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Kattappanayile Rithwik Roshan Comedy | Vol 2 | Salim Kumar | Dharmajan Bolgatty | API Malayalam

– Acha(Father)
– No! English! Oh sorry daddy! In maths,
what do you mean by LCM and HCF? Tell me in Malayalaml. I’m asking what this is. Shut up, you lad! I haven’t seen anybody come up in life
after learning all this. Dasappa! I watched your cinema
on TV yesterday. Good! But you are a thief in that also. Mohanlal was conferred a title Colonel
because of his Colonel role in 3 films. Similarly will you also be
conferred with the title “Thief” Vijayan Chetta! I like frankincense. That doesn’t mean you
can smoke it under my butt. Don’t you have any other job?
Needlessly chatting with him. Can’t you wash my vehicle
in that meantime? I warned you several
times not to tease him. If you dare tease him again, I will put your picture
in some troll talks. They will expose you in Facebook
and Whatsapp and ruin you. Shall I? Shall I? Mother, I’m leaving. Though your dad is a complete failure,
he is really innocent. Innocent! Considering mother,
I don’t beat him. I could have planted
some plantains instead. 8 or 16? What? The task! You will take me somewhere.
Not sure whether it’s of 8 or 16. Shut up! Jambu Wilson! Which lucky person is
going to marry her? Buddy! It’s said, each one’s name
is engraved on each grain. But I’m not sure whether
it’s engraved on the ration rice. Oh! You were mocking me. Whatever be the celebration,
only people’s way is blocked. What is the function there? That Giridhar! He is being felicitated
here for receiving an award. Handsome, right? How glamorous he is! It may be done in
photoshop, buddy! As you are not envious,
it’s not an issue. While playing Chess, is so much
seriousness needed in the face? In this game alone, all others
are Kshatriyas and King alone a Christian! Look, there is a Cross on head. Get off! Don’t create a communal friction.
Get off from here. Rascal! What is it, Sasi? Can you get your name
changed this year at least? I’m fed up. Oh I’m tired of walking up and down
the Government offices. Are you mad, Sasi? What is wrong with the name SASI? Only a name apt for
your face can be christened! No, I must change my name. The Mimicry artists and Film people
ridicules the name Sasi. So I’m not able to face the people. My son only acts as a thief but not
fleeces like you do to your boss. You thief! Any need of getting
heated up with the driver? Not only my son, here Sathyan,
Nasser, Mammooty, Mohanlal and also Jayan has
acted as a thief. But they acted in other roles also.
Not only a thief’s role. Check! Shucks! Task for horse. See! Even Horse has got a task!
Ask him to look out for some job. Everything will be fine.
He has just started. Yes, only 10 years is over, right? Shouldn’t he get a good role? He will get only a suitable
role for his appearance. All his earnings are spent by buying
Fair & Lovely. To make him fair. To make him fair you
need to peel off his skin. As you are fatherless,
I am not calling you by names. Hear this. The movie that he did with Mammooty, I liked that very much. But he did not act
in Mammooty films. – He did.
– He didn’t. I have watched.
– Which movie? – Bet?
– How much? – For one lakh rupees.
– Say something possible. For Rs.100.
– Okay. – Come on. Bet!
– Bet! I see! Father doesn’t know son’s film? How’s it possible?
They love each other that much. They never talk to each other. Have you seen us not
talking with each other? No. Then?
– How? I haven’t seen you both
talking with each other. This is not the way to play. Load has reached.
Come fast. Move quickly. Load has come to trouble
the people. I won’t go. Aren’t you coming? If I also come to unload,
who will take care of the Chess board? See how it is displaced. People like you bring
shame to the labour class. So you’ve realized, Comrade! If you flourish,
your family will flourish. If your family flourishes,
then this country will flourish. If the country flourishes,
then it means world has flourished. World means, it would include
Pakistan, right? Yes! Pakistan needn’t flourish in my hardwork. Long Live Mother India! Oh my God!
Who will assemble this coins? – Do you know anyone here?
– You come, dude! Where? – Wish to meet Arun Gopan sir!
– Not possible! I will meet him and be back soon. Get lost! I’m also working in films. Even the people standing
there act in films. Move away. Hello Kichu! “Full-time thief”, come here! So full-time passerby
and goons are also here? Needn’t make fun of me
calling as passerby. I received the award
for Best Passerby last year. If you have a doubt,
check Facebook. You will see. You met Arun sir? Will they let us inside?
They look scary. Brother, how much money you get
per day to stand angrily? Kichu! You have any work? What? Do I have work!
I’m full-time busy. Running from one location to another. Yeah, deadly race. He goes to one location.
