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Kara Danvers • “I flew here…on a bus…” [HUMOR]

Choc-o-late Choc-o-late. Wow… We have to seem really really normal like…like not just normal, normal but super-normal! Oh wait no! These are mine. I’m not upset. You just broke your phone. I could throw her into space… I dream about doing that. I don’t need you to like me. Jerk – guy. I can keep a secret. I’m her. He knows? I’m an alien. What planet are you from? Um…this one. Have a building to leap in a single bound? We’re still going with that joke? I’m not telling you my real name. No you can’t. You guys! I can be sneaky when I want to be. No – no – no, that’s fine I flew here… On… on and bus. Definitely. Learning all about this new planet… that – that I’m also from. Hack Lena, anyway. Duh! I’m meeting the President? Unless you’re too nervous to do so? Supergirl’s meeting the President… No biggie. Nervous? No… Me? No I’m not nervous. I’m pretty sure we’ll be cool y’know? Gosh – uh… What? Oh, I have x-ray vision. No! No! You can see everyone’s bits with those little peepers huh? Oh God, get it out of my ears! I’m not going to call you Supergirl. We can’t name her that! It’s stupid. You can call me Kara. Keria! Kara, to literally everyone else on the planet. Where’s my chair? You don’t get a chair ponytail. You! Thanks for killing the lingering notion you might speak or write well. Hey! Hey, you look like my sister. Do I get a chair? No. I’m driving you home. I’m not flying that’s for sure! Cool! It’s like Ghostbusters! Should I get a blowout? Oh dear God! What? Pizza and popstickers is my most favourite meal! What’s your name beautiful? YES! If I x-ray vision that box will I see a curler? They look very yummy. I can see it in your eyes Keira, that you want one. If that popsticker is not in my mouth in two seconds I will melt your face. Team Krypton was having #toomuchfun #Terriblegirl? Sorry… sorry I just… um start to think about the the kitten video I saw online earlier. It’s so funny what they make those cats do. I’ll send it to all of you… or not.

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  2. I LOVE THIS SHOW SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! Melissa’s hilarious!!😂 this reminds me of old times season 3 is so sad 😭 I miss them all being happy! 😭😍

  3. This is like my all time fav fan made video ever!! Melissa is such an adorkable cutie pie!! Our little miss sunshine 😆

  4. the editing the editing on this is amazing it's really hard to edit words behind someone's body you're really good editor for making this

  5. it is AMAZING !! i love your videos and i love kara! can i ask you a question? where do you get the supergirl episodes?

  6. Classic Kara. I'm so happy to have this vid to watch again! While I've been really proud to see her grow as a leader, I've missed the silly stuff, which has been much less evident in Season 3. I wonder if the "goofies" are gone for good now that she's more adult, or if we'll see a little more of it come back in future seasons, as she regains her equilibrium?

  7. Lol
    This is so funny
    Melissa is so funny and she is amazing in Supergirl
    I love Supergirl so much

  8. “Where is my chair”
    “You don’t get a chair”
    a few minutes later
    “Do I get a chai—“

  9. Oh, good flipping gosh, I for one just L.O.V.E. Kara's sense of humor! Her laughter and giggles, (not to also mention, of course, all her popular media references), combined with her sweet smile, just B.L.O.W. me away! Laughter DEFINITELY is the best medicine, God help us all! Thanks for sharing; I really needed to watch this today — it's a really great pick-me-up!

  10. Lena Luther: If you have a parking ticket I can have it valuated for you.
    Kara: Oh no no no its fine I flew here… on… on a bus

  11. Kara: No, No, No, that's fine, I flew here….on…on a bus.

    Me: Seriously Kara?
    Alex: For Fuck sake Kara
    The whole fandome:

  12. I miss the old "Supergirl". seasons 1-2 were AMAZING. Some of season 3 was PHENOMENAL. Season 4 is a flop in my opinion. I hate to see such an awesome show go to waste. Disagree with me if you like, I'm not looking to start a debate. I just think the show has gone bad. I hope the producers can bring back this sort of fun to it, without taking away all the character development.

  13. Season two was so light-hearted and funny. So was season one. Now that we’re in four, it’s almost getting too political. I miss the old stuff. Still a great show, just not as appealing to kids and humor-junkies.

  14. Someone needs to make a Twitter GIF of Alex saying “definitely,” after Kara says “I flew here… on a bus”

  15. I love when Kara supergirl is like when she was meeting the president she said should I get a blow out!!!!


  16. Umm is it me or did Kara entirely lose this aspect of her personality in the later seasons? Like very suddenly?

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