Laughter is the Best Medicine

Kazhugu 2 Movie Comedy Scenes | MS Baskar misunderstands Krishna | Kaali Venkat | Nellai Siva

– Constable, leave my shirt.
– Hey, go. – Kaali, why the lion is roaring?
– Are you making fun? I’ll hit you. I told you to buy fifty bags
of husk from the shop. But, by stealing you’ve spoiled it. I’ll be frustrated,
if you speak anything. Thrash him, Johnny. Look at him. I asked you for the advance,
but you didn’t give. How to do the job
without money? That’s why, I did robbery. – Then, for food…?
– Hey! No, sir. I just asked for betel and lime. Speak to the core. You’ll be imprisoned
and can’t come out. So, speak for the last time… Why do you say
we can’t come out? If the Judge asks us, I’ll keep my hand like this, ‘Judge sir, he felt hungry…’ ‘…as we don’t have money,
we did robbery’. ‘Is it fault to save a life?’ This is how, I’ll ask him
and he’ll let us free. What? Constable, how many times
you took us to the Judge and failed? We’ve done many stealth jobs.
Does this matter to us? This doesn’t matter. What’s going to happen matters. Those who placed the bomb
will get less punishment. But, it’s life sentence for
the one who made the bomb. Life sentence is confirmed
for both of you. That’s right, constable. Why does he scare us? It’s okay, if we did something
worth for life sentence. Can’t lose the life just
for stealing the husk. Let’s do something to escape. Okay, wait. – Hey! get the rifle.
– Give it. – Take the rifle.
– Take it. Ask to start the vehicle. – Hurry up.
– Stop. Stop the vehicle. Don’t run.
Stop. – Constable, he is running.
– I’ll shoot you on the chest. Wait, I will also come He’ll shoot you on the chest, but I… Johnny, don’t run. You can enjoy the feast
only in prison. You ate fully because
you got food freely Come soon. Hey, give the rifle and flee. I’ll lose my job. Hey! Why are they running? Would’ve lynched someone. Look there! It has become routine for them. You play. Constable, don’t run behind them. They’re worst guys. Might shoot you. Yeah, as if she is good! Don’t know where they’re! They might’ve gone this way. It’s the dead end. Go this way. Hey, stop They made me to run at this age. Why the policemen is running fast? Aah, the hunters! They’re the brave hunters
as the police themselves are chasing. Johnny, come on. If they shoot the police
and imprisoned, I’ll lose my job. I must take them, somehow. What to answer for the rifle? Where did they disappear? Though it’s old,
the officials will question us. Sir, go away… – Okay.
– Go this way. Hey! Dude, don’t shoot the police. Police? Dude, it’s right to be furious
for hunters like you. It’s common, the police won’t pay
for the tea. It’s not right to shoot them
for that sake. You’ll be blamed unnecessarily. – So, aren’t you the policeman?
– I’m not even a postman. I came here on a job. You both are here
as if I came in search of you. I’m from Kodaikanal. My boss has bid a forest zone
on auction. People should come to work,
to cut the trees. No one is coming
feared of the packs of dholes. If you people guard there… …the workers will come
and we’ll get the job done. Not so many days,
just for a month. You don’t do it for free. I’ll get you good accommodation,
food and salary from my boss. He is saying as dholes,
can we believe him? The dog is far better than the police. Listen, I’ll tell you what to do
when the dog comes. Only two kinds of dogs. One is wild and
the other is domestic. The one which looks like wild
is really a coward. It’ll flee by the time
you pick up a stone. The soft natured is dangerous. When thrown a biscuit,
it’ll take it and run away. Don’t want to go afraid of it? Yes, we’ll be thrashed
if get caught by the police. Come, let’s escape to the forest. It was good to do robbery. See, you look like the
god man in the church. We’re coming. I’ll chant prayers, well. Come on. Let’s see, whether we win
or the dholes. Get down. Dude, come on. Sir, I’ve brought the hunters. Maari, will they stay
in the forest without fear? Sir, if you’ve seen them chasing
the police, you wouldn’t have asked so. Dude, you get on the vehicle. I’ll speak to him. It seems, he won’t bother
even his wife elopes. Did you inquire well
about them? They don’t look like hunters. They look different
in this attire. I told Selvam to stitch
attires for them. Tomorrow, when they wear it they’ll look similarly
to forest officials. Believe me. Okay, ask everyone to come
as hunters have arrived. – We’ll start the work.
– Okay. – Okay, take the vehicle.
– Go. Dude, it’ll slip. Step carefully. It’s locked. The shed owner has taken
the keys. I’ll go and get it. Just wait.
I’ll look at it. Hey, he might know about us. Yes. Does it matter to open the lock,
when you people chase the police? Get in, dude. – Oldey, it’s too dark.
– I’ll switch on the light. Dude, this is the place
where you’re going to stay. Tomorrow, I’ll do all
the arrangements for cooking. And you’ve work too. So, take rest now. Shall I leave? Bye. Johnny, as long as we stay
in this forest and with this lunatic… …not only the police
even the military force can’t find us. What’s that? Don’t you know? It’s the lumbering machine. Hey, we must take this
when leaving. What to do with this? How long to open the locks
with hands? Just a bang is enough with it. The lock will go off. – Johnny.
– Yes. – Check whether there is a toilet or not?
– It’s there. Only afraid of the leeches.

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