No chance there and then he’ll run to another location. Thus he keeps running. Is there any location without
permanant costable? To whom are you lying? O lad! For over 30 years I’ve
been doing this Police role. If I was a real police,
I would’ve retired by now. Don’t get type-cast.
You will be at risk. I’m going to put an
end to this goon role. I’ve got a chance in Tamil film Industry
as District Collector. In fact that role was
cast for Arvind Swamy. What a big liar! No, I swear. Where are they looking?
My vehicle’s side might have damaged. How dare he?
Don’t spare him, Dasappan. Where does he looks and drive? I’m going to take him to task today. Isn’t that Director James Antony sir? So? He is not a James Bond,
to drive like this. What is he doing here in Kattapana? May be he has come
to enjoy with his family. If I get a chance in his film,
my life is settled. Approach him then. Not now.
His family is with him. It is better to ask
when he is with his family. He can’t refuse in front of his family
if you ask for a chance. And he’ll never forget you also. He may not like. Oh my dude! Take this
as a blessing in disguise. That is why he came in front of
us and we saw him. You will definitely get a chance.
Mark my words. Has my prediction ever gone wrong? You go.
Go and ask for a chance. Come on go. Sir! Okay sir. – Jessy…
– I need divorce. What the hell… Jessy, don’t be too silly. Don’t you know it’s
a part of my profession? Yes, I know.
That’s why I said. I need divorce. For God’s sake, she is my friend.
That’s all! Friend! I was
also your friend. James, stop this! Don’t play a drama before me.
I know everything. Sir, I will act excellently. What? Though I did small roles
in many films, I acted well. Sir, If you give me a chance
in your next film, I will rock. Who are you? Do you have
common sense, idiot? We film makers are
also ordinary human beings having a home, family and all issues. No one tries to understand that. Problems in profession
because of family and problems in family
because of profession. Nobody will understand anything. Amidst all this he is approaching
for a useless chance! Not only in my film,
you will never get a chance in the Malayalam
film industry also. Understand! Who does not wish for happiness? Get out! Sensibility! There is something called Sensibility! A person at least needs some sense. This is a family. When husband and wife were talking, was there any need for him to
intrude and ask for a chance? Would anyone with sense do like that? – Would you do that?
– Never. Will you ask? But he… Here he is! When did you reach? What happened?
Not coming inside. I’ll come now. I will bring the hatchet and come. May be he is joking. No… he doesn’t have
that much sense. How difficult it is? The problem
of not having common sense. Even otherwise, there should be
someone to guide him properly. The only friend is a crappy friend. Then, a failure neighbour. Aren’t you that Vijayan’s son, who applied for a disability
pension for an agnail disease? He is never going to reform
if hangs around with you. Not like that! Definitely
Kichuettan will get a good role. I don’t think so. Because he is photogenic! What is that? Born only for the
sake of photographs. Doesn’t know acting. Why are you talking ill
of that poor guy? I’ve told you many times not to remind me the hard time
in Jail by hitting the plate. Mother is calling you for dinner.
– Whatever! Why needlessly frighten me? Oh I’m sorry!
I totally forgot you. – Had your dinner?
– No, not yet. Boys of your age shouldn’t
starve like this. Is it so? Go home and have dinner. Without allowing others to
eat are you watching? Those dogs who didn’t
even call me for their wedding, are now calling me for
playing Candy Crush Saga? Go man! Have you acted in any
of Mammooty’s films? Hmm! I’m not allowed to sleep peacefully. Who is that at this wee hour? Who is that, father? Who knows? You are correct. It was him only in
Mammooty’s film. Take your bet amount Rs.100! That mental case in Madampalli. Is it still there inside him? Who doesn’t wish for happiness? But what if we have
to pay a huge price? For smoking we need
to pay a high price. – Hello!
– Hello! Hello… Hello…Sorry dude! What? Sorry dude!
Please forgive me Why disturbing me
at this midnight? Didn’t you go for ‘Spoken
English Course’ for a few days? Can you tell me the meaning
of an English message? What?
– That… Go to..! You..,
don’t ever massage me again! This is the last warning. What does it mean? Get lost, you illegitimate! If you can’t help me, just say! Don’t dare call me names at midnight! I told you the meaning of that! Seems it is the last warning. Don’t send any messages hereafter. Oh! Is that the meaning of it? Hmm! Who sent you this? Hello! Has that beggar cut the phone? I hardly have a girl
to shout at me also, O Lord! That’s it? Now waiting for a
master return. Why are you gritting teeth? Within 15 minutes of the game,
didn’t I hit 77 goals? Today I’m going to hit
a century in football! Move… Move. – I am going to shoot my 78th goal.
– Das! Take it. Ann Maria! Belongs to
an affluent family. Her father is in Dubai
and Mother wife House. Oh, House wife! She has a brother.
