

  30. It is fun to see the Shanker get Shanked, but I'm afraid if we hit Kamala too much it will make Biden stronger, if Kamala grows she takes the cowardly moderate votes from Biden.

    Gota do all possible to make Bernie come on top. And the main treats now are Biden and Warren.


  31. Kamala also put in jail 120,000 blacks and Hispanics while she was AG. had a story on it. TYT has always hated Gabbard and it shows.

  32. Kamala Is History. Gabbard and Biden must have a secret deal. Gabbard VP or SECRETARY STATE. Biden learned from Obama. Obama secret deal if he won Crooked one would cecome Maddam Secretary.

  33. Wow! If only CNN had known beforehand, they could have tripled their ratings: "Don't Miss Dem Debate II! See Candidates Kick Each Other with Heavy Fact Boots On!! See Bloody Polls Form Right on the Arena!!!

  34. Tulsi went to Syria to talk to the people in the streets, not to see assaud (sp?). Upon discovering she was there he invited her to a meeting. Balls for going there in the first place, bigger one's for meeting with the dictator. I don't see that kind of courage with harris.

  35. This is the worst analysis I’ve seen of Tulsi’s takedown. Kamala is done; she’s been outed for the phony she is. Everything Tulsi said is TRUE. Kamala couldn’t refute ANYTHING. Then Kamala resorted to smearing Tulsi when talking to Cooper after the debate. Tulsi was never an Assad apologist, and this has nothing to do with Kamala’s record anyway.

  36. You two are an absolute disgrace. There was so much more Tulsi could have brought up. Kampala Harris's giggling press conference about jailing parents for their kids truancy comes to mind. Seriously how do you have the balls to try and turn this around in Tulsi with your inarticulate and pathetic attempts to defend the 1% candidate who is patently the toady puppet of the Military Industrial Complex

  37. Let's be clear, Tulsi destroyed Kamala. It can't be spun any other way. And the Assad smear, she has answered repeatedly, on TYT as well…as a leader she believes we should talk with everyone, the only other option is war. And that is the core of her candidacy, to end the regime change wars. The 'apologist' line that the MSM uses, and TYT parrots is simply, verifiably false. She has never spoken favorably of Assad. Yet the MSM/TYT 'journalists' keep making that false claim. I guess, maybe someday you'll get a job on CNN…

  38. Tulsi Should have brought up Her sleeping her way to the Top and ask her if she is going to apologize to His wife.

  39. if a candidate is able to draw in the conservative voters from voting in their horrible republican candidates into the senate and house, it shows the political power of that person…..!!!!! tulsi managed to entice fox news propaganda and their audience into her progressive views far more than bernie did in the townhalls…..i like bernie, but tulsi is not to be smeared when she was the warrior that paved the way of the progressives into the hard woven mess mentality of the trympy followers with her message – of bringing the country together…..!!!!!

  40. Brooke is no better than Megan McCain! How did Tulsi "make stuff up" Brooke??? Your Bias is clear and the idiot sitting next to her didn't challenge anything. UNSUBSCRIBED

  41. Everything she said about Kamala, which even CNN acknowledged, is true. EVEN CNN, meaning everywhere else KNOWS it's true. She didn't make up a single thing. All she did was spit facts. Get mad. Unsubbed. I had already unsubbed from TYT, and you're just a proxy. Take out the trash.


  42. What happened with this death row case/evidence? Maybe TYT can do a report on what are the facts of this case Tulsi brought up.

  43. Why you guys always up Tulsi butt?
    Tulsi is banking on Biden getting the nod and she is attacking Kamala bc she wants a job in his administration.

  44. Tulsi Gabbard has addressed (and keeps addressing) the Assad visit (meeting in pursuit of peace). What's so controversial about that, Brooke? Aren't you guys journalist? How do you not know?

  45. What about Joe not even listening to anything else Kamala had to say after Tulsi toasted her buns? He was like, " You don't get to criticize me ever again".He wouldn't even look at her after that. Why is the lady on the video being obtuse about the MJ cases? I knew what Tulsi meant. Of course it would be the other prosecutors in her office and she directs them on how she wants these cases to proceed. Also Kamala didn't even deny any of what Tulsi said. Joe and Kamala didn't see their attacks coming because they are proud of the work they did.

  46. Poor analysis. Tulsi has addressed the Assad issue repeatedly whereas Harris has never been confronted over her record as prosecutor.

  47. This guy is either a liar or a complete idiot. The allegation about keeping inmates locked up for cheap labor is based on actual statements made by Harris to that effect. If this clown had spent less time in front of the mirror and more time doing some research, he wouldn’t come off looking like such an anti intellectual lightweight

  48. Syria was at war with proxy armies lead by US allied countries, Tulsi proved this when she risked going to Syria to find out her self of the truth because US mainstream media suck balls and they dont tell you the truth.

  49. tulsi would be 100 times better then kamala as a president
    kamala is a tool who has no business being where she is

  50. Both of these comentatores are green (inexperienced) or they are smear merchants for their employer tyt. Tulsi is nothing like joe or kamala.

  51. Tulsi did not make a mistake. Are you willing to fight in a war? I did and volunteered for Iraq. How sad? Tulsi is trying to have peace in all if these wars and you all do not mention how the poor and the darker people go to fight these wars. Where are you with this? And your girl Kamala? You paddin' her. I am a AfroLatino Asian Mofro. Ivy League Baby and 3time veteran with distinguished Iraq War service. You ain't getting me to drink yo neoliberal koolaid. Serve in a war and then come talk to me. You ain't sending my son out there to fight your Bush and Obama wars! Nahhhh I ain't down for that cat! Bring it. You all attacking Tulsi. It is her job in Congress to visit foreign leaders. FDR and JFK and Nixon and Reagan visited tyrants. And they did to try to.understand the situation abroad. Don't judge Tulsi for you don't know anything about war. Also your girl Kamala did some dirty things in her State as AG. Look up the facts. Does Cornel West support her? Hahahahaha he would say she is an extension of the Empire.

  52. They know that, if they apologize it does nothing! That's what they taught their voters, so they must talk through it or say: "Its a lie," or "conspiracy theory."

  53. Those 2 are towing the TYT/corporate line…
    You guys are no journalists and even as political commentators you suck ass.

  54. The Damage Control Report 😂😂😂
    Nobody takes you seriously you stooges… Kamala is a crook and she's done.

  55. I love how Tusli spanked her.👍🔥🔥🔥💯😂😂😂😂😂😂💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏

  56. Facts are facts. Please don’t twist the facts. Gabbard DID NOT apologizes Assad, but she said that she would never apologize for meeting other world leaders to save American lives. Gabbard is driven by principle and not by an ‘agenda’. Harris should’ve said why she was proud about her time being a SG.

    It amazes me why the focus is on smearing Gabbard and not in fact-finding…


    A Dutchman

  57. Gabbard along with other people meeting with Assad is not the same. Gabbard as an congress woman along with other leaders as a fact finding mission trying to save lives is not the same. Harris was in charge of the Cal. Attorney. She was in charge of either freeing people because of lack of evidence or keeping them in jail for cheap labor is night and day. I'm glad Gabbard call her out. You main stream media with an agenda can not save her for her BS.

  58. Tulsi is not deflecting! She has answered the Assad question so many times on every network! The only one deflecting is copmala. Till this she has not responded to the facts Tulsi pointed out on that stage. And now the trolls are out on full force damage control smearing Tulsi!

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