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Kauwa Biryani | Run Movie Spoof | Vijay Raaz Comedy

You gave me a great welcome!
I was fine when I arrived here… …and look at me now Sidhu! Who is he?
Why is he throwing cowdung? And calling Sidhu. He is the godman, Gober Baba.
He is raying to Lord Shiva. I see. My respects.
– That scooter is stolen! Sidhu! How did he know that?
– Where is the godman from? From the Himalayas.
– How long has he stayed there? He’s been meditating since 300 years.
– 300 years? he looks only 30 Hail the godman Gober! Why is the Baba wearing a petticoat?
– His second name is Petticoat Baba We must offer something to Baba.
– Offer what? Money, wrapped in a petticoat Hail Petticoat Baba! If the cowdung he throws falls on someone,
he gets rich overnight Hail Petticoat Baba! Looks like Baba is attaining salvation not salvation.
I’m dancing in joy Beacuse now I’ve found the way
to make money in this city Hail Petticoat Baba!

42 thoughts on “Kauwa Biryani | Run Movie Spoof | Vijay Raaz Comedy

  1. बहुत अच्छी वीडियो है
    शेयर , सब कर दिया और
    कमेंट को तुम देख ही रहे हो

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