Full time in Gym. Gym? Take it away. There is no need for you to fear
because he goes to gym. He is an idiot doing a course
to marry film stars. Yeah, Software Engineering. I think she will like
only glamorous persons. Do people like us only
get married then? You will also get a girl. Buddy, after James Anthony sir’s film,
what will you be? Who will you be? Many girls will be
queuing behind you, dude! Any need for making that poor girl
wait in that queue? I shall try then?
– Certainly! She goes to Violin
Class daily at 4 o’ clock. So, she is learning Violin? Oh, that’s why when I saw her,
a violin group was with her. You and your Violin group go to the
bus stop at 4 o’ clock and tune her. It is safe there. Are you not coming? No, I need to go to the Hospital.
May get admitted. What is wrong with you? Can’t you see this, dog? Dude! What you are
going to do with this face? Get away! Move. It’s strange to see both of you
happy today, what happened? My name is Dasappan! Don’t make people to call me,
Dasappan who thrashed father. Get lost! I’m not interfering in your happiness. Enjoy..Enjoy! Here is some river fish. Go and wash the vessels first.
Then cook fish curry. Okay. Go.
– You shouldn’t have bought fish. Bro! You don’t worry. She wouldn’t have liked them. According to her, who are you? Who are you? Who? You should’ve seen their height,
weight and body. Great colour and great glamour. While I stood beside them, I’m lucky
that they didn’t throw any alms. Yes, you are right. What right? Am I a beggar then? You only said. I just told you that to console me. To console? After the release of James sir’s film,
who are you? Shut up, you rascal! You are totally heated up. You know why? Because you are
totally “mood-out”. Let’s hang around and come. Your mood will change. I have to attend a marriage today.
Let’s go there. No! I won’t come for
the uninvited marriage. Dude, I invite you and you
are coming with me. Yoyo and cooling glass are common
in all marriages now. Don’t these guys have any other work? They shouldn’t be invited in marriage. See a guy carrying it the way Lord
Hanuman carried the Maruthuva mountain. Such creatures are only
the curse of the Marriage house. They are to be banned! Dude, look…l think people
have started recognizing me. Hello! Where? Fed up of these fans! – Hello, one photo.
– Yes, okay. Hey! Take it soon.
People will be thronged. Click on the centre.
Click on the centre of this mobile. Take this Arch fully. Three of us should be
covered in the frame. So you called me to click? Click all three of us. Fans!! Ready! I will get it done now. Okay? – Move a little. Bend a little. – Chin up a little.
– Okay. Yo! – Thank you, bro!
– Thank you! Let me see. Shucks! Get lost! There is a lot. – No Ajinomoto, isn’t?
– One is enough. – Bro, you’re acting in films, right?
– Yes! Isn’t there any new movie? Going to start, next month. – Bro, are you Royce’s friend?
– Who? I mean the groom. Groom’s friend is my friend. Keep down the plate. Go out. This is the regular
business of such creeps! Shameless fellow, attends all uninvited
marriage and eats nicely. There will be someone
else also with him. Throw everyone out. Leave the plate here.
Take him away. You can do anything, but don’t
harm my friend, please. Kichu…escape. – You dog!
– Yes. Why did you damage
my image by taking me? That too to a marriage where even
you weren’t invited. As it’s for the 1st time, you feel so. If you attend 100 such
uninvited marriages like me, you will also get used to it. I will take you for the marriage. Shut up! Is that the matter now? I won’t be worth a dime for her. You gulp it! Here is the touching! What is it? Crushed tablet for Liver Cirrhosis! Someday we’ll need to take
these tablets for this habit of ours. As a precaution, why don’t we use
it as touching now itself? Your liver is equal to my life. Okay, Cheers then! Buddy! Don’t think I’m telling
this because I’m drunk. This is the first dialogue
that ‘fit’ people will talk. To tell the truth, you are God. You are God! More or less. Don’t tell this to anyone. No dog will believe I’m God. Just keep it in your mind. It is only that much.
– Who is that? What’s it, mother? I’m here only. I’ll come now. Keep the phone. Didn’t I say I will come? Will I die if I don’t
take food now? Keep the phone down, mother. You got enough time to chat
with any girls any time, but no time to talk to
your mother for two minutes. You’ll be busy, angry and violent. Why are you getting annoyed
when mother calls? Not only me, all children are like that. Do you know why? The only one person who
will not leave us for sure. That is our mother. You feel so because
your mother is beside you. When you don’t have mother,
you will crave to call MOTHER! It’s a terrible situation when there is
nobody answering your call. That’s really painful. Not even once,
I got a chance to call her. Please don’t get angry
with your mother, dude! Doesn’t matter, dude! You gulped my drink, you dog! Where would I go and get one? Who will give me? You drank in one go, you dog!

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