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Kelly Can’t Stop Cracking Up While Making Silhouette Portraits With David Dobrik And Octavia Spencer

(audience cheers)
– Let’s mark 2020 vision week, and if your new year’s goal
is more time with your kids, then now is the perfect time of year. That’s because it’s the dead of winter, so most of you across the
country are stuck inside, sorry. My next guest though (laughs)
has the ideal DIY project to keep your sanity, and she should know because not only is she a master crafter, she also has eight children, so what? Sorry (laughs) and congratulations. Please welcome Kristen Gambesinia. (audience cheers)
Eight children. – Thanks.
– I’m like, “you need a hug, and a drink.” – Yes. – And a drink. – Definitely. – You literally gave birth to eight kids? – I did. I remember. I was there, each one. – Oh my gosh! – Yeah, it sounds insane. It is insane.
– You’re doin’ God’s work. – I am, and where we come from in Ohio, the winters are like
forever, so it’s a great way to spend time with the family.
– My mom is from Ohio. – Well then, yeah, so it’s
a great way to get them off the screens, off the computers, and spend time together. My kids love it when I
craft with them, so… – My kids love it. Of all ages, we have everything
from three to 18, so– Do you all craft? Are you crafty? – Never. – You don’t craft with
your new beloved wife? – No, well we actually got divorced, so we don’t do much anymore. (audience laughs)
– Oh. You’re so young to be divorced. This is sad. – You just keep bringing it up. – We should’ve brought wine out, sorry, but are you all, do you craft? You don’t craft? – The year of adventure, so I will be. (all laugh) – That’s great! – Well, what are we doing? What are we making? – So today, we are making silhouettes, and silhouettes, they’re kind of an old-school, traditional… – Very Jane Austen. – It is.
– I’m in. – But I don’t think people realize how simple they are to make. – I don’t. – And they’re right up my alley, ’cause it’s like one trip to
the craft store under $10. You get everything you need, and they’re such a great
way to timelessly remember especially children, that
moment in time, right? – That’s cute. – So, what we have here is I have a picture of my number three. – [Kelly] “My number three?” – Yeah, sometimes I get
their names mixed up, so I’m like, “you, stop it! “Seven, get over here, seven.” – That’s amazing! – So, you have your adorable Remi. – [Kellly] Yes. – Octavia, you have one of yourself with those eyelashes, girl. Look at those things. – [Octavia] I know. – And then, David, you have one of yourself with your awesome hair, so yours are already put together, but basically what it is, is it’s a printed black and white picture, just on regular computer
paper, nothing fancy, and a piece of scrapbook
paper, black scrapbook paper, and you want to do scrapbook because construction
paper fades over time… – Okay, and it’s flimsy. – Yeah, exactly, and
they’re kinda cut to size. Now we’re working with about five by seven picture frames or plaques here, so if you want to do something on a larger scale or smaller scale, you wanna make sure that
you’re adjusting the size. That’s all. So, these are taped together on the sides. We’re gonna grab our scissors, and we’re gonna start cutting out. That’s all we’re doing. You wanna pay attention…
– We’re cutting out the profile? – Yes, you’re cutting out the profile… – My hand is cramping. – I failed this in kindergarten. – Traditionally for
these, what you would do is you’d do like an upside-down U, like a really soft U for the bottom, but a straight-across cut is fine too. – What do you mean, a soft U?
– Like this. See this? It’s like a soft– – Oh, but you mean, okay.
– At the chest, at the chest, at the chest. – How are you guys holding a
conversation and doing this? (audience laughs)
– I know. I’m like– – I’m tellin’ you, I am so focused. I don’t like to suck at things, but like, whoa…
– It’s just details. – I know. I’m trying like really hard. So what’s next, after we do this? – Okay, so listen, the magic of TV, we’re just gonna go on ahead. David, just put it down. – Okay. (audience laughs)
– Wait, I finished! I finished. – Okay, all right, good. So, if you’re– – Oh!
– Oh, wow! – Yes, so underneath are the cut out ones.
– I get it. – It’s awesome, so… – See, “E.T. phone home.” – No, it’s cute! He’s got a big brain. – He’s lookin’ for some Reese’s Pieces. – [Kristen] So we have
our acrylic sealer here… – Yours is just a rectangle. Look at this. – Your face! What happened to your face? – What is this?
– I’m glad for this one. – Let’s use this one. That’s good.
(audience laughs) So, what you want to do
is don’t put it on yet. – Oh no, of course not. – So you want to take
your craft foam brush, and this is acrylic sealer,
so you just want a little bit. A little bit goes a long way. Just a little bit, and we’re
gonna put it in the middle ’cause this is gonna serve
as like a adhesive, okay? So, just a little bit in the middle, and you wanna center your picture down. Press it down. – Okay. – [Kristen] You got it. Ooh, Octavia, you’re– – [Octavia] I’m nervous. – [Kristen] No, you’re doin’ good. Just put it down in the middle. – I think I’m kinda nailin’ this, Kristen. – [Kristen] You are. Now you’re gonna do a light layer on top. – Light layer on top
– Yes, this seals it, and when you make something homemade, I think it’s best for it
to not look professional. – [Kelly] This is easy. – [Kristen] Right? (audience laughs) – Like, I’m just sayin’ this is awesome
– Anybody can do this. Anybody can do this. – Yeah. – And that’s it. Now, the paper might bubble a little bit, but it’ll dry flat. – I’m just saying.
– I’m loving this. I’m loving your cut out. – Let’s check out your final, like, can we see what
yours would’ve looked like? Let’s turn this around, so
they can see what that… (audience cheers)
(all laugh) – What a great way to just remember those little things
– It’s a really cute, yeah, or E.T. We need to remember E.T. (Kristen laughs) It’s all head. Well, thank you so much, Kristen. – Thank you for having me.

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  2. Yeah title writers of NBC , we know Kelly laughs a lot along with talk. You don't need to keep saying what happens in the video !

  3. Ok seriously who chose these scissors for this project? Too small. And anyone who has spent a cutting anything out knows all beginners should start ensuring the scissors are grounded on the surface and you move the paper. Not the other way around!!!!

  4. You really do not want an “Acrylic sealer” for this project. A medium would suffice and may be easier to use. A sealer may have additives causing it to dry quickly. Not like acrylics need that but it can be an additive. All you need is an acrylic medium and it comes in matte, satin and gloss. A “spray acrylic sealer” can be used after the image is positioned and everything is dry. Hence “sealed”. Just saying

  5. Kelly. I’m sorry I know I am being a bit bitchy but I’ve spent a lot of my life working in acrylic and teaching people about the medium. Not to mention the whole scissor thing which is a huge safety issue. Especially for kids which is the only reason scissors were ever created with rounded ends in the first place. Please be a better example. You are such an influencer with a beautiful spirit. Own it with intelligence please!

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